5th of Marpenoth, Old Tower, Dock Ward, Waterdeep -6th of Marpenoth, Converted Windmill, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

The gang gathers in the ruined mages laboratory on the second floor of the ruined tower in the late afternoon as a strong sea gale begins to blow the misty overcast sky away and fills the boarded up building with the scent of the harbour.
They search the room and Grim finds a spell-tube in a pile of garbage containing two blank paper birds. Lorath also searches and finds what later turns out to be a charred wand of magic missile between two floor boards with the added property (each time a charge is expended, there’s a 50 percent chance that nothing happens and the charge is wasted) They decide to attempt a long rest to recuperate and Lorath casts Tiny hut inside but nothing happens. He alos tries it again as a ritual but without effect. He casts a third spell that doesnt produce any afffect and seems to conclude the tower is under some sort of antimagic field.
The group then decides to leave and visit the not to far away Moonpenguin Inn but not before both Grim and Colossus pick up several of the unusal sword they saw when they entered.
Once outside the swords spring to life and leap from their hands slightly injuring Grim. A fight ensues in the street but the party dispatches them and leaves little left to examine.
The gang heads on further to the Inn and are greeted warmly by Birdy when they enter. Both Eblynn and Shelldon order some spicy seafood stew from the bar as Grim, Turk and Collossus pick up a game of Chimera's Chance with several members of the Town Gaurd who are having a few drink after their shift.
Lorath gets a room and heads up stairs to examine the stone. He casts Tiny Hut in his room and is joined by Eblynn. As he attunes he begins to feels the outside world drift away and sees flashes of alien landscapes and bizarre architecture. He finds his conciousness floating in a void, an abyss, but not a vacuum, for he feels enveloped in something viscous.
Among this abyssal space he is also aware of a presence though he can see nothing he feels sure he is being circled and regarded when he hears a deep booming voice whisper his name and say how disapointed he is in lorath's feeble knowledge.
He introduces himself as Golorr, an aboleth, of a race older than those Lorath may know as gods and for whom knowledge has passed hereditarily since the beginning of time itself. He laments that even sharing a modicum of his vast knowldege would fracture the fragile and feeble mind of a being such as Lorath and send his cackling and screaming into the night clawing at his eyes in exuberant despair.
At this event Lorath gains the ability to cast Legend/Lore once per day and a level three spell (to be detemined later) but also as loses the ability to smell as his nose begins to leak mucus profusely.
Their minds touch and Golorr seems accepting if not enthusiastic at the prospect of the opportunity to travel and share experiences with Lorath to add a speck of knowledge to what he already has hoarded.
Lorath asks about the nature of magic which golorr is reticent to reveal for the already mentioned reasons. Lorath also asks about the Blackstaff and Force Grey but golorr considers such things to be beneath him as they concern knowledge of the current world which could be experienced on his own.
Lorath then turns his attention to the Vault and Golorr shares.
Once countless mortal years ago a race of dwarfs began mining this land and found a rich source of rare and powerful materials underneath what is not the City of Waterdeep. But these dwarves, the Delzoun, were greedy and dug so deep they opened their mines into the udnerdark and encountered the myriad of horrible and impressive things that dwell therein. It is for that reason that they created certain places to store their bounty and warded then with powerful magics so that none but those they welcome could enter. This “vault” is one such place.
The door to which is a sort of combination lock featuring 216 different combinations of various rare and valuable items to be in close proximity to it before it will open. Golorr offers that he has probed Lorath's mind and the most simple combination for him to acquire is 1 an animated consruct, 2 a shapeshifter and 3 a drunken elf.
He offers other examples such as 1 a beholder eyestalk, 2 a bronze dragon scale and 3 a unicorn or 1 an invisible creature, 2 a severed Drow hand and 3 a gift from a queen.
He also says the entrance to this vault can be accessed from the cellar of a converted windmill on the other side of the dock ward.
As Lorath is in his trance, Grim, Turk and Colossus trade winnings with the three soldiers and eventually head upstairs.
Shelldon waits in the room as well when a knock comes at the door. It's Rennear who says that he just heard they were staying in the Inn and wondered if they had come to speak to him. He says he has heard little from his Harper contacts. Shelldon tells him they have learned little else as well and Rennear excuses himself to let his friends rest.
Lorath's mind returns to his physical surroundings and he attempts to relate what he has leanred and wehre they must go but all the while spreading mucus over his wildly flushed face. Shelldon admits he doesnt quite trust what is happening but agrees to go along if for nothing else to help Lorath if the need arrises.
They take a long rest in the hut unevntfully and wake early morning and go in search of an elf. They find a young dishwasher whom they simply start referring to as 'Ed' despite his persistance that is not his name and are able to coerce him with a few pieces of gold and a lot of persuasion to come with them. Birdy becomes aware of this and is reluctant at the sound of the prospects of their plan and the safety of her employee but aggrees on their reputation.
They also pruchase a skin of strong ale and head out into the predawn as the sky begins to redden and clear to moderatly warm day.
They cross the dock ward and arrive at the place Lorath say in his mind. It is a ruined windmill that was converted at some point in it's life into a residence of sorts but is now boarded up and fallen into disrepair. It faces the sea and is on a hill on the edge of the ward proper just as the land begins to elevate up to what becomes mout waterdeep in the ditance. Grim summons his owl who notices that hundreds of pigeons have taken up resisdence in the upper portion of the windmill.
They ascend the 20 stone steps up to a door and Grim deftly picks the lock. Inside Turk sees a few splashes of color on the carpets and walls in an otherwise dusty hallway. They enter as the first light begins to stream through some of the boarded up windows and Colossus follows the hallway and opens a door to reveal an old woman in a ruined ballgown surrounded by large canvasses. She appear to be paiting by candlelight and as she becomes aware of him she shreiks that they assassins will not get her yet and meaningfully touches a canvas on which is shown a pastoral scene in which a large minotaur becomes animated and runs toward the veiwers perspective.
As the creature quickly reaches the frame it leaps from the canvas and into the real world crossing the room in an instant and slamming it's horns into colosuss and knocking him prone.
Turk quickly fires several arrows into the beast and retreat as Grim goes to work on it with his dagger and sword. Colossus gets to his feet and finishes it off but at the same moment the old woman touches another canvans, this time of a darkened stone hallway and a slimy mass of tendrils and hungry mouths sloughs onto the floor.
It moves on the group and they feels the floor become doughy and difficult to move in and they hear the gibbering, incohernet whispers and cackles of the creature which causes several of them to lose themselves to madness and attack each other temporarily. Eblynn casts a shatter spells on the woman and the creature damaging them both and Turk lets loose an arrow which causes the tendril creature ot fall into a mound of goo.
The elf known to them as 'ed' drops his bag of gold and slowly retreats out the door.
Shelldon makes it into the room and destroys one canvas which depicts a manticore flying among the clouds.
The old woman touches another canvans and from this lumbers out a humanoid with an arachnid head who attempts to bite and claw at colossus but he is able to push past it and kill the old woman with several strikes from his longsword. At this point the spider thing disappears as well as the corpses of the other two beasts. One canvas remains in this room, a large painting of a jungle scene at night. On the large branch of a vine covered tree a black panther beast crouches with two long tendrils extending from it's back.

700xp, grim gains two paper birds, Lorath gains a charred wand of magic missle and attunment to the stone of golorr which give him 1 casting of legend/ore per day as well as aWhile attuned to the artifact, you can use an action to cast one 3rd-level spell (Revivify) from it. After you cast the spell, roll a d6. On a roll of 1–5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.and he loses his sense of smell and gets a perpetually running nose

gibbering mouther
Gibbering mouther
Manticore (the canvas shelldon destroyed)
Displacer beast
Displacer beast (the canvas Turk intends to keep)


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