23nd of Elient, Xanathar Guild Hideout, Dock Ward Sewers, Waterdeep

23nd of Elient, Xanathar Guild Hideout, Dock Ward Sewers, Waterdeep

As the battered Intellect Devourer dropped lifelessly on the floor of the large room from a cell off to the side the party hears a feignt voice ask if they are here to resuce him. They find a garishly dressed man with long red hair barely alive. They quickly learn he is Floon and tell him they are here to rescue him and that Volo sent them. Floon wonders how long he has been kept captive and tortured.His captors beelived he was Rennear and wanted information about rennear's father's hidden gold.
As the party questions Floon for a way out Grim searches the bodies of the vanquished and finds little of consequence save a spell book on the hooded half-orc containing burning hands, disguise self, false life, shield, unseen servant, and witch bolt.
Floon tells the group besides the way they came in he has seen people come and go from the room opposite and he has heard noises from above his own cell.
Grim finds Tucked behind the stone chair is a small, unlocked wooden chest containing two potions of healing, 16 gp, 82 sp, and 250 cp.
The party carefully checked out the room opposite and find a stone pillar carved with a small symbol: a perfect circle with ten equidistant spokes radiating outward from its circumference. In the middle of this circle is a smaller circular indentation that bears a passing resemblance to a lidless eye. Eblyn touches it to no apparent affect.
Through careful examination they glean the idea that this is magical in some way and that the indentation is likely requires a key of some sort. They also discover a small passage to one of the room from which the goblins had attacked them.
They decide to examine the ceiling in Floon cell and find a stone panel that Collosus is able to push open with Turk's help. Above they find a small cellar with a low ceiling containing brewing supplies and some preserves in jars, they hear the sound of friendly conversation from behind a door up a small flight of steps.
As the party waits in the cellar Grim beckons to Collosus to check the barricaded door from the barracks room. The two of them discover a privvy hole above which some bones seems to be suspended. As Grim uses his mage hand holding his lantern to enter the lantaern seems to come in contact with something and the metal hood of the latern begins to sizzle. Collosus takes a wild swing of his sword and slices into something nearly perfectly clear but gelatinous. The metal of his sword and part of his forearm armor begin to sizzle permanently damaging them both. Grim fired and arrow which entered the ooze creature and they could see the arrow point quickly dissolve away and the bones and all began to slink back down the sewer hole. They quickly shut the door and rejoined the party.
Turk went up the steps and found himself in a homey little kitchen with very low ceiling. As he began to peek around the corner he is met with a very small boy. Turk changed his shape and cast disguise self on himself to change into a town's watch. The boy yells for his “Da” and as Turk steps into the room the boy yells yells that “there's a man! He changed his face!” Turk is now in a dining room surrounded by several generations of halflings who are quite terrified now. Turk attempts to calm them but not before the father sends his daughter to fetch a local constable. Turk continues to tell the family how their home contains a sewer entry. He successfully persuades the familiy that they are not a threat and even intimidates the father with legal retribution. As they continue their exchange a constable arrives and not recognizing Turk's disguise begins to ask from where he is stationed and whom is his superior officer. Getting ambiguous answers and learning that there are others he quickly steps outside to call for backup.
As this is occurring Collosus opens the floor plate again and the party descends back into the sewer.
Collosus gently carries Floon at this point much to the delight of the weary man. Seeing his suffering Eblynn administers a health potion for which Floon is most grateful and he regains the ability to walk.
They quickly coninue out the way they came and eventually find themselves at a crossroads with a metal grate which the ypreviously learned leads into some sort of room.
They go up and find themselves in the wine cellar of a dock ward bar called the Spouting Fish. Shelldon goes up the hatch and meets the gaze of a dwarf drinking his lunch. Shelldon flips him a gold and says “You didnt see us and your next drink is on me” The dwarf answers “Didnt see who?”
They enter the streets of the dock ward to find it around midday and chilly, cloudy but with some clearing of blue sky.
The party attempts to hail a coach at Floon's request but no one will pick them up in their disheveled and filthy state.
As they walk Lorath repeatedly casts prestidigitation to clean most of the party's gear and attire from the sewage and gore.
It is mid afternoon when they finally arrive at the Yawning Portal. Floon is eager for a drink and a meal. As the party enter they see Volo having a drink with Renear at their usual table. It is a joyful reunuion as they recount the past couple days. The party is met with immense gratitude. Bonnie comes to wait on them and expresses her personal delight at their safety, particularly for Turk. She is about to take their drinks when she remembers that this round is on Yagra, the half-orc female whom they helped in the bar brawl a couple days ago. She motions across the taproom and the party sees the large female hoist a tankard in salute.
Rennaer offers his version of what transpired in case any of them are confused. Rennear has been under undue scrutiny recently from a number of factions related to his father (a previous and disgraced open lord). The rumor is that Daggault Neverember (rennear's father) embezzled a significant amount of gold from the governemnt coffers and this is part of the disgrace that lead to his ouster. Recently a number of factions, the Zhentarim and Xanathar Guild in particulr, have taken a renewed interest in this suppsoed cache of gold and that is likely part of what has lead to the increase of violence in the streets.
Rennear was questioned by the zhentarim and is convinced he was kidnapped by the Zhents because they suspect he knows somehting about this. The Xanathar attacked the Zhents and mistook Floon for Rennear in the melee.
Rennear warns the party they may also now be mixed up in this mess and may have drawn attention to themselves by their heroic actions. Word has already begun to spread about their rescue of him and now Floon's rescue will only add to that. But not only negative attention but also those seeking their help. Rennear himself imparts that he is himself part of a group that seeks justice and retribution against tyranny along with freedom and dignity for all people. He offers work and potential membership to the party if any of them ever wish to pursue this.
At this time Eblynn also inquired about the payment that was promised them by Volo. He sheepishly confesses that he has but few coins to spare. But never let it be said that Volo reneges on a promise. Allow me to present something much more valuable.” He holds out a scroll tube. “The deed to a remarkable property here in Waterdeep! We’ll need a magistrate to witness the transfer of ownership. I’ll arrange a meeting with one after you’ve inspected the estate and deemed it satisfactory.”
He adds that he purchased it for research purposes for his next book but has not had the time to properly devote to it.
They party examines the scroll and learns it is in the north ward and that it is called Trollskull manner. The deed looks properly notarized and legitimate.
They party accepts and Volo asks Durnan to ring for a coach to take them at his expense. They accept and make their way outside. It is late afternoon now and the autumn sky is clear and beginning to turn shades of purple as the sun sinks low over the harbor. They ride the large fancy coach onto the busy wide throughfare called the High Road. The trade ward to the left and the castle ward to their right. They see several of the City's great statues as they eventually leave the main road in the norht ward and head down a smaller avenue. They pass a couple shops, one small unassuming place called The Book Wyrm and another with simple a large feline eye as it's sign but most of the building in this area are homes. The coach stops at stately but dilapidated manor with two entreances, one stairs from the main avenue leading to the second floor and one steps up to a door on the first floor from the side road. As the sun is setting They enter the first floor to find a taproom with chairs and tankerds strewn about. After they are all inside the door blows opens and some autumn leaves blow into the room at which point Eblynn remarks that he believes this place to be haunted.
Lorath gathers some wood from broken furniture and lights the large hearth near the center. He finds a stable chair and pulls it up. Eblynn attempts to sit as well but somehow the misses the seat of the chair and falls to the floor which he blames on a poltergeist.
Grim examines the kitchen and takes a look into a trap door behind the bar which appears to lead to a cellar. As he is peering down into it a wailing voice is head in the kitchen. Turk investigates but sees nothing but some pots and cutlery.
The party leaves and goes to the second floor and onto the third and fourth. They find a common room, bedrooms, bathroom, privys, a writing room, trap doors up into the turret tower (only of which slaps shut as they ascend a ladder) as well as some bagpipes that Lorath attempts to play rather poorly drwaing the attention of some passers by as the street lamps are being lighted.
Collosus finds a library with moldering books, one of which Lorath believes may contain information about some rituals. Shelldon also finds a bath full of murky water next to an open and exposed wall in which the mossy limb of a nearby tree has grown through.
The party doesnt not expplore the fourth floor but instead decides to retreat back to the taproom on the first floor to spend the night around the hearth of their new estate.

You each receive 10 days of downtime. I'll talk to you about how to can spend this but consider this free time you can use to craft things, learn new skills or foster business or other types of relationships.  Turk gains inspiration for his exceptional roleplaying when attempting to disceive the Peabody halfling family.  Grim is in possension of a spellbook which contains the following spells: burning hands, disguise self, false life, shield, unseen servant, and witch bolt.  Grim also has two potions of healing, 16 gp, 82 sp, and 250 cp.  Eblynn has a scroll case with the deed to TrollSkull Manor, still in the name of Volothamp Geddarm.

in addition to these things you each found something among the other trash which caught your eye for whatever reason. Turk found in a cabinet in a privy Two toy soldiers, one with a missing head. Lorath in a writing desk A purple handkerchief embroidered with the name of a Kelben Blackstaff. Eblynn in the bedstand drawer of a bedroom Half of a floorplan for a temple. Shelldon on the floor of the ruined bathroom A rank insignia from a lost legionnaire. Grim in the den An old chess piece made from glass. Collosus on the shelf in a privy A glass jar containing lard with a label that reads, “Griffon Grease”. 

The green star is Trollskull manor, the red pentagon is the yawning portal, the yellow triangle is the Moonpenguin tavenr and Hoff's Quaffs.

22nd of Elient, Moonpenguin Inn, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

As the party settled down in the common room of their tavern suite they heard a knock on their door. It was Lorath the mage who had taken leave of the group as they ventured to the warehouse. He explains how he arrived at the warehouse to find it gaurded by town watch. He feared the worst but learned that some people were allowed to leave after an incident and that they had mentioned going to a nearby inn. Grim and Eblynn recounted the melee, rescue and interrogation as well as the information about the sewer nearby.
They all settle in for a night's rest except for Collosus who needs not the comfort of such things. The large metal figure stands still but ready in the common room as the night passes.
As the morning dawns they begin to stir and Grim empties the privy out the window to see a bright blue sky but finds a chill in the air.
They make their way downstairs to find the tabaxi barmaid seemingly well-rested and alert polishing a glass behind the bar. In her thick chultan accent she asked how well they slept and takes the marker from Rennear to cover the tab which was a heafty 28 gold. Lorath remarks that they must have had a good night and indeed they drank the finest ale and bought for others as well as taking the most stately room. Eblynn inquires about breakfast but unfortunately she has not had time to prepare it. Lorath produces a goodberry and shoves it in the tinkerer's mouth. Eblynn also inquires about any potion shops nearby and the tabaxi tells the player of a good one right next door called Hoff's Quaffs and offers that the proprieter is very freindly but warns the party to neither haggle nor make any trouble for their own safety. She also says he may have other interesting items that may be of use to men such as themselves if they produce a code phrase “The Sahuagin Humbled” Eblynn thanks them and asks her name to which she replies that her race has differnt conventions for such things but she is Hummingbird of the tangled roots but they can call her “Birdy” and visit any time.
They make their way outside and see next to the tavern set back into the building upon a landing up some stairs a large piece of driftwood painted in blue and green bubbles “Hoff's Quaffs” They try to see inside but the windows are grimy. Collosus stands outside as they rest enter to be warmly greeted by a shorter and aged but muscular triton male with bright blue skin and wavy green hair. He is shirtless and has gold bracers on his arms. He speaks in a very informal and endearing way as he explains which potions he has among them;
Potion of Healing - 65g - greater 260g - superior - 680g
Oil of Splipperyness - 220g
Potion of Climbing - 80g
Potion of waterbreathing - 130g
Philter of love - 300g
Potion of Growth - 360G

Shelldon and Eblynn try to recall the phrase Birdy told them and speak an approximation but initially refuse to say from where they heard it when questioned. They relent under his scrutiny and say that it was Birdy and that they are friends of Rennear Neverember's at which time Hoff (the triton) checks the door for any watch but fails to notice collosus. He takes them downstairs and show them several magical items and describes a couples when asked, namely;
Hat of Vermin - 220G
Wondrous Item, common
This hat has 3 charges. While holding the hat, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and speak a command word that summons your choice of a bat, a frog, or a rat. The summoned creature magically appears in the hat and tries to get away from you as quickly as possible. The creature is neither friendly nor hostile, and it isn’t under your control. It behaves as an ordinary creature of its kind and disappears after 1 hour or when it drops to 0 hit points. The hat regains all expended charges daily at dawn.
Armor of Gleaming, Spiked Armor - 270g
14 + prof
Armor (spiked armor), common
This armor never gets dirty.
Spiked armor is a rare type of medium armor made by dwarves. It consists of a leather coat and leggings covered with spikes that are usually made o

f metal.
Notes: Utility, Stealth Disadvantage
scroll of blades ward - 260g
Goggles of Night - 340g
Wondrous Item, uncommon
While wearing these dark lenses, you can see the outlines of heat signature out to a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, wearing the goggles increases its range by 60 feet.
Notes: Sense: Darkvision, Detection, Eyewear
Staff of Birdcalls - 240g

Turk and Grim have an aside and pool their moeny to purchase the goggles of night. Both Eblynn and Shelldon purchase one regualr healing potion each.
As they leave Hoff tells to come back anytime and wishes them luck.
The party follows the street watching for signs of a sewer entrance and eventually follow the grade of the road to a dead end full of trash they find the day becoming gray and overcast. They find a corner full of rancid seafood and in another corner som boxes which appear to be disturbed more recnelty than the other trash. Eblynn opes on to find a large fat rat nursing her young. Turk opens another to discover a horrible smells and something organic and rotten. They move the boxes to find a circular sewer cover which Collosus rips from the ground with such force that it flys across the alley and embeds in the wooden wall of a building. A small shout of surprise is head from somewhere inside.
They light a lantern and descend into the fetid sewer. They are kneedeep in sewage but find an unmistakable Xanathar symbol, circle with ten spokes, scrawled in yellow chalk on the wall in one direction.
Grim dons his new goggles and leads they way, following the symbols. AS an hour passes they find themselves in large tunnels with deeper and faster flowing sewage but also room to walk along the sides.
Eventually they come to a an intersection and Grim sees a floating orb ahead. As they get closer it hisses and attacks, attempting to bite Grim who ducks and then a beam of magicial force leaps out of one of it's eye stalks but has little effect on Collosus, it's target. They battle the gazer and leave it floating dead in the seweer liquid but not before Turk takes some frost damage from a ray from one of it's other stalks.
They party continues on to a circular passage. AS they approch Grim hearing a rythmic buzzing that as he gets even closer becomes clear that it is snoring. With his goggles he can see a heat signature along the wall but the light is too low for him to make out the shape. As he gets closer he hears a second snoring creature around the other way.
Lorath blindly feels his way along the wall and feels the an opening sbout shoulder hieght.
As the party discusses how to proceed eventually the snoring stops and they hear a goblin voice shout in an alarmed languge they didnt understand. An arrow comes flying from the darkness and glances off Shelldon's shell.
As they increase hte hooded lantern's light they see two arrow slits with two goblins training bows on them. Shelldon hits one with a dart and then smashes it's head in two as Grim approachs the other and drives a dagger into it's throat right before it is able to give a shout.
Eblynn uses mage hand to loot several arrow from the goblins which he gives to Turk and Grim and two small purses which he leaves closed.
They party investigates the area and find a crumbled shore on the opposite side of the roundabout and a door with the Xanathar's symbol on it. They enter an unlocked door to find a cluttered room full of rusted, useless weapons and threadbare clothes. They continue through another unlocked door into a long hall at the end of which stands another door with light coming from under it.
The party stops and hears what sounds like tow people arguing “That won't work.” one says “It'll still come throuhg” and a gruff intelligable reply”
As the party waits in the hall, readys actions and debates what to do next eventually they hear the arguing stop. They continue to discuss a course of action untill eventually Turk shout's “Who's there!”
They wait some more until eventually Shelldon opens the door cautiously to find six straw beds in a room in disarray but well lit by torchlight and recently inhabited. There is a door along one wall with some furniture piled up against it and other along a different wall. They look around for a moment until Lorath opens the uncluttered door revealing a large room with two figures running into the center he recognizes from the brawl at The Yawing Portal. One is the bald headed insitgator and one the dwarf with the mohawk. Past them is a half-orc in a cowl with a scpeter and beyond htat a dais with a stone throne from which rises a gaunt, tentacle faces terror petting what appears to be a giant brain with spindly pappendages ending in paws. The terror sets the brain thing on the floor as it levitates in the airs and floats to an exit on one side of the room.
Lorath quickly casts a sleep spell on the two running into the chamber which drops the bald human to the ground. The dwarf turns to see the door and howls in anger and recognition as he realizes it's the people he fought in the bar. He seems to concentrate as he enlarges himself to twice his original size, including his spiked mace. The orc grunts and a bolt of fire leaps from his crescent scepter and singes Turk. Collosus enters the room and strikes the now 8-feet tall dwarf. Turk lets loose a perfect arrow that finds the orcs head but out of sheer subborness it remains standing. Eblynn uses a device to harague the dwarf with insects as he drops lifelessly to ground. The brain thing scrurries across the floor which Lorath takes a moment to observe and confirm that it's an intellect devourer as he also lets loose a streak of frost which freezes the orc mage solid. Collosus swings his sword at the Intellect Devourer and shaves off part of its grey matter and crushes one of it's paws. In desperation it latches onto the nearest source of intellect which happens to be the sleeping bald bandit. It claws open his skull and begins magically feeding on his essence. Grim stabs into it's pulsing brain right before Shelldon leaps through the air and impales it on his staff. He feels the staff travel all the way through the creature and knock on the stone floor but it continues to wriggle so it uses his staff to throw it into the air and knock it into Collosus' sheild upon which is splats lifelessly.

200xp each, from the shop you bought two potions of healing for 65g and the goggles of ngiht for 340g. from the goblins you got 8 arrows and two purses which you havnt opened yet. your hooded lantern also consumed half a pint of oil and you used and did not retrieve three arrows, a dart and one goodberry

9th of Eleint, Waterdeep

9th of Eleint, Waterdeep

The party met at their recent favorite tavern, The Yawning portal. They played a few rounds of cards and some gold exchanged hands. Bonnie, a young human barmaid, expressed an interest in Turk, saying that she thinks she may know him from somewhere. As they eat and drink they hear a ruckus from across the taven. Groups gather around and they push their way through to witness a tall orc female being accosted by a group of rowdy ruffians. One in particular who threw the opening punch at the half-orc had a bald head covered in tattoos of a circle with spokes radiating out from it. Grim sucessfully pickpocketed a coin purse from the unsuspecting crowd as they cheering on the violence.
The party joined the fight after Shelldon's pleas for restraint went unanswered. Both Eblynn and Lorath covertly enchanced certain aspects of the melee with magical intervention as Turk took a position on the second floor of the large taven.
The most significant exchange of the fight was Collosus clocking a human female thug out cold and sending her limp body sliding under a table. That is, until a large wary green arm reached up from the portal well itself and pulled one of the attackers in causing the proprietor, Durnan, to draw his masive claymore from behind the bar and leap over as he yelled "Trooolll!"
Blodsucking stirges follwed the troll up and began harrowing the crowd which quickly dispersed in a panic. Durnan yelled to his friend and partymember, Grim, to kill the stirges and he handled the troll.
The party handled the stirges but both Turk and Lorath were critically injured and just before Durnan struck the killing blow on the troll, Shelldon smashed a lamp onto it setting it ablaze and sending it back down the well.
Once the excitment was over, Eblynn helped a patron up who had been covered in the guts of a fallen stirge which Eblynn himself had dispatched with one of his magically powered contraptions.
The patron introduces himself as Volothamp Geddarn, a famous author, among other things as they all enjoyed a round on Durnan for thier help. Volo asked for the groups help in finding a friend of his that went missing. He offered 10 gold each now and 100 more gold each once he is returned safe. Turk was able to discern that Volo does indeed actually fear for his friend but that he may not have as much money as he is offering. Still the party accepts and Volo tells the story that he was drinking with his freind Floon Blagmaar, a gentle and nicely dressed young man with red hair, in a seedy bar in the dock ward called the Skewered Dragon a couple nights hence. Volo left his very inebriated friend there and has not seen nor heard from him since. Becuase of the increase in violence in recent weeks, Volo suspects the worst and pleads for help.
The party decides to help but decides to sleep on it. Lorath decides to stay at the Yawning Portal but the others leave the bar around midnight and head to their vairous current living spaces. Eblynn, Collosus and Shelldon come upon a cordoned off crime scene in the street. Eblynn notices among several dead bodies one has a winged serpent tattoo and one of the captives has a circle with spokes tattoo as he saw on the bald head of one of the insitgators of the tavern brawl. They learn little more before htye are shooed away by the watch.
In the morning they meet back at the Yawning Portal and head down to the dock ward. A shop, one of few open and active at this part of town at this time of day, called The Old Xoblob Shoppe, draws their attention. In the windows is a stuffed Beholder and the shop is full of many small weird curiosities. Eblynn buys a gnomish music box that plays a song from his youth. Turk buys a rabbits foot. Lorath buys a vial of what he recognizes as dragon's blood.
With some coaxing the shop owner, a small hairless gnome smoking a pipe, reveals that he saw two red headed and well-dressed gentlemen accosted by several ruffians outside his very shop a couple nights prior. He doesnt offer much other detail but he recognized one of them as someone of perhaps significance but doesnt much more.
The party continues to the Skewered Dragon and find it nearly empty at this time of morning. After pestering the only conscious person with questions they dragged a drunk half-elf into the street and poured horse water on his head but not before Grim pickpocketed a simgle copper coin from a fat, unconscious half-orc.
The party asked some other people in the street for information but were met with typical, big city disdain. They also exchanged words with some members of the City Watch and seemed to be close to being taken in for questioning themselves.
Near midday, Lorath sent his raven familar back to the Skewered Dragon and found a few people inside now drinking and the bar tended by a half-orc female. They learned from one of three dwarf dock-workers that they had seen a red haired young man drinking there a couple nights piror with a 'fancy' man that could be Volo. After the fancy man left he say the first red-haired man joined by another, someone perhaps of some reknown but he doenst recall much else.
After some coaxing and bribery, the barkeep does recall the two red-haired gentlement and that they were followed out by five regular customers, thugs that shes frequently seen recently coming and going from a warehouse down on Candlestick lane. She also warns that one of the red-haried men is a noble, in fact the son of a previous open-lord of waterdeep named Ranear Neverember and that getting mixed up with nobles and shady business can be a sure way to end up in the stockades. She also adds that the warehouse they seek can be known by the symbol of a winged serpent above the gate. A symbol that Lorath, Grim and Turk recognize as belonging to the Black Network, also known as the Zhentarim.

You each earn 300xp. Shelldon also receives inspiration for his exceptional roleplaying

Volo at his table, the troll, stirges and Durnan 


21 of Elient, Brightswords, Waterdeep

21 of Elient, Brightswords, Waterdeep

As the party exits The Skewered Dragon near midday in the Dock Ward they found the skies had turned gray and the temperature had dropped. Thunder began to peal in the distance and a stiff salty breeze could be felt on the crossstreets and they made their way to Candle Lane. Activity on the broader streets continued to pick up and they noticed among the normal wagons and carts carrying food and suplies into the city a number of large decorative military reagalia being carted out of various storehouses. The party hears some passers by greet each other with "Happy Brightswords!" and one of the party members recalls it's Brightswords day, a holiday in the city celebrating the military might and prowess of the militia, city gaurd and town watch.
As they approach Candle Lane the rain begins coming down in sheets and lightening flashes overhead. Candle Lane is narrow, almost an alley at times and the several-story tall ramshackle buildings loom almost arching over the road making it quite dark. Grim and Turk used the dark and cover of the awnings to approch stealthily. The street lamps have all been smashed but one single light glows with naked magic in the rain. As they approch they notice a dwarf in a wide brimmed hat eating a sausage and sitting on a barrel. He finished his lunch and bid them "Happy Brightswords!" as he lifted a large hammer and left down the way they'd come.
Upon reaching the single magically lit lamp they notice opposite it is a gate with the unimistakable symbol of the winged serpent of the Zhentarim. The see on the other side of the rusty, wroght iron bars of the fence a warehouse. Turk climbs the outside of the building opposite the warehouse with ease but not inconspicuously as he ascends the various awnings and balconies to the roof. From his vantage point he sees a large door suitable for a caravan, a small humanoid sized door and a small shuttered windows on the opposite exterior wall.
As the party debated how to open the gate Turk easily but ungracfully scales the fence and examines the other side of the lock. Eventually Eblynn opened the unlocked gate and the party approached the building. Collosus and Shelldon push on the large door and found it chained from the inside. Grim tries the small door handle and find it locked. They compared the merits of usign tinkers tools or theives tools to open the door and evntually Grim sucessfully picks it with his theives kit.
Grim carefully peeks inside the door and found only darkness. The rain continued outside and they eventually got a torch lit and hastily all entered to see a large room with several clusters of stacked boxes behind which five sets of beady eyes and long black beaks shined in their torchlight. A gruff orcish voice yelled "Xanathar sends it's regards! Xanathar sends it's regards! Swaaak!"
They fought five Kenku who fired arrows from shortbows from cover and fought with shortswors when engaged in close quarters. Collosus, Turk and Eblynn each took wounds from arrows. Two Kenku lost their swords in the melee. Magic sparked from Eblynn's inventions and Grim closed in quickly but his daggers found no purchase. Turk killed one with an arrow frm his long bow and Collosus slashed one's beak in two and stabbed one through the heart as Shelldon caved in one's chest and knocked another unconcious from a strike to the back of the head (both non fatally) The final Kenku surrerdered to Grim and Eblynn.
The party tied up the three Kenku and questionsed them.
Under interrogation the crowlike humanoids mimic several phrases as resposes...
In a deep voice with an orcish accent: “Xanathar sends its regards.”
In a thin, nasally voice: “Tie up the pretty boy in the back room!” and “Follow the yellow signs in the sewers.”
In a scratchy voice: “No time to loot the place. Just get him to the boss.”
They investigate the rest of hte room and find some stairs heading up, some crates of some stale spiced bread snacks and about a dozen dead bodies. Five humans have tattoos identifying them as Zhentarim. Other bodies among them, a goliath with a back full of arrows, a half-elf with his face caved in and another human with a severed arm all have the cirlce with ten spokes symbol prominently tattooed on them.
The party heard a sound from a small room near the bloddy melee and as they spent time deciding what to do they also heard a sound from behind them. Grim invesitgated to find one of the injured Kenku, while still tied has managed to make it to his feet. Grim summarily executed him with his dagger.
Collosus opened a he door to the small back room which hung loosely on broken hinges. The cramped chamber beyond smelled strongly of sour fish and vinegar. It was filled with discarded ropes, canvas tarpaulins, and splintered wood from smashed barrels as well as a red-haired and bedragled man.
The person identifies himself as Ranear Neverember, the son of a prominent, former open lord of Waterdeep, Dggault Neverember. He was with Floon the night they were both taken. He blames himself and makes several vague references to how he beleives it was information about his father or more specifically, his father's fabled cache that is the root of all this unpleasantness. He is very concenred for Floon who was kidnapped and taken here by the Zehntarim men but at some point a second group arrived and while Rannear was able to hide as the melee occured he doenst know what happened to Floon. Rannear then waited and has been hidden in this storage closet for how long he doesnt know. He asks for water and food and the party obliges.
The party then checks the other nearby room and Shelldon notices a secret door behind which the group carefuly open two crates. One containing four elegant paitings depicting the cities of Luskan, Neverwinter, Silverymoon, and Baldur’s Gate, five 10 lb silver bars and a bag of ten large gems. Eblynn notices one of them is a diamond suitable to power his gauntlet contration for hte creation of chromatic orbs. The party aggres to allow him to keep it. As Grim is loading the bars into his pack and clamor surrounded the party. A dozen City watch swiftly decend on the area even breaking the window out directly above the party and training crossbows on them.
A tall older and more finely armored gaurd approches them and identified himself as Captain Staget. He interrogates the party who truthfuly relay the occurances including the presence of Neverember. The Captain's stauch demenor seems disarmed by the presence of a noble, even a younger member of such a prominent family and he agrees to let them go but reminds them to leave this dirty business to the City watch, to keep the blood off the streets and that not all guards are as nice as he is. He also gives them a copy of The Code Legal.
The party also learns from overhearing the reports of the other gaurd that those with the circle symbol are indeed Xanathars Guild and that no others are in the building but a magical paper bird was found and confiscated from the upstairs.
The party leaves without the paintings or two of the siver bars but with the gems and three of the bars. Ranear Neverember pleads with them to find his friend Floon becuase he is a simple, silly and soft man and if Xanathar Guild has him and has mistaken him for Ranear himself them he will probably not live long. Ranear is very grateful and gives the party a pin from his lapel and says if they take it to a nearby tavern they can rest and eat on his tab. The bar is called hte Moonpenguin and he beleives there should be near the nearest sewer entrance. He assures the party he will be fine and has freinds near that will attend to him and also to contact him if he can ever be of any aid.
The party finds the inn easily enough as the storm has given way to a chilly and foggy early autmn evning. A tabaxi barmaid with a Chultish accent takes their orders and assures them that everythign will be taken care of in exchange for Rannear's marker. They find a cozy scene and Shelldon and Turk question a halfling who is dancing and clapping on the bar but learn little. In a worn leather chair near the heath is the dwarf with the widebrimmed hat sleeping with even more relish in his beard. Eblynn buys an expensive ale for himself and arranges for the dwarf to receive one too upon waking. Collosus, Grim and Turk each play several rounds of liars dice with three half-elf sailors in tri-corn hats. They are wary of Collosus and question who is controlling what they assume to be a golem but eventually welcome him into the game with good nature but clearly dont beleive that he is actually a sentient creture himself. Some small amounts of gold exchange hands before the party rents the only suite in the inn which has one large common room with four adjoining bedrooms and settle in for a well earned rest.

You each gain 400xp, 3 silver bars (worht 50g each) 10 gems (worth 50g each but one being the diamond Eblynn inserted into his glove) You also received a copy of The Code Legal and a pin from Rannear that he uses as a marker for close friends to settle tabs at certain extablishments. (note this can only be used once and will need to be turned over to the barkeeper as payment) - minus the diamond Eblynn is using that works out to 130g each if you intend to split it evenly

Entereing the zhentarim hideout
Entereing the zhentarim hideout
the city gaurd (captain not pictured)
the city gaurd (captain not pictured)
The Code Legal
The Code Legal


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