25th of Elient, Trollskull Alley, Waterdeep

25th of Elient, Trollskull Alley, Waterdeep

Late in the afternoon as the sky begins to turn red and orange and the last of the long thin, high clouds drift out over the plains to the east Grim visits a local clothier and pays them 5 silver to dye some sand of his to use as spell components. When he returns the gang heads out to their nightly patrol. As they reach the City of the Dead and the pass through the weeping gates a strong, salty wind blows from the west.
The meet with Sir Alister at the Warrior's Monument and recount their meeting with Dr. Boindexter. As Sir Alister mulls over the new information as the sun sets blow the horizon several of the party notices the wounds of the many statues in their battle stances of trolls and sanguin and orcs and barbarians which normalls flow fountain water begin to seem to bleed red. Turk walks closer to inspect the fluid and as he reaches out all the statues appear to turn their heads at once and stare at the party.
But before anyone can react, a mere blink, everything appears back to normal.
“I saw it too” says Sir Alister and recommends extreme caution.
The gorup decides to start their partol in a differnt way on this third night and heads east closer to the center of the cemetary, through the mausaleums of the many noble familes. As they begin to close in on the eastern wall the raven and owl familars of Lorath and Grim respectivly notice a humanoid figure running haphazardly north to intersect with the path they had already passed. They run back and eventually catch up with Ophemar who recounts with failing breath that there is something wrong with his friend Victus who is supposed to be on watch tonight. Victis was speaking strangly about something important that was found and barred Ophemar at the front doors to the House of Headstones by casting a Web spell.
They hurry to the house of the headstones and come upon the back of the building which has a small entrance to study chamber for acolytes. As they ready to enter they hear a fierce and deep voice call from inside “I can hear your hearts beating!”
Collosus is the first through the door and he sees a human figure dressed in acoylte of Jergal robes standing on the front desk of the great reading hall. He is holding a shovel and has a band of fingers around his neck. AS he enteres he is finisheing casting some spell and his skin appears to turn grey and harden as stone.
A battle ensues in which Shelldon takes tremndous damages having the very moisture of his body sapped out. Lorath casts mirror image on himself and draws the necromancer into casting a large yellowgreen cloud of sickly energy. Several other members stick the being with vairous attacks as he continues to taunt them relaying that he thanks them for finding what he sought and that his minions would retreive it for him by the end of the night. Eventually after Grim hits him with a particulary damaging arrow Lorath is able to put him to sleep and Grim removes the grisly neckalce from his neck with a mage hand and places it in a sack. Turk heals the barely concious human and Collosus stands watch ready to end his life. Victus now seems confused. He recounts findinig a finger in an unmarked grave while digging a new grave. It seems to have corrupted him and lead him to seek out other fingers in other graves aroudn the City of the Dead and even gave him new necromantic abilities to raise the dead which he used.
Ophemar pleads with the group to let him take his friend back to his order to heal him and purge any remnants of the dangerous influence. The group is eventually satified that Victus is no longer nad treat and at that moment Sir Alister bursts in with tales of undead moving in the North Ward. He says he received word not long ago that the horde had fallen limp and was seeking his patrol out.
He concurs that they should keep the fingers away from the hand but that they should consult Dr. Poindexter again about what would come next.
He says to meet him at noon the following day at the monument for their report.
The group plits up with Grim and Shelldon taking the fingers back to trollskull uneventfully. The rest of the party arrives at Poindexter's manse to find the street cordonned off with griffon cavalry overhead and some city watch and even towns gaurd preventing anyone from passing. They tell the gaurds who they are and their purpose and are lead to the house past piles of limb zombies and many bones strewn about. At great battle took place here and some still animated zombies are clearing the now limp ones from the threshold.
Dr. Poindexter tells them they are wise not to touch the fingers and to not bring them to the same location as the hand which is safely in an anitmagic vault below his estate. He asks them to bring the hand to the Blackstaff, Vajra, in the Blackstaff tower. Eblynn recalls he was summons there already a day before. They agree and Lorath and sends his raven with a message to Grim and Shelldon to meet them there.
Now past 1 am they all arrive together at the gate of the smooth black tower. They state their business at the gate and are let in. Inside htey are met with a much larger area than the outside would suggest. Fine colored tiles draws paths through ornatley carved stone and wood work. Some students louge or sit about reading but at this hour much of the school appears quiiet.
A mage dressed in black greets them and bids them to relinquish the dangerous item which they have brought in with them. They eventually relent and it is spirited away as the mage tells them to follow they white tile. They do and come upon a portal which they take to another area which appears to be a large study filled with scrying contraptions and a few sages intently working some various sorts of magic.
Here they meet Vahjra Safahr the current Blackstaff of Waterdeep. She thanks them for their courageous efforts and tells them how impressed she is with them. She tells them about Force Grey, also known as the Grey Hands, which is a private security force of uniquily powered individuals who protect the magnificent city of waterdeep which can be as dangerous as it is splendid. She does not offer them membership but the opportunity to help and be helped by her organization. Through some knowing glaces and pregnant words she seems to reveal she knows about about the members of the party and perhaps Grims shady past and even Turks secret.
The party agrees to do a task for her. To scale mount waterdeep and find a monk in a cave. They are to ask him of any threats to the city and if their efforts related to the recently uncovered hand of bhaal was truly sucessful. She says it is not urgent but would be much appreciated. His cave, she says is on the costal side of the mountain not too far until the griffon keep at the summit. She opens a portal back to their manor which allows them to a well earned rest.
The next day they meet back with Sir Alister at the monument and relate what they have learned. He again thanks them and pays them their 100 gold each as well as an additional pag of 9, 100 gold teardrop rubies. He again reminds them that this mission was a joint operation of the Harpers, here represented by their friend Rennear, The emerald Enclave, here represented by Edmo the groundskeeper, The lords Alliance, here represented by Dr. Boindexter and the Order of the Guntlet, represented by humself. Any of these factions would be glad to count them as memebers or at least employees from time to time.
The next night as they all slept in TrollSkull Manor, Turk hears a scratching at his attic shutter. He opens it to find a flying snake outside with a scroll tied around it's neack. He takes the scrolls and it reads “We've heard of your recent sucess and know that you've been offered certain opportunities. Bring Grim and anyone else you think would like to make some coin to The Yawning Portal and we'll talk. No need to look for us, we will approach you when you arrive.”

You each receive 850xp, 10 downtime, 1 reknown with any of the factions mentioned if you decide to join and the party also gets a bag of 900 gold worht of teardrop shaped rubies.

24th of Elient, Interlude

Before you head out for your nightly patrol, Rishaal the gold dragon owner of the Book Wyrm stops by and offers a book to you Shelldon. He says you are welcome to borrow it or purchase it from him for 1 gold.
A small, locally printed and limited run copy of Curiosities of the North Ward contains short encyclopedic entries on the Holyhands House, Hospice of St. Laupsenn, Cliffwatch, The Swordmaiden, Manycats Alley, and several other historic buildings and locations including Trollskull Alley.

On Trollskull Alley…
Most Waterdhavians at the time of this publication in 1391 DR (It is now currently 1492 DR in your campaign) will know only that the North Ward alley has “always” been called that, and may guess it’s named for large estate near the entrance referred to as Trollskull Manor, when the truth is the other way around.

Even the Palace clerks can’t help, because it’s called that on their oldest surviving deeds and city plans, meaning it was already called that. I can do better, IF we can trust some of the writings left us by the prolific sage and statesman Elminster, my primary source for much of what we know about the distant past of this city in the first place (he’s been known to bend the truth and indulge in spin a time or two, out of whimsy and in service to Mystra, but is “generally” a reliable narrator).

So, according to Elminster, the true derivation of the name is as follows: in 1298 DR, during the bloody collapse of the Shadow Thieves guild, some of its desperate members sought to cover their escapes from the city (that is, giving themselves time to grab all the riches they could to take with them by working with evil wizards of their acquaintance to teleport and release various monsters to maraud in the city, to keep the Watch and the Lords’ agents who were hunting them busy. One mage translocated a foraging band of trolls from the Evermoors to North Ward, and they stalked this alley, then known as Lormaundeir’s Skulk thanks to an unsavory local smuggler, Lormaundeir, who lived on it in the 1270s and owned many properties along it that he rented out.

The trolls slew some citizens along the alley ere they perished in flaming spheres hurled at them by the wizard Tazhara Lurael, of Turmish (formerly one of Elminster’s apprentices). She was racing about the city dealing with many released-by-Shadow-Thieves monsters, and lacked the time to “clean up” properly and left various bits of troll carnage strewn about.

At the time what is now the Manor Trollskull was being run as an orphanage and some local youths ended up playing with scorched troll bones, bowling with the skulls for some years ere they all disintegrated under the rigors of such handling. The orphanage itself was eventually closed when the proprietor was found out to be a hag who had been cooking and eating the children in her ward.

Soon after, the lower floor of the Manor was converted into a tavern by a group of wealthy investors with one of the eponymous skulls hanging above the hearth in the taproom.

By then, the rest of the city had dubbed the way “Trollskull Alley,” the name stuck, and many of the locals didn’t mind—because it transformed their reputations, from folk living in an area named after a notorious smuggler to folk who’d survived battling fearsome monsters. So there you have it.

24th of Elient, City of the Dead, Waterdeep

24th of Elient, City of the Dead, Waterdeep

The party heads toward the light to find a large stately structure labelled in dozens of lnguages as “The House of Headstones” The see a light inside from a candelabra on a desk but with the candles burning low. They find hte door unlocked and enter to see a large reading room type area with many long tables as well as hgih shelved walls covered in books, scrolls and parchments. Lorath and Grim set their familars to the roughly three-storied high roof to watch the surrounding but find them quiet. On each corner of the temple is tower turret.
Lorath begins to research the most recent interrments and find a lot of information about what seems like mundane deaths as well as a significant number of criminal and unnamed dead noted with both the Xanathar symbol as well as the Zhentarium. Nothing stands out to him as related to the recent undead epidemic.
Eblynn searches for history of previous owners of Trollskull Manor and finds what appears to be some leads but he lacks the knowldge of the filing system to properly follow up on them.
Grim and Turk climb one of the tower turrent and find each sucessive floor well kept but seldom used and only containing small reading and contempaltion rooms. At the top they find a nice outlook of the surrounding clearing and see that there are multiple paths leading away from the building all more nicely kept than the way they had come. As they examine the way they came they see a panicked humanoid running and tripping towards the building. Both lorath's raven and grim owl alert them to the activity.
As the figure quickly approaches Lorath opens the door for him. The person is a human wearing a blue tunic as an apparent uniform. He looks confused for a moment and asks if theyve seen victus but also quickly tell them to barr the doors. As they push furniture up agaisnt it they ask him questions but he says there is no time for discussion and that the furniture wont do, they need to plug the gaps and shut the windows.
Through his owl's eyes grim sees small shapes crawling quicking from the forested path. As they get closer they take on the appearacne of large spiders.
The person introduces himself as Ophemar, an acolyte of Jergal, the patron god of gravediggers, undertakers and keepers of the dead. He says that he found a number of corpses on the path and as he passed the hands appeared to detach from the bodies and begans to crawl after him.
He is terrified and hides under a desk as the hands begin to scratch at the door and try to get in. One almost makes it under the door but Lorath crushes it with his staff.
The hands eventually break through and the party destroys fifteen more before things calm down. A couple members took some minor scratches but they are all generally unscathed.
Ophemar begins searching for someone names Victus, the acolyte who was supossed to be occupying the station this night. Ophemar says he has been very uneasy and distressed since hte strange occurances had started and that even though they noramlly alternate night duties he had come to be with him on this night becuase of how scared he kne whe was but found the place unusually empty and had gone searching for him.
He thanks the party greatly and they tell him that they are here to patrol. Ophemar recognizes the Sir Alistar's name and the symbol they were given and welcomes them to patrol the area and to please be on the look out for Victus. Ophemar must stay here but begs someone to stay with him since those hans where what he has studied and refers to as Crawling Claws and are typically known to be a more advance form of necromancy and exclusivly come from the hands of murderers. Sturm offers to stay with him and discuss the undead situtation more in depth and to help ward the temple agasint any further trouble. Before htey leave Eblynn asks Ophemar's help determing the possible resting places of any previous owners of Trollskull Manor. Ophemar says the cross referencing of such a ask will be difficult but he feels confiedent he can have hte information before sunrise.
The rest of the party heads back about 1am now and the rest of their patrol is uneventful. Before heading back to the monument they stop back by the House of Headstones and Sturm reports a quiet night of contemplation. Ophemar is very proud of the quite heafty dossier on the previous owners of Trollskull manor and remarks that it's quite interesting.
They Eventually meet back up with Alistar at the monument at dawn. Alistar relays that his night was uneventful and is concerned to learn of waht they found. He wants them to continue to partol the south area since they now have some leads to follow up on.
Sturm, Alistar and the group all head their seperate way and agree to meet up at the same place at sundown.
The night mists lift and a bright blue autmn sky is over hte city as they return to the manor.
Turk decides to cehck out the basement but has the trap door slam over his head. Grim is unable to oepn it as a force seems to be pressing down on it. Collusus comes to help but only ends up pulling the handle off as he struggles against the force. Shelldon joins in and with with bow staff shatters the door to pieces leaving an open hole in the floor behind the bar.
The group begins to choose rooms for themselves and they all decide together that they will take possesion of the house. They take a long and uneventful rest during the day and way to bright sunlight coming in through the many holes and broken windows. Shlldon, Lorath and Eblynn decide to seek out Volo and sign the deed over. They travel across town to the Yawning Portal. Volo is not their but Floon is already heaivly drunk and tells them he went over to the House of the Bread in the Castle ward for a late lunch. They head that way and find Volo eating a large sweet pastry on the sidewalk table. He is delighted to see them and pleased to learn they accept his payment. He offers to take them rightaway to see a Mgister friend of his at the courthouse. He walks them past the long lines to a narrow hallway of cublicles wehre a teifling Kylynne Sil­merhelve asks them each a variety of questions about their affiliations and memberships and legal status that may affect their ability ot own property in the city. They each in turn say they are free and clear of anythign of consequence and Shelldon pays the court fee of 25g after both Volo and Eblynn offer to pay portions.
Grim find a length of copper wire in the kitchen from a damaged scouring pad that he find a suitable component for a spell.
They group meets back at the house and heads out for the evenin. They meet Alistar and Sturm at the moment and head back down their usual path. At sundown dark and unusal cloud form over the City of the Dead and an oily, black rain falls for a moent coating everyhitng and a slick but lfeeting film. As quickly as they gather they dispese and the group coninues on. As they approch the wooded path to the Hous of Headstones all put Turk catch a breif glimpse of what appea rs to be a spectrel humanoid child who begins to run down the path but disappears quickly after.
Lorath takes chase and begins running after her. The party follows but see no other sign as they arrive at the House of Headstones.
Ophemar is on duty and reports that thanksfully Victus was found to have been taking refuge in a well warded and safe msasaleum nearby but is now in troulbe with his order. Ophemar feels very guilty for it was his concern for his friend that got him in trouble and had he not shown up looking for him and alerted his superiors no one would have known that Victus was not manning his post. Ophemar tells the group that they should probalby meet Victus tomorrow night if they return and Ophemar will probably come too as he feels guilty for the trouble he caused his friend. Ophermar also says they are welcome to stay at the House of Headstones and that the towers offer wonderful veiws of much of the surrounding cemetary. As they talk to Phemar a tall humanoid spirit appears and crosses the library floor behind Ophemar who is disturbed if a little unsure as to whther or not they are joking. They investigate but find no trace.
The party takes him up on this and divide up into the towers. After some time passes Grim's owl alerts him to a limping humanoid coming towards hte clearning their temple stands in. In the moonlight it casts a large shadow and appears to have somethign large on it's shoulders and long arms. Grim casts light on an arrow and has his owl delivor it to drop it on the area from which the figure is coming. About halfway there the figure stops in it's tracks and as the owl approaches the figure leaves the path and dissappears in some nearby bushes. No one see it emerge.
At this point the other members have been alerted to somehting occuring and htye all meet and discuss it. Lorath leads the party out the font doors of the temple and as they emerge they are met with calls to “Halt' and to identify themselves.
They exchange a few warning but eventually an old human man in a large floppy hat, weilding a hatchet and a machete emerges from the nearby woods admonishing them for spooking him and accusing them of impersinating a will o wisp.
He introduces himself as Edmo, the groundskeeper of the City of the Dead. They question him about spirits and the goings on. He's surprised to learn they are seeing the ghosts too this night. He says that he was once an adventurer like them long ago and that he has an extensive knowledge of the undead. He offers some crude advice on how to fight them in general and tells them they can always come to ask him for adivice as few know the undead as intimatly as he having working in graveyards most of his life except for a brief period of adventure exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil.
They ask if he has seen anything particularly unsual and he says that there is an area further to the south, in an old, seldom-visited area in which hte grass is dying around a particular stand of trees which smells strongly of rot. It is relativly new but seems to be growing in size each night. He asks them to check it out.

you each gain 200 xp, 5 downtime and Eblynn, Shelldon and Lorath and now legally own Trollskull Manor.  The dossier Ophemar prepared for Eblynn contains documents the information of which is summarized thusly...
The dossier contains information that appears to suggest that for a period of a little over 200 years but ending appoximately 30 years ago, the owners of Trollskull Manor were a series of nobles which were buried exactly 40 years apart to the day. Ophemar has made a notation that all the names appear to be anagrams of one another. The graves are all adjacent to close to one another here in the City of the Dead. It includes a hand drawn map of where to find them.  Eblynn gains inspiration for his exceptional roleplaying


24th of Elient - 2, City of the Dead, Waterdeep

24th of Elient - 2, City of the Dead, Waterdeep

The group discusses the recent curious occurances with the groundskeeper, Edmo. Who reveals that he has seen a number of undead skeletons and zombies. He also says he was a bit of an undead hunter himself in his day and could provide advice in the future about them. If the group needs him they can always ask about where he is at the House of Headstones as he frequently checks in there.
As the groundkeeper leaves to attend to his other duties, Sturm decides to again spend the night on watch at thte House of Headstones and Turk runs into the woods and hides. The rest of the party head southeast towards the less visited older parts of the cemetary to try to find the stand of trees and the dead grass the groundskeeper spoke of. They eventually do come across a wodded area surrounded by a ring of dead grass. Even in autumn, the woods seem more solemn and vancant of animal and insect noises than one would expect. There is also a strong smell of mouldering and rotten earth and wood, almost fungal in nature.
Lorath raven flies above the area and spies a small unforested area in the center and the remains of a long overgrown path. The party heads down it and eventually somes upon a lonely half buried crypt. Vines and debris cover the small roof supported by four pilars. Lorath notices strange runes carved into the stone but doesnt recognize the language.
Down a few stairs lies a weatherworn, stone sarcophagus. Collosus attempts to open it but manages only to budge the lid enough to let our a gasp of stale air. Lorath covertly casts guidance on himself and easily slides the lid off. Inside is a humanoid corpse clad in rotten rags. It is very old but was obvously prepared in a very specific way that is not common. Upon it's chest is a small box and to it's side a quiver. Lorath takes time to cast detect magic as a ritual and learns that the box contains somethign magical of a necromantic nature and the quiver contains something enchanted. He takes the quiver and gives it to the Turk who notices there are five arrows inside each of a different make.
Grim uses mage hand to lift the box off the body. As Lorath uses his mage hand to open it. As the lid slides off glowing red eyes appear on the head of the mummy.
A fight ensues in which Grim is rendered unconcious and inflicted with the mummy rot curse. Turk is able to save him after a couple rounds with healing magic but not before he fires an arrow of elf slaying from the quiver which has little effect on the mummy.
The bravery of several members of the party fail alternately as they throw chromatic orbs, frost bolts, bow staves, blades and arrows at the creatue. Collosus eventually crushes it sending dust whirling into the moonlit night.
Inside the box the party find a severed hand with a skull symbol surrounded in teardrops tattooed upon it. All the fingers have been removed. They keep the hand in the box and continue on their patrol but find nothing else unusal.
In the morning they go back to the monumnet but do not find Sir Alister. Grim's owl sees something not far with the same color blue as his tunic. The party heads that way to find him sleeping on a bench without his armor. As they approch he sits bolt upright and says he was waiting for them at the monument but decided to test them and went back into the park to see if they would try to find him and they did so they pass the test.
He asks for a report and they truthfully relay what they saw and did. He is very concerned with the discovery of the hand and reveals that this mission has been a joint operation of the Iron Gauntlet, The Lord's Alliance, The Emerald Enclave and the Harpers, who, since the death curse has recently lifted, have all taken a keen interest and anyhting related to necromancy. He tells them of a practitioner and expert of Necromancy who lives near them in the North ward who is himself a member of the Lord's Alliance but is known to consult on these maters frequently. He asks them to take the hand to him to see what he makes of it.
He takes an interest in Grim

's appearance and learns that he was badly hurt by the mummy. He gives the group a token and tells them to visit the nearby hospice of St. Laupsenn to have any potential mummy rot curses removed. The party heads directly there and in exhcange for the token and with a little convincing that they are not joking, convince the clergy to perform the ritual to remove the curse.
The group then heads to the North ward to a stately but rundown and poorly maintained manse. The enter the courtyard and ring a bell which produces a well dressed zombie at the door. Inside they hear and cracking voice ask who is there. The zombie lets them in and they meet and old man in a deep red fez who is cleaning something off his hands. They explain the situation and who sent them and he takes them down some steps into a sort of laboratory and study. The walls are lined with books and various body parts wriggles on tables and skeletons perform mential choses. He introduces himself as Dr. Boindexter and shoos and skeltal cat from a tables covered in parchments.
He examines the hands and calls for Lorath to fetch him a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide. He asks Eblynn to bring him a copy of Spate's Catelog of Nameless Horrors and motions to the indexed library nearby as he consults a scroll from the table. They find the tomes easily and after they bring them back he studies them for a few moments and says what he beleives the object is.
Bhaal, he says, is a god of the death domain, specifically called the Lord of Murder. He was once mortal before ascending to “godhood” and was eventually killed but not before he left a number of progeny in the word. These beings known as Bhaalspawn, are beleived to be the key to resurrecting him by some factions of his cults. His cults are most active ine Balder's Gate but there was once known to be some in Waterdeep as well.
Dr. Boindexter beleives this hand to be the hand of one of these so called Bhaalspawn and that it likely has very powerful necromantic and corrupting power. He says the fingers were perhaps removed by Bhaal's own followers perhaps to divide it's power or perhaps by those who sought to contain and mitigate it's influence. In either case they must ensure that the fingers are not reunited with the hand. Boindexter offers to keep the hand safe while they investigate the City of the Dead further. He asks if any of them touched it and they truthfully sy they have not much to his reassurance.
The party leaves and heads back to Trollskull manor for a well earned rest. When they wake there are still several hours left in the day before their next watch resumes.
Grim helps Lorath attempt to salvage rituals from the tome he found and they are able to save
Tenser's Floating Disk, Gentle Repose and Phantom Steed.
Several members go to Steam and Steel with Collosus who is able to get the sheild removed from his arm and his armor plating restored. He also trades swords with Avi.
Shelldon and Turk head out inot the city and first visit the house with the orange and black feline eye sign. They try the door but it is locked and Turk knocks. The person behind the door asks if they have an appointment and Turk says that he does. When asked with whom Turk gives a false name and person leaves them.
They then go a couple doors down and enter the Book Wyrm and are greeted warmly by a gold dragonborn named Rishaal who offers them tea. Turk looks around and see all manner of books on history and adventure and schlorly pursuits. Shelldon asks about a book related to the history of Trollskull Manor and Rishaal says he believes he may have something on the area but he recals it was a very small printing and may take him some time to find. He offers to lend it to them as they are new neighbors and will leave it at the manor if they are not there. He also sees that they are adventureres and offers them a number of spell scrolls, namely

Cost per Spell
Comprehend languages, detect magic, feather fall, find familiar, mage armor, magic missile, shield, unseen servant
25 gp
Arcane lock, continual flame, darkvision, invisi

bility, magic weapon, misty step, rope trick, suggestion
75 gp
Clairvoyance, counterspell, dispel magic, fireball, fly, nondetection, water breathing
150 gp
Arcane eye, fabricate, greater invisibility, ice storm, locate creature, polymorph
300 gp
Bigby’s hand, cone of cold, modify memory
750 gp

Lorath and Eblynn visit the Bent Nail and ask Tally to come over for an estimate on fixing hte place. For parts and labor in the quality of wood that matches that there now he offers to do the entire place in a tenday for 1000g. He can do just the tavern for half that but warns them that if the place is truly haunted and it intereferes with their work the price could go up.

Everyone (except Sturm) receives 200 xp and 1 downtime. Lorath now has Floating disk, gentle repose and phantom steed in his ritual book. Grim gains inspiration.
And you all learned that mummies are immune to necromantic spells and have resistance against most non mangical attacks but are vulnerable to fire.
Turk gained a +1 arrow, a +2 arrow, a +3 arrow and a Walloping Ammunition (arrow) - the other arrow is an unbreakable arrow, we will do it like this, 1 you shot the +1, 2 you shot the +2, 3 you shot the +3, 4 you shot the walloping, 5 you shot the unbreakable, 6 you shot the slaying.

24th of Elient, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

The party, exhausted from the previous days events sleeps soundly around the hearth except for Collosus who needs no such respite. He does however take the opportunity to enter a sort of stasis which heals and reinvigorates himself. He is aware of his surroundings but is mesmerized by the dying fire which eventually goes out leaving him in darkness.
The next morning he is the first to rouse and sees writing all over the dusty surfaces. He wakes the others and there is some debate as to whether the writing was there the night before. Regardless, all around them on every dustry surface is the words “LAST CALL” except on the bar which reads “YOU DONT HAVE TO GO HOME BUT YOU CANT STAY HERE.”
Grim and Turk head to check out the basement as Lorath leaves to find a nearby grocer to buy some food.
Grim and Turk find several broken and sour smelling casks as well as three casks which sit out in the open air and another casks which was mostly concealed below a large growth of moss which they carefully free from the flora. Thier is an old label and discolored label the remaining text of which is in a language they do not know. It smells feightly of cherries.
The the other basement room they find some appearently still sealed bottles of spirits along with two giant centipedes which they kill.
They take one of the bottles up top which Eblynn recognizes from it's vine draped label as a Chultan honey rum called Tej.
Several of the party go upstairs to check out a bath which Shelldon remembers had somthing moving in it as Lorath begins to cook a breakfast of bacon and eggs.
Inside the masterbath on the thrid floor near an open wall and a tree limb intruding in they fight a giant, dog-sized, frog. Eventually killing it which Lorath decides to butcher and roast in a pot. The party contiues to the uppoermost floor and find another small bedroom and a large number of tiny bats living in an attic space full of junk. The party kills most of them and scares the rest out of the open spaces in the leaky roof before heading back down to check out the neighborhood.
Grim ventures out into the neighborhood in search of several herbs, components for a ritual he wishes to cast. He quickly sees directly across the street a shop sign in leafy green and gold script that reads Correllon's Crown. It is on a stately four story house the uppoer floor of whcih has been converted to a large greenhouse. They go inside to find a short elf female who introduces herself as Fala among an almost junglelike array of growing plants. He says she has all the herbs Grim is looking for as well as an assortment of potions she brews herself.

Potion of animal friendship
125 gp
Potion of climbing
50 gp
Potion of healing, greater
250 gp
Potion of healing
50 gp
Potion of water breathing
250 gp

As Grim is working out his tranactions two others enter the shop. A large, older and fully plated warrior pushes through and begins to ask for some things from Fala. He realizes he is being rude and introduces himself to the party as Alistar Strappingman, champion on kelemvor. He also has with him a much younger human introduced as Sturm, in chainmail carrying a mace. Alistar recognizes the party as adventurers and offers them work. He is on a tight schedule and has been contracted by the overextended City Watch to patrol the City of the Dead for a tenday. Apprently there has been sightings of strange things at night including undead. He will patrol the northern part of the cemetary if the group, Sturm has already accepted this charge and will occumpany them but he needs more men and doesnt have time to get them as there is somethign else pressing he needs to take care of.
The party accepts and aggrees to meet him at the monumnet of warriors at sundown.
It's a clear bright day as they all exit the shop. Eblynn and Lorath decide to spend the afternoon making a trip to the castle ward to ask about acquiring advice from a solicitor regarding incorporating a party and then in the trades ward to ask about around about the ettiquite regarding hiring labor. They learn all they need to know but are met with less than helpful advice from the beaurocrats and businessfolk of the city.
The rest of the group visits two other shops on their street. First, is Steam and Steel, a blacksmith run by a fire genasi named Embric and a water genasi named Avi who seems to have a contentious relationship but are very helpful and agree to repair both Collosuses armor plate as well as his sword for 9g. For two extra gold Embric attached Collosuses sheild to his arm giving him full armor again but making him unable to put it down.
The party also visits a carpentry shopcalled The Bent Nail, operated by a half-elf named Tally who offers to give them an estimate on repairing their property (even though he laughs at the prospect initially) he assues them he will give them the best quality work at the cheapest prices and would enjoy working on such a large project so close to him own place.
The group all meet back at the manor and discuss how they may want to draw up a contract regarding their group and handle ownership of the property. Sturm takes this opportunity to take a step outside and a facny coach pulling up to a nearby building catches his eye. He sees a very elegantly dressed lady leave the coach and enter a door with an orange and black feline eye sign hanging on it. He loiters aroudn and inspects the entrance and is chided by the driver to move along which he ignores.
The sun is sinking lower in the sky as the group heads out to the their nightly task. Sturm leads them down a relativly short walk through the many nice houses of the north ward along the large stone walls of the City of the Dead. The enter one of the more southerly weeping gates and notice the carved stone faces which apear to have tears streaming down their faces.
The go in along the gravel paths and past the manicured lawn as many people and even families who may have been picnicing or strolling in the parklike cemetary filter out. They spend some time adminring the large monument to the heors of the city and featuring the many vanquished threats before Alistar appears and gives them their charge – to patrol the area south of the monument and be on the lookout for anyhting unusual, especially undead and to run if their situation becomes untenable. He also offers some advice not to enter any tomb or mausoleum as many of the noble familes have crypts which actualy enter into extra-dimensional space ot bury their dead. He also tells them to be on the lookout for a groundskeeper and to try to locate the House of Headstones which is a temple to Jergel (the god of gravediggers) and gives a pin with the symbol of a rose to Sturm to show to anyone manning it to identify themselves as watchmen.
The party starts south on a gravel bast chalky ancient tombs, crypts and mausoleums as well as stands of trees and a variety of garden spaces. Both Lorath and Grim send their fowl familars high into the air just as the last light wanes in time to see thousands of ravens fly over the cemetary. The birds circle the City of the Dead for a few moments leaving droppings before dispersing to the east.
The party eventually find themselves on a wooded path and are confronted with a numble of crumbling unarmed skeletons as well as two zombie which lurch from out the woods. They dispatch them and in doing so see that there is a structure of some sort in a clearing ahead. A light shines from a post in front of it.

you each gain 300 xp, Sturm also gains inspiration for exceptional roleplaying.  Lorath, you open the tome and inspect the table of contents. It looks to have about 30 scholarly chapters on rituals. Most of the pages are destroyed or otherwise stuck together. The first potentially salvageable complete information you come across is for Ceremony 1st-level abjuration (ritual) Usable by Cleric. You can attempt to salvage this spell by removing the flakes of other pages stuck to it but in doing so you may damage other spells in the book by handling it. You feel like you can probably only get three rituals from this tome if you are very gentle.

Trollskull Alley
new map of TrollSkuill alley with the places you found
1 is your place
2 is the bent nail
3 steam and steel
4 correlons crown
5 orange and black feline eye sign
6 the book wyrm
7 a sewer entrance
Trollskull Manor
new map to your house containing how each room is furnished, you dont have to use the rooms as what this says


RP Search Party