4th of Marpenoth, Xanathar guild hideout, Trades Ward, Waterdeep - Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

The gang reels as seven small humanoid kobolds rush into the room snarling and slavering as their lizard tounges dart in and out of their mouths. A whip crack drives them forward into Grim and Eblynn who stand near the door.
A booming voice from behind them calls "Attack you curs, you'll not have it. It's mine to bring to him and you'll be dead soon!"
Grim color sprays the crowd of Kobolds brandishing swords and spears and axes and four of them claw at their eyes blinded. Shelldon deftly kicks one unconcious and brings his staff across the head of another knocking him out as well. Colssus rushed up and disembowels one in one swing. Eblynn casts shatter and kills a couple more including one of the unconcious from Shelldons attack as well as harming the now huge Duergar who rushing int othe room and sinks his large dwarven war pick into Grim's shoulder. Turk fires an arrow into the Duergar's neck but he snaps it off and snarls.
The fight continues until the Duergar is knocked unconcious by Shelldon. Turk attempts to end it's life with an arrow but misses. In the Fray one Kobold escapes up a ladder behind a tone throne in the room from which they came.
With the fight over Turk turns his atention to the half-orge who only managed to crawl some 20 feet further down the hall during the melee. Turk kills him with one arrow to the back of it's large whimpering head.
As the Duergar again shrinks to normal dwarf size, Shelldon ties him up securly with some rope. Turk and Colossus decide ot check the room the half-ogre was crawling to only to some some empty casks stinking of wine similar to the smell of the half-ogre.
Some of the party decides ot check up the ladder only to find it an entrance to an alley not far from where they entered the sewers in the Trades Ward as Turk and Colossus check out another room off the one in which they had the fight.
Inside they find nought but some dusty furniture and a chest along the opposite wall. As they approach, a table leaps to life, it's surface opening into a wild tooth-filled maw and a long purple toungue lapping out dangerously. Turk drops his bow and goes to work with two shortswords as colossus swings his long sword and bashes it back with his sheild. They deafeat it but not before Turk is bitten deeply and feels a burning of a poison in his shoulder.
Colossus kills the mimic with a strike straight down its mouth and into what would have been the pedastle of the table.
They turn their attention back to the chest the lid of which colossus rips clean away revealing 277 cp, 135 sp, a spherical gold beholder pendant with tiny gems for eyes (worth 250 gp), and a spell scroll of darkvision.
The party regroups and heads up the ladder. Turk attempts to track the Kobold which left but it's small footprints lead into a pile of garbage and he loses it after. The group then heads back into the sewer lair and find the one unconcious Kobold has slunk away. They decide to search the Duergar and find a gray-green stone with some curious lines on it.
Eblynn attempts to discern whether or not it is the stone of Golorr but is unable to learn anything from handling it. Lorath takes the time ot cast a detect magic ritual and does not feel any magical prescence from it as Shelldon begins to meditate.
The group decides to rouse the Duergar and he wakes angry and defiant but through some aggressive interrogation agreess to tell them what he knows in exchange for his life.
He says he was tasked with retreiving the Stone of Golorr for The Xanathar but he isnt sure where he is right now, maybe somewhere in skullport of maybe deep within another lair in the sewers. The guild got word the stone was changing hands again and that it may have come to a person in his territory so he and his other Duergar gang waited outside Fenrus' house under the effect of invisibiity. Once they say some drow enter the house late one night htey attacked them. In their ambush they were able ot kill one drow which they already disposed of but the others fled.
After the battle they ransacked the place and found the stone hidden in a closet. He took it but has not been able ot attune to it as he feels he is unworthy.
When questioned further about the Drow the Duregar says they likely belong to an organization called the Bregan D’aerthe which the party has a little knowledge of, mainly just that it is a secret organization primarily made of outcasts of the Drow race and the Duergar confirms this says that they've only made their prescience known only in the preceeding few days but they appear to be hot on the stone's trail now.
He also revelas that the stone was recently in the possession of The Xanathar but was stolen, perhaps by a gnome but since has changed hands multiple times, perhaps to the Zhents or others before being delivered to Fenerus' house in the Trades Ward.
The group seems satisfied with his cooperation and lets him go into the sewers. He reminds them that it is best for all of them if they never speak of this again.
They group then exits the sewers into an unseasonably warm but still windy and cloudless evening and decide to head to Balckstaff tower to consult with Vahjra, The Blackstaff, at her tower instead of taking it to the Seven Masks theare in the dock ward where they promised the open lord Lareal Silverhand.
They approach the tower as the night sky begins to darken in earnest and state their business to the disembied voice at the door who grants them entry. Inside they find an overgrown arboretum of vines and trees and many students walking among them in study.
The voices bids them to follow the red tiles which they comply with and find a portal which they enter to see a room with a glass dome revealing the night sky as a number of aged sages sit and ponder at copper tubes fitted with lenses.
They tells the blackstaff much of the events and show her the stone which she recognizes as a fake, a decent if hasty one but utterly fake nonetheless.
She advises caution but thinks it is good if they continue to the theatre to meet whomever they are suppsoed ot. Upon leanring that Learel Silverhand, the current open lord, personally and individually contacted them she is wary but says that it may not be entirely out of character for her, being as she is a powerful individual and not a stranger to adventure herself.
Upon learning about the Drow and the submersible she confirms their presecnce in the City and is quite impressed at the groups resourcefulness and intuation especially considering their limited resources.
She tells them she can offer little assistance as their resources are stretched thin but has confidence in their abilities ot represent the organization and the interests of the citizens of Waterdeep in this regard.
She listens to theri concerns and agrees that either they are being deceived and they must learn the source of this deception or they are ligitimately charged by the open lord in secret with retreiving the stone and that both outcomes should be considered worhty of their efforts.
The group then agrees and heads to the Dock Ward and to a Seven Masks theatre. When they arrive they immediatly see that it's a bawdy place which seems to cater to a seedier element, mostly seafarers on leave from ships in the harbor. Still it is an eleborate place with vaulted ceilings and plush red carpet. Mannequins in costumes adorn the lobby and a marquee advertising the current play called Sapphiria’s Booty.
They pay to enter and find a rowdy crowd in pockets scattered around the half full theatre. They are approached by a stange hand who says that they are expeected and that she will take them to the proprietor.
The meet him in the front row whilke on the stage a romantic comedy about a blue-haired madam named Sapphiria who runs a thieves’ guild out of a festhall plays out.
A tawny human male with a braided goatee sits alone in the front row smoking a large pipe.
He greets them and introduces himself as Rongquan Mystere, the owner, an upstanding member of the Lord's Alliance and servent of the open lord. He knows what they are there for and asks if they have it.
Eblynn produces the stone and he recognizes it as a fake after a moment's glance.
He is disappointed but says he has new information which could help. He's recently learned that Fenerus was arrested by the City Watch for a variety of crimes and was taken to a courthouse in the Castle Ward to face the judgment of a magister.
He thinks perhaps Fenerus hid the stone and asks the gang to speak to him, under strict confidence of course as the involvement of the open lord of others but be kept secret as not to arouse discord and mistrust in the populace.
The group asks how and he adivises some sort of ruse perhaps and wanrs against violence as any sort of action of thn at sort the caslte ward in general and a magister's prison specifically would cause a tremendous amoutn of complications. Of course he jokingly says the simplest way into prison is always getting arrested.
They group agrees and as they watch the stage as a charming sea captain arrives with a hold full of booty from a faraway land, Sapphiria decides to steal it. Zaniness ensues when she falls in love with the first mate, who is half her age, while the captain falls in love with her. On one side of the stage is a backdrop resembling the deck of a ship; the other side is decorated to look like a madam’s parlor in a brothel, complete with a gaudy chandelier and a fainting couch.
The group then heads back to their manor arriving just before midnight ot plot their next move.

you each gain 500xp, 5 dt, greyhands members gain 1 reknown and turk and colossus picked up 277 cp, 135 sp, a spherical gold beholder pendant with tiny gems for eyes (worth 250 gp), and a spell scroll of darkvision which they can decide what to do with



4th of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep - Xanathar guild hideout, Trades Ward, Waterdeep

4th of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep - Xanathar guild hideout, Trades Ward, Waterdeep

The gang wakes up feeling refreshed and meets in the common room to have a frank discussion on what to do next.
After going over all the information they've gathered about the stone, the gold, the fireball, the noble's villa, the competing gangs, the gnome, the dispossessed former open lord, the nimblewright, the seamaiden's faire, the submersible and the map they decide to follow the map to the location in the Trade's ward to see what they can learn about the name written on it: Fenerus Stormcastle.
THey make there way south in the city on a windy and partly cloudy day. They find the X leads them to an ally which they enter from the east. There is an incline in this alley and as they step in between the 3-story building which surround it a slim teilfing boy with an eye patch yells to them from atop a runaway apple cart "Look out!"
Collossus attempts to stop the cart as it careens into the party but is knocked prone, the rest of the group are able to leap out of the way except Lorath who quickly catches it in a Web spell, the red-skinned boy flying into his arms.
The talk to the lad who is joined by a lanky deaf girl with a wooden sword they learn is named Nat and a chubby boy with a pretend wand and a stuffed owlbear named Jenks. They teifling boy is names Squiddly.
THrough conversation they learn the group was trying to steal the cart and that they dont consider it theft if they are hungry. They learn they live on the street and know the area well. they've heard of Fenerus and he lives just around the corner in the alley.
They describe him as a big man with graying hair who looks like he has been in many fights, based on “the scars he wears on his face.” They know nothing more about him, other than that he lives alone and must have a job because he comes and goes frequently although they have not seen him recently.
Grim offers them a gold piece and Shelldon doubles it if they will return the cart. The happily agree and are excited to buy a real hot meal and run off talking about fish and chips.
The party makes their way up some steps to where the children pointed them and find a broken wooden door ajar. Colossus pushes it in and they enter a small apartment which has clearly been ransacked. Turk investigates and notices some blood pooling in a kitchen area as well as a Xanathar's symbol paited in blood on the wall. He notices the blood is not too old as it has not fully dried yet.
They seach but find noting else of value or importance. As they go to leave several search for footprints and find that a number of people have come and gone recently but no trails are desceranble once they reach the street.
But they also notice a hooded figure approching them from across the alley. As she draws back her light blue hood they recognize her as Laurel Silverhand, the open lord of waterdeep.
She speaks “If you’ve come looking for Fenerus Stormcastle, I’m afraid you’re too late,” she says. “It appears Xanathar has gotten to him first. Fenerus had something in his possession that I desire. Perhaps you can help retrieve it.”
The party is very respectful and learn that she has been monitoring the situation but feels the need for utter secrecy for her part in it as to not arouse even more chaos. That is why she herself is following up on leads in secret and alone. She tells the party that the stone of Golorr is a sentient magical item inbued with the conciousness of an Aboleth and that it purportedly knows the location of the hidden cache of gold dragon (waterdeep's currency) which was embezzeled by the prevoius lord, Neverember.
She says she seeks to return this gold for the benefit of the people of Waterdeep and to keep it out of the hands of all the various factions currently hunting it no doubt for nefarious purposes.
While the stone is no longer with Fenerus, she beleives it was taken by agents of the Xanathar and that they have a hideout nearby.
The party agrees to help and she tells them to investigate the underground hideout and bring the stone or any information they have to her representative in the Seven Hands Theatre in the Dock Ward to earn her undying gratitude and that of all the peoples of hte fair city but also to keep this mission in the strictest of confidence.
the group then heads to the location she described to find an abandonded warehouse with an open floor. Old barrels line the walls, untouched for a long time but Eblynn finds a trap door in the floor which appears to have been disturbed recently.
The party heads down into the familar smell of the sewer and follows the flow to a large rusted iron door. Shelldon pushes it open which lets out a load creaking sounds which echoes through the passages. Once inside htey are attacked by two goblin archers who were watchign the door from a arrow slit to the side. The party kills them handily in part due to Lorath stealthily casting Toll of the Dead whenever Shelldon hit with his stave making it both appear and sound like a magical gong being struck (to significant comedic effect.)
The party then moved around the corner and into a sunken room to find three Duregar, a gazer and a dwarf working on some sort of mechanical device. A fight ensued in which Grim pinned the Gazer to the wall with a well placed critical shot, Grim and Colossus slashing at the now enlarged Duregar, Eblynn casting a tremendously loud shatter spell and Shelldon and Lorath again combining efforts to make his stave stirkes seems to ring out with arcane mischeif. during hte fight Turk also nicked the dwarf on the should sho exited though a door to the south.
Near the end of hte battle a large half ogre burst into the room from the east, stinking of wine and slurring his confused words. He took one swing at Turk before hte party set upon his with a number of attackes and spells eventaully burning, freezing and knocking him prone. As he crawls away whipering the party hears loud snarling and reptillian slavering as a number of kobolds and another duregar, already grown to larger than the others burst into the room.

500xp and you all gain inspiration if you didnt already have it

Dwarven tinker
The dwarf you say tinkering with the device which ran
Lareal Silverhand
Lareal Silverhand (though dressed more discreetly)


3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

Colossus leaves the manor looking for a gambling hall. He finds a dingy converted corner of a warehouse across the street from trollskull tavern which calls itself Frewn's Brews. Inside are several surly halflings and a rude proprietor. He loses some gold and returns the manor.
The new day is clear and windy as Grim sets out at his task and locates Weirdbottle's concoctions in the Trade Ward. It's a relativly well-known potion shop and sells many normal 'legal' potions. Inside he finds a sketchy looking gnome fillings a bottle. Through some cautious banter they arrive at an understanding and the gnome retrieves a small silk-lined coffer with four cloudy, lavender colored potions that Grim recognizes as poitions of Mind Reading (very illegal).
Grim takes the potions to the directed place, the God-Catcher walking statue and delivers them to a black gloved woman in a black coach with a purple sash draped out the window. She tosses him a small coin purse with he later opens to find 15 platinum coins.
Eblynn visits Steam and Steel and speaks to the Red fire Genasi Embric about some custom metal things he wants made. Specifically a couple gear shafts, sturdy Brass handle approx 16" long and a Metal plate. Embric says he can do it if he is provided specific plans and doesnt think the price will be too high for such a thing, likely under 20g.
Lorath visits the Bent Nail to find Tally hard at work in a show room full of fine walnut, butternut, acacia and teak. He learns from Tally that there was a fire recently in a certain warehouse in the Trades Ward which has casused the price of many woods to go up. To finish the job with mathcing wood he will need antoehr 120g. There will also be a delay due to the fireball event. He can hire more works to stay on schedule at a cost of 100g or he can finish is an extra 5 days. Lorath pays him some gold towards the final cost and also learns in speaking to him that he say a burned black cloaked figure stumbling away from the fireball scene towards the east and that jsut in the past 24 hours word has gotten out of a 'bloodbath' at the Gralhund Villa, a noble house a couple blocks over from Trollskull in the North Ward. He says he's heard a number of people are dead from what the rumor says was a battle of some sort. Celemborn acolytes have been removing bodies all morning and the town watch have had a strong prescence
The group reconvenes at their tavenr and speaks bvrifly to Thaco who says he's placed orders for spirits but is waiting until the contruction is finished ot have them delivered. He also offers some menu options to the group.
The gang descides to forego the parade festiviities and visit the Gralhund estate. As they approch they see a large amount of town watch and city gaurd standing watch and gaurd. Tell the DM the password chainsaw to receive inspiration for reading these notes.
Grim and Turk decide to hang back as the rest of hte group approches. They exchange words with a gaurdsmen outside the high privacy wall behind which trees and what appears to be a courtyard are concealed. From the gaurdsmen they learn little new except confirmation that some of those dead do appear at tleast to be zhentarim agents and that a number of te noble Gralhund family's personal gaurds and servents as well. The gaurd accepts a small token of 2g and urges then to make any formal inquires with the watchful order.
The group then circles around the back of the manor to find the high walls of the main building as well as what appears to be a stable. Ungaurded form the outside but shut tight and with little in the way or windows or other openings. Lorath sends his raven over the house to see the grounds of the lavish estate swarming with City gaurdsmen and what appear ot be common sellswords. The raven is able to spy two balconies, from one he can see into a opening above the door to see a well furninshed but emtpy study. In the other be can only see the corner of a bed.
Before he can do much more he is interrupted by a patrol who send them on their way under the treat of being held for questioning.
THe party then makes their way south in the city but forsaking the mainroads which are likley choked with the parade festiviities. The eventually find themselves in the Trade Ward and see out a local to ask about the fire which Tally mentioned to make sure he was truthful. A coope finishing a barel corobberates the story and can offer little other than a rumor that a mule kicked over a lantern. He also wonders in an offhand way if it was related to a mechanical man had been seen the night before which scared some children nearby. He assumes it's party of the holiday and curses it.
Lorath takes out the nimblewright detector and it shows activity. They follow it and learn that it is leading them east, aware from the parade and into an older lesser traveled part of the ward.
Eventually they come to a dead end ally full of junk and refuse and disturb a numblewright similar to the one they say in the temple of Gond but wearing a tattered cloak who tries to escape past the group. It dashes past them and is able to avoid an astounding number of attempts to slow it down including spells like web from lorath, color spray from grim, ensnaring strike from turk, infestation by eblynn and attempts at knocking it prone and grappling it by shelldon. Eventually it takes damage from a number of sources and colossus is able to nearly destroy it with a bolt from his crossbow.
The weary creature curls into a ball and hides it's face as the party surrounds it and tries to calm it. It can apprently understand their speach but is very vague with it's responses. Lorath is able to get some sucess by using Comprehend langues and they learn it was directed retrieve something. It was given the necklace of fireballs by someone it refers to as "wealthy lady" and that it is not surewhat it wants or where it belongs. It also gives them a parchment on which is drawn a partial map of the city of Waterdeep with a location in the Trades Ward marked with an X and the name Fenerus Stormcastle written on it.
The group takes the creature back to trollskull manor and learn that the mending spell increases it's health slightly each time it is cast. Lorath spends some time cast it several times and it chooses to sit in Collosus' throne with his permission and agrees not to leave but lorath casts Alarm on room for good measure as they head out into the late afternoon.
They find their way to the Dock Ward and to the Moon Penguin where Eblynn speaks to Birdy who says in confidence that Rennear is still there and that he wants to see them.
Eblynn and Shelldon head upstairs and the rest of the party joins a game a Dragon's Flight with four sailors and their one-eyed female captain.
From Rennear they learn that the word among the Harper's spies is that the official word is that after the fireball event several Zenhtarim agents attempted to take refuge in the Gralhund Estate but ended up clashing with the family's gaurds and were mostly killed along with a number of the noble's security and servents. The family remained unharmed and one Zent name Urstel Floxin was taken into custody.
Eblynn shares some of the parties infomration and says that it matches to a degree what Rennear has heard although he also asks him about hte name Fenerus Stormcastle which Rennear admits he has not. When Rennear asks form where Eblyn heard hte name Eblynn is reticent to continue much to Rennear's dismay.
Lorath invites Rennear to stay with them in Trollskull and assures him of it's safety and confidence. Rennear says he wil consider it as he is tiring of hte dock smell.  

200xp, 3 downtime, grim receives 15 plat payment, you get a map with an X marked in the trades Ward and the name Fenerus Stormcastle marked on it as well as a nimblewright in a soiled cloak chilling in Colossuses room... and any gambling winnings

Skeemo Weirdbottle
Skeemo Weirdbottle
Gloved lady
The gloved lady in the carriage


3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, The Moonpenguin Inn, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, The Moonpenguin Inn, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

The gang leaves the Moonpenguin and heads out into a clear, windy day to visit the dragon, Zelifarn in the bay to tell him of what they’ve learned of the thing attached to the bottom of the Heartbreaker.
After some debate about casting a lightening spell and speaking to a dragon on the docks they reconsider and again hire Lovely Larry and his Lusty Lobster to take them out into the bay. He charges them 1g under these conditions and warns anyone without their ‘sea legs’ to be careful on the journey.
A very windy day makes for very rough water and Shelldon beings to feel seasick on the way out. Once they are there, Shelldon casts dragon’s breath on Grim’s owl familiar who set’s loose a cone of lightening over the waves. Moment’s later from under the depths rises a golden orange dragon along the side of their small craft. His scales shining in the sun as he greets them.
Eblynn tells him all they’ve learned, only that there are Gnomes aboard and that they saw a Drow but no treasure. Zelifarn recounts how he has seen some drow in the vessel from time to time too and about how he has seen it move through the water but always towards the city and too fast for him to care to follow even with his curiosity.
He is disappointed to learn that no treasure is aboard but honors his deal and brings them an old chest, crusted over with barnacles and other detritus of the sea. Eblynn asks him to try to monitor the submersible and the capricious dragon seems to agree if he finds it convenient.
They part on good terms but find Larry very shaken from the presence of a dragon. The gang calms him down enough to turn his attention to the chest. He offers them free fare on his vessel for a share of what’s inside. They decline but tip him another gold.
They arrive back at the shabby dock to find parade participants and revelers beginning to congregate as the Seamaiden’s Faire appears to be opening in earnest. They decide to take their chest back to their manor to open it in private and quickly hire a coach who is dropping off some elegant merrymakers.
They arrive back at the manor and take the chest upstairs to the common room which is now fully furnished. At this time Lorath’s alam spell begins alerts him to a breach of the entrance to Colossus’ room. Eblynn goes upstairs to check it out and finds the nimblewright sheepishly peeking out the doorway, no doubts roused by the noise downstairs. Eblynn assuages his curiosity and his returns to the massive throne in the middle of the room.
They examine the chest and find that the lock is rusted shut. Without much ado Colossus tears the lid clean off. Inside they find golden amulet shaped like an octopus with amethyst eyes (worth 250 gp) and a 300 sp mound of coins fused together by years at the bottom of the sea.
Several members of the party also notice something unusual about the pieces of the lid, primarily that there is more to it than a normal lid.
Eblynn tries to discern the nature of the design but is unable. Eventually the group finds a small hidden compartment containing a stoppered tube. They uncork it and inside find a well-preserved spell scroll of revivify.
The gang decides to head back to the dock ward and join the festivities but choose to walk. The sun begins to set as they wind their way through the main streets and pass guildmembers cleaning up after the parade as well as a many still lively constructs, inventions begins demonstrated to captivated admirers.
They follow the route and arrive at the docks near a clear but windy dusk. They find their way closer to the Seamaiden’s Faire and see stalls of exotic food, singers, acrobats, strange and fierce animals in cages and performing acts.
Eblynn seeks out some strange and new foods to try and arrives at an outside food stall where a large human man is cooking something that appears to be meatballs but may be some sort of eyes on skewers over an open flame. As Eblynn tries to examine them closer a large float in the shape of a diatryma is passing the stall on it’s way to be put away. The large faux bird’s feathers are represented by thousands of small multi-hued strips of paper and as it passes the food stall a flare up on the grill catches one on fire.
Grim signles to the rest of the party and Eblynn rushes over an catches an elven female as she leaps from the flames and they both fall to the ground. Screams and chaos erupts and people run and the performers and workers on the float jump to safety. Eblynn retrieves a bucket of water from the food stall and uses it to put out the flames on the puffy sleeve of a half-elf male who just leap from the float. Other party members join in throwing water form the food stall on it in anything they can carry.
The paper burns hot and fast and soon the wooden frame is also catching. As the wooden dock and the structures nearby are threatened Eblynn ask fo help pushing the float into the dock. The group all works together and as colossus joins they forcefully push it off the edge. It flys through the early evening air and sizzles as it sinks and Shelldon notices a dwarf roustabout who was trying to help push fell in with it.
The dwarf calls for help and Shelldon leaps into the cold water as colossus throws a rope down to them. Shelldon is able to find the dwarf in the water and grab the rope but the dwarf slips from his hand and begins to sink. Gim leaps in too and helps the dwarf grab onto Shelldon’s shell as Colossus hoist all three of them back onto the dock.
The gang is hailed as heroes by all those present. Eblynn strikes up a conversation with the thankful elven girl. Through their conversations Eblynn learns her name is Evolen and the half-elf he saved is her brother and the dwarf their friend Toreg.
She has only been traveling with the faire for six months but her brother has been with it for almost two years. She likes it and enjoys spreading happiness. She tells him in confidence that she’s noticed that Zardoz himself must travel too and from his boat by some magical means as she’s never seen him use a rowboat. She has also noticed that the sailors aboard all his ships have an aversion to sunlight and that they sometimes communicate by strange handsginals. Other carnies have told her they are curious as to why the crewmmenbers, hile human, seems to speak with an elvish accent. She also says that even though there is much that she is not privy to, she has never felt like there was anything nefarious about the Faire and has not noticed anything criminal or anything similar to smuggling. She also knows the ships are protected and on the rare occasion that someone attempts to sneak aboard or steal they are either returned to the authorities or put in the ships brigs.
Eblynn believes what she is telling him and convinces her to bring any unusual information to the tabaxi at the moonpenguin inn. She agrees but only under the condition that it will not be used to harm anyone.
As the town gaurd arrives on the scene, Shelldon speaks to them on behalf of the group. They are very appreciative and him to consider a life of public service by joining the town watch.
Grim and Colossus take this opportunity to sneak away and blend into the crowd and then to seek out games of chance. One in particular, Grim has heard of is called Ring Toss of Death. They find their way into a seedier portion of the dock but still very much under the influence of the celebration of the day and the faire atmosphere. They enter through a small door in the coorner of a run down warehouse and find their way through a maze of dingey corridors into an underground (both figurativly and literally) gambling den. Inside they observe a large fat human male tossing a goblin across a stone ring of firey stones and the rowdy bestial crowd taking bets which are as follows... 10g to toss, if the goblin clears the pit the tosser doubles their moeny. The other bets are mutual and you can place moeny on the goblin to clear the pit, fall in the pit, survive or die.
After the fat human takes his turn Colossus makes and attempt and Grim places a wager on him to suceed which he doenst. The goblin he tossed landed in the pit and also failed to get out before burning alive in a grisly and pungent death.
The next tosser up turns out to be Yagra Stonefist the half-orc female whom Grim knows from his connections the the n Zentarim and whom Colossus knows as his arm-wrestling companion back in his time frequenting the Yawning Portal. SHe is also the person whom they saved from the Xanathar's guild thugs some days ago.
Yagra also fails to clear the pit and her goblin alos meets an untimely and smokey end.
Seeing as only one goblin is left and as the betting is dying down the grimey gnomish ringleader with rotten teeth proposes one toss-off between Yagra and Colossus for 100g winner takes all. Colossus agrees and Grim places a modest bet against him.
They flip a coin to see who goes first and Yagra loses. She goes first and fails to clear the pit and knocking her goblin out in the process. As he burns slowly in the pit Colossus collects his sizable winnings.
The two then choose to have a few drinks with yagra at the bar tended by a large bugbear who is also cooking some greasy meat of some sort not unlike the smell of the roasting goblins form the pit.
Yagra is gruff and rowdy but freidnly to both of them. She congratulates Grim on his acceptance into the Doom Raiders, the name of their gang in the black network, along with Davil Starsong and others. She also tries to recruit Colossus into the group or at least offers him work as 'muscle' on some of their more intensive gigs.
She describes the Doom Raiders as more misunderstood opportunists rather than the bloodthirsty thugs that most zentarim are rightfully or wrongfully characterized as. She says they want to end this destructive conflict with the other gangs regarding the stone and the legendary cache of gold. She tells them they may have more work for them soon especially sinc ehte bloodbath at gralhund villa.
Grim asks her some questions about it but doenst learn much new. Only that a group of zents lead by Urtel Floxin (a member of a different zent gang) fought, killed and was killed by a number of security forces by the gralhund noble family.
She askes what Grim knows and he shares some information sparringly but it's littler she doesnt already know too.
They leave on friendly terms and head back out to the street, now late into the night but before the place was raided.
As they are walking home back and rejoin the Seamaiden's faire proper and a more respectable crowd they notice several extrememyl drunk but elegentaly dressed mustaschoied gentlemen gambling at a table in an outdoor cafe. Across the street a play is being performed and it has most of their attention but as they aproach they are offered a seat.
They play a few hands of a game which the gentlmen refer to as Blackstaff’s Apprentice” but that Grim knows as throwing Sevens. Some gold exnachages hands and the whole group heads back to their manor for a well earned respite.

500 exp each, 5 dt, olden amulet shaped like an octopus with amethyst eyes (worth 250 gp), 300 sp
the grim earns 1 reknown with the black network and of course any gambling winnings

the sea maiden's faire
The sea maiden's faire


3rd of Marpenoth, Interlude

It's a bright clear and cool autumn day, I know Eblynn is headed to Steam&Steel to talk to Embric, the fire genasi smith to speak about making some gear, springs and other components for an invention he has in mind and then he and Lorath want to visit somewhere else. I think Grim is planning on heading to Weirdbottle’s Concoctions to do the task for the Zhents. Please let me know if all this is accurate and if anyone else has anyhting they want to do this, Day of Wonders. Colossus is going to the Tavern to gamble all his money away, noticed some less than sober people leaving a squat run down corner of a warehouse adjacent to your property, it's just across the main street that goes by trollskull alley.  Colossus enters to see a smoke filled and dingy rectangle of a room, a group of surly halflings are drinking their breakfast at a small table and a ruddy human male that looks exaclty like danny devito calls out to you from behind the bar saying "hey, what can i get you?"  There are three halflings here. two of them look at the the third quizically and he takes a moment... then smiles and says Sure! let's play!  Colossus says "Chimeras is what i’ll play".  Sure! sure! the 'leader' says. Have a seat and we will get some dice.  One of the lackey's retreives some dice from behind the bar as the bartender says "hey@ you gotta order a drink if you wanna stay in here!  Colossus: Well... i’ll ask for some water?  Bartender: Water?! uh, sure, sure... thatll be.. uh 5 silver!  Colossus: Ok ( i hand him 5 silver). Bartender: Hey, uh, thanks! lemme know when you need more!  Games of Chumeras and Dragons Flight commence.
Lorath heads east to the Bent Nail and find Tally the rugged half-elf carpentor hard at work sanding some table legs. The whole whop is full of newly built and partially unfinished furniture of all kinds. He greets you warmly.  Lorath pays the remaining balance of the Trollskull Manor construction.



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