4th of Marpenoth, Xanathar guild hideout, Trades Ward, Waterdeep - Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

The gang reels as seven small humanoid kobolds rush into the room snarling and slavering as their lizard tounges dart in and out of their mouths. A whip crack drives them forward into Grim and Eblynn who stand near the door.
A booming voice from behind them calls "Attack you curs, you'll not have it. It's mine to bring to him and you'll be dead soon!"
Grim color sprays the crowd of Kobolds brandishing swords and spears and axes and four of them claw at their eyes blinded. Shelldon deftly kicks one unconcious and brings his staff across the head of another knocking him out as well. Colssus rushed up and disembowels one in one swing. Eblynn casts shatter and kills a couple more including one of the unconcious from Shelldons attack as well as harming the now huge Duergar who rushing int othe room and sinks his large dwarven war pick into Grim's shoulder. Turk fires an arrow into the Duergar's neck but he snaps it off and snarls.
The fight continues until the Duergar is knocked unconcious by Shelldon. Turk attempts to end it's life with an arrow but misses. In the Fray one Kobold escapes up a ladder behind a tone throne in the room from which they came.
With the fight over Turk turns his atention to the half-orge who only managed to crawl some 20 feet further down the hall during the melee. Turk kills him with one arrow to the back of it's large whimpering head.
As the Duergar again shrinks to normal dwarf size, Shelldon ties him up securly with some rope. Turk and Colossus decide ot check the room the half-ogre was crawling to only to some some empty casks stinking of wine similar to the smell of the half-ogre.
Some of the party decides ot check up the ladder only to find it an entrance to an alley not far from where they entered the sewers in the Trades Ward as Turk and Colossus check out another room off the one in which they had the fight.
Inside they find nought but some dusty furniture and a chest along the opposite wall. As they approach, a table leaps to life, it's surface opening into a wild tooth-filled maw and a long purple toungue lapping out dangerously. Turk drops his bow and goes to work with two shortswords as colossus swings his long sword and bashes it back with his sheild. They deafeat it but not before Turk is bitten deeply and feels a burning of a poison in his shoulder.
Colossus kills the mimic with a strike straight down its mouth and into what would have been the pedastle of the table.
They turn their attention back to the chest the lid of which colossus rips clean away revealing 277 cp, 135 sp, a spherical gold beholder pendant with tiny gems for eyes (worth 250 gp), and a spell scroll of darkvision.
The party regroups and heads up the ladder. Turk attempts to track the Kobold which left but it's small footprints lead into a pile of garbage and he loses it after. The group then heads back into the sewer lair and find the one unconcious Kobold has slunk away. They decide to search the Duergar and find a gray-green stone with some curious lines on it.
Eblynn attempts to discern whether or not it is the stone of Golorr but is unable to learn anything from handling it. Lorath takes the time ot cast a detect magic ritual and does not feel any magical prescence from it as Shelldon begins to meditate.
The group decides to rouse the Duergar and he wakes angry and defiant but through some aggressive interrogation agreess to tell them what he knows in exchange for his life.
He says he was tasked with retreiving the Stone of Golorr for The Xanathar but he isnt sure where he is right now, maybe somewhere in skullport of maybe deep within another lair in the sewers. The guild got word the stone was changing hands again and that it may have come to a person in his territory so he and his other Duergar gang waited outside Fenrus' house under the effect of invisibiity. Once they say some drow enter the house late one night htey attacked them. In their ambush they were able ot kill one drow which they already disposed of but the others fled.
After the battle they ransacked the place and found the stone hidden in a closet. He took it but has not been able ot attune to it as he feels he is unworthy.
When questioned further about the Drow the Duregar says they likely belong to an organization called the Bregan D’aerthe which the party has a little knowledge of, mainly just that it is a secret organization primarily made of outcasts of the Drow race and the Duergar confirms this says that they've only made their prescience known only in the preceeding few days but they appear to be hot on the stone's trail now.
He also revelas that the stone was recently in the possession of The Xanathar but was stolen, perhaps by a gnome but since has changed hands multiple times, perhaps to the Zhents or others before being delivered to Fenerus' house in the Trades Ward.
The group seems satisfied with his cooperation and lets him go into the sewers. He reminds them that it is best for all of them if they never speak of this again.
They group then exits the sewers into an unseasonably warm but still windy and cloudless evening and decide to head to Balckstaff tower to consult with Vahjra, The Blackstaff, at her tower instead of taking it to the Seven Masks theare in the dock ward where they promised the open lord Lareal Silverhand.
They approach the tower as the night sky begins to darken in earnest and state their business to the disembied voice at the door who grants them entry. Inside they find an overgrown arboretum of vines and trees and many students walking among them in study.
The voices bids them to follow the red tiles which they comply with and find a portal which they enter to see a room with a glass dome revealing the night sky as a number of aged sages sit and ponder at copper tubes fitted with lenses.
They tells the blackstaff much of the events and show her the stone which she recognizes as a fake, a decent if hasty one but utterly fake nonetheless.
She advises caution but thinks it is good if they continue to the theatre to meet whomever they are suppsoed ot. Upon leanring that Learel Silverhand, the current open lord, personally and individually contacted them she is wary but says that it may not be entirely out of character for her, being as she is a powerful individual and not a stranger to adventure herself.
Upon learning about the Drow and the submersible she confirms their presecnce in the City and is quite impressed at the groups resourcefulness and intuation especially considering their limited resources.
She tells them she can offer little assistance as their resources are stretched thin but has confidence in their abilities ot represent the organization and the interests of the citizens of Waterdeep in this regard.
She listens to theri concerns and agrees that either they are being deceived and they must learn the source of this deception or they are ligitimately charged by the open lord in secret with retreiving the stone and that both outcomes should be considered worhty of their efforts.
The group then agrees and heads to the Dock Ward and to a Seven Masks theatre. When they arrive they immediatly see that it's a bawdy place which seems to cater to a seedier element, mostly seafarers on leave from ships in the harbor. Still it is an eleborate place with vaulted ceilings and plush red carpet. Mannequins in costumes adorn the lobby and a marquee advertising the current play called Sapphiria’s Booty.
They pay to enter and find a rowdy crowd in pockets scattered around the half full theatre. They are approached by a stange hand who says that they are expeected and that she will take them to the proprietor.
The meet him in the front row whilke on the stage a romantic comedy about a blue-haired madam named Sapphiria who runs a thieves’ guild out of a festhall plays out.
A tawny human male with a braided goatee sits alone in the front row smoking a large pipe.
He greets them and introduces himself as Rongquan Mystere, the owner, an upstanding member of the Lord's Alliance and servent of the open lord. He knows what they are there for and asks if they have it.
Eblynn produces the stone and he recognizes it as a fake after a moment's glance.
He is disappointed but says he has new information which could help. He's recently learned that Fenerus was arrested by the City Watch for a variety of crimes and was taken to a courthouse in the Castle Ward to face the judgment of a magister.
He thinks perhaps Fenerus hid the stone and asks the gang to speak to him, under strict confidence of course as the involvement of the open lord of others but be kept secret as not to arouse discord and mistrust in the populace.
The group asks how and he adivises some sort of ruse perhaps and wanrs against violence as any sort of action of thn at sort the caslte ward in general and a magister's prison specifically would cause a tremendous amoutn of complications. Of course he jokingly says the simplest way into prison is always getting arrested.
They group agrees and as they watch the stage as a charming sea captain arrives with a hold full of booty from a faraway land, Sapphiria decides to steal it. Zaniness ensues when she falls in love with the first mate, who is half her age, while the captain falls in love with her. On one side of the stage is a backdrop resembling the deck of a ship; the other side is decorated to look like a madam’s parlor in a brothel, complete with a gaudy chandelier and a fainting couch.
The group then heads back to their manor arriving just before midnight ot plot their next move.

you each gain 500xp, 5 dt, greyhands members gain 1 reknown and turk and colossus picked up 277 cp, 135 sp, a spherical gold beholder pendant with tiny gems for eyes (worth 250 gp), and a spell scroll of darkvision which they can decide what to do with



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