2nd of Marpenoth, Waterdeep harbor - 3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

2nd of Marpenoth, Waterdeep harbor - 3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

Loverly Larry gladly drops the group off back off at the shabby little dock wear he ties up the Lusty Lobster. He tells them if they ever need him again he will be right htere to take them on any sea voyage no matter how near or far.
The storm clouds roll off to the east and a the wind that follows makes for a warm and clear afternoon as the rainwater collected in the streets begins to dry and create some mist.
The group decides to visit a tavern or bathhouse in the dock district to freshen up after their day in the rainstorm and their trip to the bottom of the bay. They choose to visit the Moonpenguin on Candle Lane where they stayed once before at the direction of Rennear hoping to perhaps see him as they know it is one of his safehouses.
The group enter to see a full tavern with lots of rowdy but good spirited sailers and roustabouts from the various cargo ships filling the bay bringing in goods and supplies for hte upcoming winter.
As they enter the tabaxi barmaid, known as Birdy, approaches Eblynn in confidence and tells him taht Rennear is upstairs and keeping a low profile. She asks them to make themselves confortable, everything will be on his tab but to please visit him upstairs at their convenience.
Shelldon goes upstairs to have a hot bath drawn as Grim and Collosus join a dice game of Chimera's chance with a gnarly human male in a worn leather skull cap, a toothless halfling and a fit and barely dressed barbarian. They play several rounds with increasing amounts of gold exchanging hands. Colossus in particular wins a large pot and buys the whole table a round of the finest ale. Birdy at seeing the barbarian's annoyance wuickly brings some rich seafood stew heavy with exotic spices to calm them down.
As Shelldon enjoys his bath he hears a knock on the door and Rennear enters and asks the attendant to fetch any others in the party who arent busy. Eblynn and Lorath return.
Rennear asks about the welfare of the group and is very relevied to learn they are all right. He's heard about the firebal event and has reached out with his contacts in the Harpers for information.
He levels with the party and tells them that he is truly sorry to hear that they may be implicated in something likely becuase of their association with him.
He tells them this...
“When the Lords of Waterdeep ousted my father, I thought his long, dark shadow was finally gone for good. The truth is, I want nothing to do with him. But his spies hound me. One of them, a gnome named Dalakhar, had been watching me for months. Then, about two tendays ago, the spy was suddenly nowhere to be seen. My father didn’t trust many people, but he trusted that gnome.
I spoke to a few of Dalakhar’s friends. Apparently, he was on a special mission to retrieve an object called the Stone of Golorr and was afraid that the Zhentarim and the Xanathar Guild were close to catching him. When he heard about my kidnapping, he wanted more information about the adventurers who had rescued me. I think Dalakhar was planning to pay you to deliver the Stone of Golorr to my father in Neverwinter.”
He reminds the party that his father had been ousted as the open lord in disgrace and there had long been rumors about a large, extremely large, cache of gold which his father had embezzled but no one ever found it. Apparently, according to the rumors he's discovered through his contacts, This “Stone of Golorr” is somehow the key to unlocking it's location. The dead gnome at the fireball event had been identified positively as Dalakhar.
Neither Lorath using his knowledge of the arcane nor Shelldon using his knowledge of religion has any memory of hearing about this object but the group seems to believe him or at least believe that he believes what he is telling them.
They tell him that they are meeintg with Zardoz Zord the master of the Seamaiden's Faire for dinner and Rennear advises caution. He says Zardoz is a bit of a mysterious figure though very openly friendly and flashy and his faire is generally regarded as a joyous and delightlful event in the places along the coast which it visits.
He advises them to trust no one until this has all been resolved. He doesnt know what the next move is but he knows at least the black network as well as Xanathar's guild has been searching for this Stone and likely others as word has spread. It is likely the singular reason for all the gang violence and mysterious events lately which has so recently literally exploded on their doorstep.
They go back to the tavern proper and enjoy their afternoon gambling and resting.
Nearer sundown they head out to the place where the two ships of the faire are docked. The manifests posted refer to them as the Hellraiser and the Heartbreaker. As they approach they see many colorful and festive things being unloaded and assembled as well as a number of exotic animal, performers, acrobats, musicians etc all congregating I nthe area.
They are approached by a nervous but studious human male with a clipboard who asks them to clear off unless they have business because the faire is not open yet. They tell them they have dinner plans with Zardoz and the mans mood changes, he says they were expecting them and welcomes them to a large nicely maintained and painted-blue dingy (much nicer than the Lusty Lobster). They board and a muscular half-orc begins to row them out to the boat anchored I nthe bay.
Eblynn stikes upa converstaion with the half-orc and learns that he very much enjoys working for the Seamaiden's faire and that he was in fact rescued by it when the ship he was on with his family went down south not far from Baldur's Gate I nthe Sea of Swords. He has the highest praise for Zardoz Zord.
The boat arrives at the ship and a jacob's ladder is thrown down as the half-orc calls out.
The group climbs up and is met the crew. All well built and nicely dressed men. They had seen some crew such as this on the other ships back at the dock but his ship in particular seems to be crewed exclusivly with these seemingly higher-ranking members.
They meet one such person who introduces himself as the captain Tarwind Arryhook and asks them to follow him. He seems friendly and patient when Shelldon asks if they can have a look around. He doesnt grant this requests but allow them to have a moment to themselves to discuss matters before they head below deck.
The dining cabin is bedecked with golden filigree, the purple curtains festooned with silken tassels, the wood paneling scented with perfume. A magnificent feast laid out on golden platters sprawls atop a mahogany table of exquisite craftsmanship. Even the doilies are something to behold. Standing behind it all with wine glass in hand is a well-built, scantily clad man, his scarlet apparel designed to accentuate his trim figure and bountiful chest hair. A flashy rapier hangs from his stylish belt.
“Welcome aboard the Eyecatcher,” he says, flashing his pearly white teeth. “I'm so glad you could make it!”
The group partakes of a sumptuous feast highlighted by a large fully intact octopus which has apprently been fried and well-seasoned in addition to being artfully arranged as a centerpiece. They are attended by a Nimblewright identical to the one they saw driving his coach. He asks them about their search and if it was sucessful and they tell him it was not. Upon learning that Colossus likes gambling he calls for the captain of the vessel, Tarwind, whom Zardoz describes as a world-class gambler and gambling aficionado who has played all manner of games of chance up and down the sword coast.
Tarwind is happy to join them and askes innocently to begin with 500g hands of Dragon's Flight, Colossus prefers 5g per hand and Zardoz nods to Tarwind clearly indicating he should accomadate the guests.
During their disucssions, Eblynn detects a hint of an elvish accent in their voices.
They begin to play a game of Dragon's Flight of increasing wagers and speaking about recent events, their backgrounds and such. During this time the group tells him they are adventurues and that they are opening a tavern in Trollskull alley. Zardoz is curious about Colossus and offers him a job travelling in the Seamaiden's faire which colossus says he will consider.
The party learns the following from Zardoz...
The Sea Maidens Faire, owned and operated by Zord, is a seafaring carnival based in Luskan that travels along the Sword Coast. It provides good, wholesome entertainment in the form of fantastic street parades.
The Heartbreaker and the Hellraiser are used to transport entertainers, wagons, and parade floats. The Eyecatcheris Zord’s command ship and private yacht. All three ships are built for comfort and speed.
Zord visits the distant island of Lantan about once a year. During his last visit, he purchased four nimblewrights from a Lantanese wizard. He keeps two aboard his flagship, and one aboard each of the other two vessels.
When they’re not marching in a parade, Zord’s nimblewrights remain aboard his ships. “They’re perfectly harmless,” he attests, whereupon a nimblewright holding a decanter enters the dining cabin and quietly refills everyone’s wine glasses. As they gambling and corousing is going on Grim sends his owl familiar underwater to investigate. He finds a large – ray-shaped submersible attached to the ship. The interior is unlit but the owl can see via his darkvision inside the large, eye-like windows near the front that a rock gnome is tinkering with something in what may be a control panel of some sort.
Just as Grim is dismissing his familiar the last thing he sees is what appears to be a grey-skinned and white-hair Drow descend the stairs into the front of the submarine.
Everyone enjoys themselves tremendously and around midnight Zardoz says he must go to bed as he is expected to be the grand marshal in tomorrows day of wonders parade.
He excuses himself and Tarwind leaeds the group back up on deck and to the waiting dingy and the half-orc rower. Eblynn notices the deck is much more active not in the middle of the night as it was even when they arrived just before sunset.
The party board the little boat and is rowed across the now glassy still waters of the harbor with the waning moons reflection lighting their way.
As they reach the docks they see many floats and colorful tents have been erected as well as a host of activity as people continue to contruct and arrage things. The nervous man with the clipboard sees them and becomes exicted. He asks for their help. In the confusion of unloading one of their animals escaped. He pleads with them to help him as most everyone is already busy with other matters. He says time is of the esscence since if the city guard find the creature first they will likley kill it and questions will be asked which he doesnt want to deal with. He offers them 250g or a potion of water breathing. The animal is a bear, a white arctic or 'polar' bear to be precise. The group agrees and Turk picks of the trail and tracks it through the dock ward mostly from the garbage it has been picking through and eating. It apprently spent most of it's time breaking open barrels of chum and fish heads and gorging itself.
Within an hour the gang find it at the end of an ally again rooting through garbage.
Lorath sucessfully casts sleep on it and Grim is able to tie it up and Colossus is able to psuh it's large form into a nearby cart. It wakes but is so groggy and exhausted from it's feasting and exploring that it puts up little resistence and the party returns it to the very thankful faire supervisor who gladly pays them the 250g.
They decide to head back to Trollskull alley but this time take the high road, the major thouroughfare that borders the southern and trade wards to the east and the dock and castle wards to the west in the hopes of finding something with their device.
Lorath uses it occasionally and while they are near a sidestreet coffinmarch near the city of the dead they get a very feint reading. They circle back and head norht on spindle street and then back towars the trade district but they eventually lost the signal, likely indicating that it was moving.
They arrive back at their place around 1:30 am and find most of the upper floors belonging to the manor finished. Inside they find the strucutre seemingly completely finished with new and nicely sanded and detailed wood accets, sturdy and well balanced doors and the specific furniture they mentioned already in place. It appears to be missing a lot of other more ocmmon furniture though.
Eblynn and Lorath head down into the tavern which they find well-cleaned but still in disrepair and their entry awakens Thaco who is pleased to see them an full of energy and ready to discuss the tavern even at this late hour. He is pleased to report he inventoried the cellar and found three casks of wine turned to vinegar but also found
a bottle of fine dragon's breath brandy
a bottle of elverquist fruity elf liquer with bright fruit similar to sangria
3 bottles of potent seawine aromatic similar to gin
and an unusual and very old cask covered in moss, the only words he could make out were gnomish reading Ahghairon's Manycherries, manycherries win being very popular in Waterdeep and to Thaco's nose it seems to still be viable but he did not tap it.
They discuss some options for the bar, food and drink and Lorath gives him some gold to help stock it. They also grant him the authority to make descisions about the repairs. He says he will go about hiring some staff, at least two barmaid and a servant and make some sample menus for them. He will handle the guild licenses in the morning.
As Grim enters his room he find an individual sitting on a newly built chair near the window. The light of a pipe lights up a face he recognizes and the voice of Davil Starsong, the Zhentarim agent he met the day before in the Yawning Portal greets him.
Davil says that something had happened in the nearby villa of a noble family, the Gralhunds, to the east of the manor which he describes as a 'bloodbath' and he expects a brutal and unwarranted crackdown on known agents of the black netowrk. He needs help though and may need more in the future from someone like Grim who has no known affiliation with the organization. He offers Grim entry into his gang, the Doom Raiders, a faction within the black network which hopes to end this violence and go back to more profitable endevours like money lending and security.
He says that “There’s a shop in the Trades Ward called Weirdbottle’s Concoctions. The gnome who runs it is a friend of ours named Skeemo. He’s made some... less-than-legal potions or a client. Pick up the potions and deliver them to the God Catcher, one of the enormous statues in the Castle Ward. Give the potions to the lady in a black coach with the purple sash draped outside. She's already paid for them and just needs someone to take them to her so keep any tip for yourself.”
Grim agrees and Davil says not to seek him out but he will likely be in contact soon as there will likely be others opportunities soon as he snuffs out his pipe and exits by the nearby window into the warm wind of the clear autumn night.

You each gain 400 exp, 250g as a party from the polar bear capture, any gold you won at gambling, the bottles of booze have been added to the inventory of the tavern (it's still a character in the campaign on dnd beyond with an inventory) 1 downtime

the dock ward in fall
The dock ward in fall
The harbor
The harbor


2nd of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

2nd of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

As the gang exit the temple of Gond they find the day has turn to a heavy thunderstorm. Strong wind whips through the street as some of the acolyte and volunteers rush to get certain parade creations indoors. The gang decides to hire a coach and find an enclosed and large but overly luxurious find nearby. The coachman charges them 1g to take them to the docks. Lorath activates the nimblewright device as the groups gets inside except for Colossus who rides on top. The coachman follows a direct route from the temple of Gond to the docks. He takes Flint Street to Delzorin and then over to the main norht/south thourhgfare of this part of town, Mendever Street. The before the coach has gone too far south on Mendever the device begins to whir and rotate, slowly at first but then increasing. Eblynn calls fo rthe coachman to halt and he and Turk leap out. Eblynn sees though the rain as lightening breaks overhead that the driver of a coach passing them appears to be primarily metallic.
Eblynn rushes to catch the coach and is sucessfull at getting the drivers attentions who slows and bangs on the roof of the coach. A compartment slides open revealing a large, floppy and wet black felt hat. Eblynn speaks to the individual who is a human male with a neatly trimmed black beard and a radiant white smile. He introduces himself as Zardoz Zord, the proprietor of The Seamaiden's Faire, on his way to the temple of gond to make arrangements to participate in the Day of Wonders festivities.
Eblynn shares their current taks, to search for a potentially dangerous construct and they speak about Niblewrights and finds out that Zord purchased several a couple years back at a stop on the isle of Lantan. He keeps them primarily as curiosities and to perform menial tasks. He says his nimblewrights do not possess the sort of independant thinking that would ever make them a danger.
Zord is intrigued and invites them to join him for dinner this very night on the Eyecatcher, his flagship, in the harbor. They accept and continue heading to the docks.
They pass several landmarks, a few colossal statues and the market proper on their way south eventually taking Bazaar sstreet around the market to south on the Warriors way over to Waterdeep way then south again on Snail Street all without a blip on the device. As they pass the Yawning portal they ask the coachman to stop for a bit before they continue.
The party enters the Yawning Portal to see a medium crowd for this time of day and the weather. As most of the party approaches the bar and Durnan cleaning a glass they are met by a druk Floon who says he is happy to see them considering the rumor that an explosion happened outside their property. He also says that Rennear is looking for them and set at that morning to Trollskull to speak to them. He was appreantly very concenred with the inicident.
Turk decides to hang back and survey the room and is approached by Yagra, the half-orc female whom they helped in the tavern brawl a couple weeks ago. She seems annoyed that he hadnt been in yet, especially since she said he'd been sent a message. She indicates they are supposed to meet a person named Davil and directs Turk to a small area to the side of the bar that is a little more private for a potential job. She also mentions Grim by name.
Turk grabs Grom and they head to the area to see a smartly dressed sun-elf with long golden hair lounging with his boots up on a table pouring over some ledgers. He greets them warmly though he gets right down to business.
He understand they've made quite a stir recently with their actions. Through converstation they learn he represents a certain faction within the black netowrk (Zentarhim) who may wish to offer them paying jobs and maybe more. He tells them that his group has gotten a bad rap by most accounts but really they ar ethere to help people, they just choose to make money while doing it. The offer protection, mercenaries and more to the highest bidder but they hope to end the destructive and unprofitable conflict with Xanathar's guild which he admits was started by another faction within the Black Network.
Grim says he is intereested by Turk remains unconvinced. Davil tells Grim he will send information about the job soon, via a note delivered by a winged snake. and bids them adieu.
Eblynn converes with Durnan who says he knows little about the incident other than the rumors he's heard, nothing avbout a mechanical man. When pressed Durnan urges the group to seek the Watchful Order if they have any questions about crimes of a magical nature as they are generally very thorough.
The group leaves the tavern and takes Snail Street to Fish Street ot Ship street where the coachman drops them all. All without a blip on the device.
The group disboards amid a flurry of activity, unloading and loading of ships and cargo onto caravans and into warehouses. This is the busiest time of year for the port as the region prepares to the harsh winter.
Lorath hails a dwarf who is rolling a barrel and they begin to talk about the dragon in the bay. The person says he knows of it and that it's been seen in an area in which a ship sunk some years previous and will take them there for a nominal fee. They agree and he leads them to a tiny dingy with a bright red lobster masthead which he calls "The Lusty Lobster" and introduces himself as "Loverly Lawrence"
Grim feels nauseus as He rows them out into the deepwater bay, they drink their potions of waterbreathing, Grim casts light on Colossus' sheild and they head overboard into the dark and chilly water.
Colossus sinks faster than the others and arrives at the bottom some 30-40 feet deep along the side of a ortting shell of a frigate. Though the meager light of his sheild he can make out several chests piled up on the prow. They rest of the group arrives as well and before they can do much they are set upon by seven sahuagin's an their pet reef sharks.
A bloddy fight ensues in which Lorath is rendered unconcious. fighting underwater with most larger weapons is difficult but magic is sucessful, particularly the lightening Dragon's breath that Eblynn casts on Grim's owl. Shelldon grappels one sea devil attempting to subdue it but eventually relents and tears it's very head off and then the head of another, as he goes for the third it retreats right into the jaws of a large dark shapes that rushes over shelldon's head. The rest of the sea devils and sharks scatter as Lorath is lifted from the sea floor and restored to concoiusness my the bright shock from the claws of a young bronze dragon who introduces himself as Zelifarn.
Through converstaion they learn he say the lightening spell from across the bay and was hoping it was anotther bronze dragon and that he is building a treasure hoarde from the discarded cargo left in the bay. He keeps this horde in a seacave nearby. He means no harm and does not intend on attacking anyone. He is no friend to the sharks and sahuagin.
He asks them for tribute and the party obliges. He is very happy at this and offers then a nice newly found and unopened chest and indicates a barnacle covered chest on his pile, if they will investigate an unusual vehicle which he's seen recently sttached to the underside of one of the new finley decorateds new ships in the harbor. He describes a red ray shape and has seen humanoids inside, likely gnomes but they wont talk to him. He really just extremely curious and offers the chest for any information.
The group aggrees and he says to just make their way back int othe harbor and use a lightening spell and he will find them.
The party makes their way back to the surface and and picked up with the Lusty Lobster. Loverly Larry begins rowing them back to the shore late in the afternoon as the rain continues to pour down and the chull autumn wind rocks their tiny boat.

you each gain 300 xp, 1 downtime and a dinner invitation

Path through city
Your path through the city
Yagra Stonefist
Yagra Stonefist
Davil Starsong
Davil Starsong
Reef shark
Reef shark
Young bronze dragon
Young bronze dragon


27th of Elient - 1st of Marpenoth, Mount Waterdeep - Trollskull Manor, North Ward Waterdeep

27th of Elient - 1st of Marpenoth, Mount Waterdeep - Trollskull Manor, North Ward Waterdeep

Colossus spends his watch uneventfully except for a few miner critters sounds from behind.
He is the first to rouse on a warm and sunny day, quite warm for this time of year. He partols the area and notices some griffon cavarly leaving the peak heading out for vaious patrols. But one he notces seems to be heading in their direction. As he watches it becomes increasing sure that the griffon and it's rider are heading directly towards the ruins which they camped in the night before. He rouses Shelldon as the beast descends into camp and other begin to wake and take note. The griffon lands clumisly and greats him hastily. He begins to ask something of Collosus but then changes his mind and hand the reigns of the beast to Eblynn standing nearby. He asks him to please hold the reigns firmly and maintain eye contact as he then runs behind some bushes.
Eblynn attempts to calm the beast with Turks helps as the rider identifys himself as Kiri and the griffon as a newly commisioned mount named Fridigbeak. The loud noisses of Kiri evacuating his bowels can be head as he says that there ususally isnt anyone here when he makes his morning stop and this beast may be difficult to manage. It proves too much for Eblynn's animal handling skills and breaks free but is calmed by some food but not before almost taking off Eblynn's finger. The rider returns moment later and Shelldon asks about the monk and the griffon cavarly says that Ole Hlam stays in a few caves and inidicates a general area where they can be found before and thanking the group and taking up his lance and mounting Frigidbeak and warning the group to be careful as gargoyles have been known to roost in these ruins.
They fly away and the group discusses resting at the ruins for another day to hopefully get over some of the exhaustion that came upon them as they'd ascended. They agree and Lorath and Grim in particular take the opportunity to sleep some more.
Turk goes out ranging and sees some magnificent veiws of the ocean, in particular some unusual ships coming into harbor in formation.
urbegins to hunt for somethign to eat but find it difficult to track animals on this rocky and craggy terrain. He does however find a number of ocean birds roosted on the high cliff walls and is able to approach stealthily and take a number of large eggs from their nest. He returns to the group and they eat well as he tells them he also found what he beleives is the best way to approach the area the caves were in.
As the party settles in for another night in the ruins Turk reveals that he is a doppleganger by changing his appearance in front of the group to that of Eblynn. Lorath reacts quickly and begins to cast a spell but Grim is able to calm them down enough to discuss it. Shelldon remains wary but the party is convinced that this creature is the same that they have known as Turk and also agree to set aside any prejudices for the sake of cooperation but also warn that they will remain on gaurd agasint further deception.
The night passes uneventufully and they head out in the morning up and around the seward side of the peak. As they come aroudn the mountain they are afforded a spectacular veiw of the deepwater harbor for which the city is famous. They also notice the ships Turk saw the day before being unloaded of all manner of coloful and strange cargo. What seems to be decorations and colorful fabrics catch their eye even at this small scale among the normal drag colors of the trade cogs and merchant schooners. Both Grim and Turk beleive they heard about something of note happening soon but there are no holidays coming up.
Among a narrow approach, not more that 15 feet across they come upon a giant goat, larger than a horse with its long fur hanging in tattered knots all around it's bulky frame standing in their way. Colossus approaches much to the goats consternation but before he can get too close the Lorath casts an illusion of a bear near the sheer wall on the mountain next to it. It starts for a moment but it's tiny brain quickly goes back to chewing. As Colossus gets closer the goat charges and knocks Colossus down but fortunately into the moutain instead of off the cliff.
Collosus is then able to get back up and a fight with the goat ensues resulting in a killing arrow from Grim. Colossus attempts to grab the dead goat before it falls from the cliff but is unsucessfuly and it drops some 20 feet below and splatters on a boulder.
They continue on a find a cave with smoke coming from it. Inside they find a small and old man wearing little but a clean and well maintain loincloth. He becones them inside and asks if they know any riddles. The party shares several much to his delight before a cast iron tea kettle sitting on the fire begin to whistle. He asks them if they'd like to have tea with him but realizes that he doesnt have his cup. He asks if they will retreive it from a nearby cave which he also and they agree.
Furhter up the mountina and around to the city-side they see a figure standing on a rocky outcropping. As puff of white smoke in front of them dissappates and they see a tall and ragged humanoid wearing tattered robes and a cowl wit hthe horns of a ram on his head. He has a long thin, whispy grey beard and holds a long knotted staff.
He greets Eblynn by name and introduces himself as someone known to some as... Mit.
They asks if he knows where Hlam's cup can be found and he says he does and he can leadthem there but Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!
The party ingores his warning and follow him to another cave nearby which is indeed strewn with bones. AS they survey a small white bunny hops from out the scenic solitude.
Mit indicates "That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!"
Eblynn uses mage hand to take a cabbage out to it but just as it crosses the theshold of the bones the rabbit leaps into the air and strikes at the cabbage shredding it midair.
A fight ensues in which Shelldon narrowly excapes decapitation from adeptly blocking the rabbit using his training regarding missle defense.
Turk snares the rabbit in vines but it breaks free. Lorath attempts to put it to sleep but fails and Turk's courage fails him and he becomes frightened. Eventually a chromtic orb from one of Eblynn's inventions makes it explod into a small puff of pink stained fluff and green acid.
As the battle ensued the one known as Mit disappeared and the party enteres the cave to find a long cold camp fire and a small wooden tankard with a stern face carved in the side.
They return the cup to Hlam who thanks them. They ask if he knows Mit but he says he does not. Tehy drink some of the 'tea' but find out it's merely warm water. Hlam takes an interest in Eblynn's cup and asks to trade which is obliged. Shelldon and lorath then aslo ask to trade cups with Hlam who obliges them each in turn only with the cup he just received. Eblynn asks him again about any message he can provide to the Blackstaff about any immenent threats to the city to which he replies "Evil’s twin hides its face for now. Expect that to change before winter’s end.”
The group asks to spend the night in the cave and Hlam says that is fine but he will go sleep in another cave as he doesnt like snoring. He leaves and Lorath casts alarm on the cave and both Colossus and Grim's owl maintain watch. Eblynn spends some time considering the mug and with Lorath's help realizes that it's a Tankard of Sobriety. Through some The night passes uneventfully except for the appears of a small white rabbit brefily outside the cave noticed by the owl.
In the morning the groups heads down the mountain on a partially cloudy and mildly windy day. The going is much easier and the group soon finds themself on the road along the rise and passing by the large collosal Dreaming Maiden statue. They take the winding path down behind Blackstaff tower. They stop at the door and are greeted by a disembied voice who says the Blackstaff is indisposed at the moment but if it's nothing urgent she will contact one of the group by sending spell to hear their report. He asks them not to make any extra-planar or interdimesional travel until she has and thanks them for their service.
As they arrive back at their manor to see that all of the rotten or broken wood has been removed. The manot actually looks worse than it did last time with large holes in many of the walls. They see two surly dwarves carring lumber up to the manor steps and they find a garishly-dressed human man louging on their porch of the tavern. He introduces himself as Thaco Vidzago, the worl'ds greatest swordman but he is not here for that reason. He has a proposition and asks if he can come inside and speak to them about it.
And he enteres a chair is pulled out for him to sit on by some unseen hand.
He seems earnest and forthright but very sure of himself. Says he worked as a barback for Durnan himself at the yawning portal and more recently he has been a bartender at a place called the Skewered Fish down at the dock ward. He's been a sailor and adventurere but his lifelong dream is to be the proprietor of a taven. He says he'd hoped to buy this very place but hadnt saved up enough but when he heard there was construction going on their he had to go check it out.
He offers 100 gold, likely enough to buy supplies and hire staff for the for couple of weeks and his service as a bartender and doorman for an equal stake in the profits and pitfalls of the business. He has no interest in the property, only the business but would like to be able to sleep in a hammock in the pantry if allowed.
He goes outside to smoke as pipe as the group talks to over and eventually agrees. As they begin to shake hands and make plans another knock is heard on the door. It is Victus and Ophemar from the House of Headstones. They say they just wanted to stop by and thank them for their mercy and aid in the events of the City of the Dead. Victus says as the cloud of influence was lifted from him he wanted to give them the rubies he had been compelled to collect from the dead he raised but learned they were already given them.
The group decides to celebrate and open the bottle of amber honey liquer Tej which Grim had found in the cellar when they first explored the tavern. They all spend a nice couple hours drinking and talking around the hearht before Thaco says he must leave to get some things in order and that he will return the next day. Ophemar asks if they ever followed up on the information about the possible former tavern owners and Eblynns says they havnt but that he wants to. Ophemar says he and Victus have been cleared to return to work soon so one of them can awlays be found at night at the House of Headstones in the City of the dead.
The last of their guests leave and eblynns brings in some dirt from outside and speads it on the table and asks some questions of the spirit inside. The spirit appears to respond by writing in the dirt and they learn his name is Lif. He wants them to open the bar and that would make him happy. He can be good or bad at times. He didnt live there but he worked in the bar and that there are no other prescences in the tavern. Lif appears to open doors for them as they leave like a valet.
The group goes up to their manor to find the dwarves hammering in the last of the floor planks. The rooms are clean and everything old and broken has been removed but there are still huge holes in hte walls and a cool night breeze blows through the whole building.
They sleep in and around 9am the next morning they are all awoken to a huge explosive and quick loud crackling sound just outside.

650xp each, you gained a Tankard of Sobriety and 100g and a new business partner and 5 downtime

Griffon Cavalry
Griffon Cavalry
Giant Ass Goat
Giant Ass Goat
Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
Hlam, in formal attire
Mit the Enchanter
Mit the Enchanter
Thaco Vidzago
Thaco Vidzago
1st of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

1st of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

The gang awakes to screams and black smokes passing through the open gaps in their walls. Colossus, already awake, is the first to react and he heads out of his study to see black smoke coming in from the side of Saerdoun Street the large street that passes the manor on the north side of the building with the entrance.
Turk runs to his attic window and throws open the shutters to see a scene of chaos below. Charred bodies, panic and injured people fleeing the scene. He scales down the side of the building.
Eblynn wakes to the commotion only to find a note, written on a magical paper bird on his chest. He takes a moment to read it and learns it's from the Blackstaff appologizing for her inability to contact him the night before about their visit to the monk. She asks them to visit her at their leisure.
Lorath stands up in his study to survey the scene from the open wall on the side of his study. He climbs out onto the awning and drops the the stree below.
Grim sends his owl familar up through the smoke to veiw the scene from above.
Shelldon goes through his bathroom and out onto the limb of the large tree.
They investigate the scene and see 12 dead bodies in a large charred area. No building or property is on fire but small flames are still seen around dying out.
The dead are..
-One elderly female human who was out for a walk (no one recognizes her)
-Two cloaked male humans clad in leather armor with sheathed longswords. One has a Zhentarium winged snake tatoo visible where a sleeve has burned away
-Two female humans and one male half-elf dressed in plain clothes with spilled goods nearby (perhaps servants of wealthy North Ward families, killed while running errands)
-One male gnome wearing a burned cloak and clutching a naked dagger. Lorath discoveres his boots are covered in muck much like that found in the sewers. Lorath also snatches a bag from his belt that he finds to contain five 100g gems.
-Two female halflings who were playing a flute and a fiddle, and two male halflings who were dancing
Eblynn, Turk, Colossus and Lorath speak to a finely dressed novble woman near the entrance to their home. She says she was leaving The Tiger's Eye, and begins to say something about the private inestigator before trailing off and then saying that she saw something “I tell you, it was not a man. More like a puppet shaped like a man. A puppet without strings. It was on the rooftop. It hurled something into the crowd below that caused the explosion. I saw those halflings burned alive! I saw them!”
Lorath's eyes meet Fala the proprietor of Correlon's Crown, the nearby herbalist. She says I was making a delivery of a plant and the blast knocked it from my very hans. Lucky I wasn’t injured! Through the smoke, I saw a cloaked man take something from the body of a dead gnome, then start limping away. He was badly burned and casting glances over his shoulder, like he was afraid someone might be following him. He was headed east on Saerdoun street, toward the Bent Nail.”
Turk follows as Shelldon heads across the street to the building the noble woman indicated. Shelldon begins to climb a rainbarrel to reach a shuttered window on the second floor on his way to the roof but an adolecent halfling boy emerges from it. When questioned he says "Right after the explosion, I ducked behind a rain barrel. Then I heard a ‘plop’ and found this in the barrel.” And he shows Shelldon a necklace with three large, bright beads with red swirling light inside.
Turk demands the necklace from the lad but he says "No, i found it! it's mine!"
Turk then snatches it from the lads hands who begins to scream drawing much attention from the gathering crowd. Shelldon gives the lad a gold and calms him down. He's very thankful and says that it almost makes up for watching his friends burn to death. Turk also gives the lad a gold piece as the town watch begins to come down the street and a griffon cavalry begins to circle overhead.
The gang heads back to the tavern and go inside. Lorath hides the bag of gems and the necklace behind an old bottle in the cellar.
Some time passes as the group agues about what to do next. Before long a town watch arrives at their door. Turk hides in the cellar as the group answers a few questions about the event. He particularly asks about the party taking something from a child amidst the crime scene but the group feigns ignorance. The watch asks them to step outside and await an investigator with the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors. the group obliges except for Turk who remains hidden in the cellar.
Several dwarven laborers show up with wood and tools but put them down and tell the group that by guild regulations they are not allowed to work under such conditions and that they will return later in the day.
Soon enough a tall, gaunt sergeant with moustache and short goatee from the town watch and a plump, spectacled man in a purble robe with a thick boond bear and leaning on a wooden cane show up. They introduce themselves as Saeth Cromley and Baribus Blastwind from the town watch and Watchful Order respectivly.
They begin to ask questions about the event and are skeptical of the less than honest answers the group provides. Central among this is the removal of some potential evidence and an incident with a youth that many other people nearby witenessed.
They ask if anyone else is in the house and about their employment and general livelihood. The group is honest for hte most part about this but deny that Turk or anyone else is inside. When pressed eventually Turk emerges but in the guise of an elderly Drow named Eberron. He has trouble answering their questions and Lorath attempts to convince them that he is senile.
They eventually leave but tell the group they are looking for an individual of Turks description and remind the group of the consequences of withholding information. They are also looking for an item that may have relevence to their investigation.
They leave but not before telling the group they would return to search the entire property thourhgly.
The group debates mor ethe next course of action and come up with a plan.
Lorath goes around the building and is seen by town watch but is able to deposit the necklace in a plausibly open area the floor above. During this time Eblynn is contacted via a sending spell by the blackstaff who asks about the situation and offers aid.
The investigators return a while later and say that the group must have powerful friends. The group tells them of their recent help at the incident at the City of the Dead. They offer a plausible explantion of the necklace Lorath purports to have found that someone may have carelessly tossed into their manor through the open walls. The sergeant motions to a gaurd who leaves and returns a while later as the group continues to be interrogated. The watchman nods and the investigators seem satisfied but skeptical. The warn the group not to the leave the city by any means magical or conventional until this is concluded.
Eblynn takes this opportunity to visit the nearby Tiger's Eye Private investigator. He offers to exchange information with the person inside and is greeted by a man in a tweed suit with bushy grey sideburns and a deerstaker hat. They convene in a nice study office. The person introduces himself as Vincent Trench a private investigator. They share their observations which allign and agree to share more information as it becomes available. He offers his service for hire, 50g for simple information or 500g for a more elaborate one. But he adds that he is in the business of information and as such sharing and trading information is always welcome. He also remarks offhandedly about a recent visit from a person matching Turks appearance who attempted to say he was there for a false metting with a name that doesnt belong to anyone currently in the City.
The group, minus Turk, then decide to visit the Blackstaff at her namesake tower. They are greeted by the voice at the door and enter to see an entirely different floorplan that the last time they were there. Students of magic still mill about but they follow the yellow line as directed to a study filled with maps and globes of worlds and relams they do not recognize.
As they wait they come up wit ha plan to tell her mostly the truth and include the part about Turk taking the necklace from the boy. Instead of hiding and lying about it though they tell her that Turk became scared and threw the necklace into an opening on the second floor, where Lorath stashed it.
She says that she understands Turk's predicament. She says that someone of Turks particularly unique background is bound to feel frightened and may act erradically when confronted but that such actions can do much more harm than they help. She says she sees tremndou potential in him but asks them to help him make better choices as she may not always be able to help them and that his behavior has the potential for dire consequences if left unchecked.
She says that Hlam has genrally good things to say about their visit to him. Both about their patience, resourcefulness and their prowess at defeating one of his rabbits.
As they talk to the Blackstaff, Thaco returns to the tavern. He calls out but Turk remains hidden in the cellar as Thaco can be heard cleaning up above.
The group relays Hlam's message and are told lthat upon his recommendation she is offereing them membership in the Grey Hands. An exclusive private security force charged with the defense of the City of Waterdeep from all manner of threats. Eblynn, Lorath, Colossus and Shelldon accept. Grim prefers to consider his options longer.
She asks them anoth favor and they accept. She says "A young bronze dragon has taken up residence in Deepwater Harbor. It startled a few sailors recently but hasn’t hurt anyone. Confront the dragon and learn its intentions.” And gives them each a potion of waterbreathing and an extra for Turk if he will help.
They accept and leave the tower to go home. The partly cloudy day begins to wane as they rest back at their manner. They find Thaco in their tavern and they discuss the events of the day. Upon hearing that a mechaical man was seen Thaco speaks about the Seamaiden's faire if in town and that he say mechanical men such as this when he visited the faire some years ago in a far away city down in dusty Calimshan.
They also discuss some options for the business. Thaco is full of ideas and hopes to be able to make a full presentation soon. He describes the sorts of improvements they can make and how certain things may affect the bottom line.
Their long rest takes an additional two hours as the dwarves work through the night lcosing up the hoels in the house with new sturdy wood.
The party awakes a little late to debate about where to look next for a lead on the mechanical man. They decide on the temple of Gond in the Sea Ward and head out to their. As they approch they are reminded by all the activity that the Day of Wonders, a local festival of the mechanical creations of Gond is only one day away. thye see all manner of mechisms and decorations like a wooden flying device and a clockwork giraffe as they approach the unusual temple of Inspired Hands.
Above the large Cog on the flattened dome of the building they see a figure hold out his hand and something fly from it. To most it simply looks like a small bird but Shelldon is able to catch a glint of metal indicating it may be a construct of some sort.
As it begins to fly straight towards the the party readies actions. Eblynn attempts to get it's attentions but as it gets into range Shelldon deftly throws his boomerang and destroys it and it explodes into hundreds of tiny springs and gears shower down into the street. Much to the dismay of the inventors and larborers of the temple readying their presentations for the Day of Wonders.
The group continues inside into the Hall of Exemplary Inventions in which are displayed dozens of magnificent and wird inventions such as
A functional “waking helmet” equipped with small, articulated metal arms and hands that gently slap the wearer if he or she falls asleep.
A miniature model of a red submarine shaped like a manta ray has a brass plate affixed to its pedestal that reads, “The Scarlet Marpenoth. Lantanese submersible. Launched in 1489 DR.”
They are met with a Dragonborn female acolyte of Gond who introduces her self as Valetta. She listens to their story and is very concerned. She says she had always been visited by investogaotrs form the Town Watch and the Watchful Order who questioned them about the incident in the North Ward. Upon hearing about the bird and the figure on the roof though she becomes very concerned though and takes them with her up a spiral staircase into the upper parts of the temple. On the way up she tells them about a being called "Nim" an animated but potentially sentient being much like Colossus taht was a gift from a wizard from Lantan. Nim has been warned nto to make any other creations and has been confined to a room in the attic. She says the investigators spoke to him as well but didnt learn much.
She reaches his door and tries it only to find it locked from the inside. She tries to convince Nim to open it but to no avail. Grom tries to pick it but fails. Turk tries but the pick breaks off in the lock. Colossus, at shelldon's behest ebgins to attempt to break it down but it stopped by Valetta. Eblynn is however sucessful at convincing Nim to unlock the door with Lorath's aid.
Inside they find a thing meek brass humanoid cowering behind a table. They tryto epak to him but Valetta says while he can understand ocmmon he cannot speak it but converes with him using a type of sign language. Nim admits (through gesturing to Valetta) that it built the other nimblewright to ease its loneliness. But then Nim’s creation fled in confused terror a month ago, and Nim hasn’t seen it since. In light of this revelation, Valetta angrily tells Nim they will be taking all his tools and supplies away.
Through Valetta, Nim offers the group a device of him invention. It's a detector of nimblewrights, a 1-foot-long copper contraption with an umbrella-like metallic protrusion at one end. Nim tells Valetta that it built this device to find the errant nimblewright and tried to seek it out, only to discover that Nim couldn’t leave the temple grounds. He explains, To activate the nimblewright detector, a character must hold down its trigger. When the activated device comes within 500 feet of a nimblewright other than Nim, the umbrella begins to spin, whir, and click. The spinning, whirring, and clicking accelerates as the distance to the target lessens, reaching maximum velocity and volume when a nimblewright other than Nim is within 30 feet of the device.
Valetta offers the group a solution. She proposes they not lie to the city invesitigators but just not offer the truth just yet. She knows Nim will be destroyed if the current situation is found out. To save him she asks that they find the errant nimblewright. She offers them the device to help and says she can pay them 500g and one of each of the following nonmagical devices...
Adjustable Stilts. The stilts take 1 minute to put on or remove. They increase the height of any humanoid wearing them by 2 to 5 feet. Each stilt weighs 8 pounds and is 1 foot long when fully collapsed.
Backpack Parachute. A humanoid wearing this piece of gear can deploy the parachute as a reaction while falling, or as an action otherwise. The parachute requires at least a 10-foot cube of unoccupied space in which to deploy, and it doesn’t open fast enough to slow a fall of less than 60 feet. If it has sufficient time and space to deploy properly, the parachute allows its wearer to land without taking falling damage. Once it has been used, the parachute takes 10 minutes to repack.
Barking Box. This metal cube, 6 inches on a side, has a crank on top. Using an action to wind the crank activates the box for 8 hours. While activated, the box barks whenever it detects vibrations within 15 feet of it, as long as the box and the source of the vibrations are in contact with the same ground or substance. A switch on one side of the box sets the device to emit either a small dog’s bark or a large dog’s bark.
Matchless Pipe. A switch made of flint is built into the bowl of this fine wooden smoking pipe. With a few flicks of the switch, the pipe lights itself.
The party accepts and intends to head towards the docks, periodically chekcing the device for any sign of activity.

You each gain 500xp, 5 downtime, shelldon, eblynn, colossus and lorath gain 1 reknown and official membership in the gray hands, lorath has a bag of 500g worth of gems, and you get the nimblewright detector

Saeth Cromley and Barnibus Blastwind
Saeth Cromley and Barnibus Blastwind
The nimblewright detector
The nimblewright detector
one example of a nimblewright
One example of a nimblewright
a necklace of fireballs
A necklace of fireballs
Trollskull Alley
Trollskull Alley fireball incident
Red is the location of the blast, brown is the barrel, the dead are all within the red star, T1 is your manner, T5 is the Tiger's Eye, the street on which it occured is Saerdoun st, T2 is the bent nail


26th of Elient, Trollskull Alley, Waterdeep

The gang woke at their squalid manor and set out to individually to run some errands on a very blustery autumn day. Turk chose not to tell anyone about the message he’d received from the winged snake the night before. Some went to the Steam & Steel to purchase or sell armor. Others stopped by Correlon’s Crown to buy some potions. Several then met Tally at the Bent Nail to discuss furniture and the state of their home and the quote they’d received. Through some haggling and negotiation primarily by Eblynn and a well-placed down payment of 1000g and the promise of a future payment of 600, their manor and tavern will be renovated and occupied with high-quality custom furniture. The workers will have access to the location around the clock and expect to finish in approximately a ten-day. Some things that were mentioned were a large stone bathing pool and training dojo in Shelldon’s room, refinishing the hearth in the tavern, a large throne in Collosus’ room and access to the top of the turret from Turk’s attic. The party chose to prioritize the manor portion of the project first and Tally agreed that the cost of the guild and license fees would be included in their payment.

Late morning, they head out across the city to Mount Waterdeep to seek the monk Hlam as they’d promised the Blackstaff. They chose to approach The Rise from the steep winding path just west of the BlackStaff Tower itself. They followed the path on the rise past a few inns and estates which enjoy a commanding few of the sprawling metropolis. They also passed the huge walking statue known as the dreaming lady for it’s appearance of a maiden toppled on her side.

Late in the afternoon when the path known as The Rise switches back and winds down into Fetlock Court they abandon it and head into the wilder part of the plateau and begin to climb the mountain itself. An hour into the climb on the rocks and in the strong gusting sea wind fatigue sets in with Lorath and Grim in particular are nearly overcome with exhaustion. Ahead they see a narrow pass sheltered on both sides by high canyon walls. As they approach they see the ruins of a long abandoned hold. Fallen walls and crumbling stone buildings are set against the walls of the canyon with a vine covered statue standing in a courtyard. As the sun is setting they decide to make camp and rest to continue on in the morning, hopefully well rested. As the survey the area for a place to sleep the find four hideous statures high on a stone awning adjacent to the courtyard. As Eblynn begins to start the fire they hear the sound of stone scraping on stone. They ready actions as two gargoyles descend on them.

Arrows from Grim and Turk defeats the gargoyles but in no small part to Eblynn’s shattering pell casting while they claw and bit fruitlessly at Colossus’ and Shelldon’s armor.

The group then made camp as Colossus stood sentry.

As i said already, 250xp each, including lorath. You paid tally 1000g and entered into a gentlemens agreement to pay him 600g more but nothing was signed. You also bought/sold armor and potions the details of which i cant rmeember (this is why i try to type up the synopsis immediatly after our sessions)


RP Search Party