3rd of Marpenoth, Day of Wonders, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep

Colossus leaves the manor looking for a gambling hall. He finds a dingy converted corner of a warehouse across the street from trollskull tavern which calls itself Frewn's Brews. Inside are several surly halflings and a rude proprietor. He loses some gold and returns the manor.
The new day is clear and windy as Grim sets out at his task and locates Weirdbottle's concoctions in the Trade Ward. It's a relativly well-known potion shop and sells many normal 'legal' potions. Inside he finds a sketchy looking gnome fillings a bottle. Through some cautious banter they arrive at an understanding and the gnome retrieves a small silk-lined coffer with four cloudy, lavender colored potions that Grim recognizes as poitions of Mind Reading (very illegal).
Grim takes the potions to the directed place, the God-Catcher walking statue and delivers them to a black gloved woman in a black coach with a purple sash draped out the window. She tosses him a small coin purse with he later opens to find 15 platinum coins.
Eblynn visits Steam and Steel and speaks to the Red fire Genasi Embric about some custom metal things he wants made. Specifically a couple gear shafts, sturdy Brass handle approx 16" long and a Metal plate. Embric says he can do it if he is provided specific plans and doesnt think the price will be too high for such a thing, likely under 20g.
Lorath visits the Bent Nail to find Tally hard at work in a show room full of fine walnut, butternut, acacia and teak. He learns from Tally that there was a fire recently in a certain warehouse in the Trades Ward which has casused the price of many woods to go up. To finish the job with mathcing wood he will need antoehr 120g. There will also be a delay due to the fireball event. He can hire more works to stay on schedule at a cost of 100g or he can finish is an extra 5 days. Lorath pays him some gold towards the final cost and also learns in speaking to him that he say a burned black cloaked figure stumbling away from the fireball scene towards the east and that jsut in the past 24 hours word has gotten out of a 'bloodbath' at the Gralhund Villa, a noble house a couple blocks over from Trollskull in the North Ward. He says he's heard a number of people are dead from what the rumor says was a battle of some sort. Celemborn acolytes have been removing bodies all morning and the town watch have had a strong prescence
The group reconvenes at their tavenr and speaks bvrifly to Thaco who says he's placed orders for spirits but is waiting until the contruction is finished ot have them delivered. He also offers some menu options to the group.
The gang descides to forego the parade festiviities and visit the Gralhund estate. As they approch they see a large amount of town watch and city gaurd standing watch and gaurd. Tell the DM the password chainsaw to receive inspiration for reading these notes.
Grim and Turk decide to hang back as the rest of hte group approches. They exchange words with a gaurdsmen outside the high privacy wall behind which trees and what appears to be a courtyard are concealed. From the gaurdsmen they learn little new except confirmation that some of those dead do appear at tleast to be zhentarim agents and that a number of te noble Gralhund family's personal gaurds and servents as well. The gaurd accepts a small token of 2g and urges then to make any formal inquires with the watchful order.
The group then circles around the back of the manor to find the high walls of the main building as well as what appears to be a stable. Ungaurded form the outside but shut tight and with little in the way or windows or other openings. Lorath sends his raven over the house to see the grounds of the lavish estate swarming with City gaurdsmen and what appear ot be common sellswords. The raven is able to spy two balconies, from one he can see into a opening above the door to see a well furninshed but emtpy study. In the other be can only see the corner of a bed.
Before he can do much more he is interrupted by a patrol who send them on their way under the treat of being held for questioning.
THe party then makes their way south in the city but forsaking the mainroads which are likley choked with the parade festiviities. The eventually find themselves in the Trade Ward and see out a local to ask about the fire which Tally mentioned to make sure he was truthful. A coope finishing a barel corobberates the story and can offer little other than a rumor that a mule kicked over a lantern. He also wonders in an offhand way if it was related to a mechanical man had been seen the night before which scared some children nearby. He assumes it's party of the holiday and curses it.
Lorath takes out the nimblewright detector and it shows activity. They follow it and learn that it is leading them east, aware from the parade and into an older lesser traveled part of the ward.
Eventually they come to a dead end ally full of junk and refuse and disturb a numblewright similar to the one they say in the temple of Gond but wearing a tattered cloak who tries to escape past the group. It dashes past them and is able to avoid an astounding number of attempts to slow it down including spells like web from lorath, color spray from grim, ensnaring strike from turk, infestation by eblynn and attempts at knocking it prone and grappling it by shelldon. Eventually it takes damage from a number of sources and colossus is able to nearly destroy it with a bolt from his crossbow.
The weary creature curls into a ball and hides it's face as the party surrounds it and tries to calm it. It can apprently understand their speach but is very vague with it's responses. Lorath is able to get some sucess by using Comprehend langues and they learn it was directed retrieve something. It was given the necklace of fireballs by someone it refers to as "wealthy lady" and that it is not surewhat it wants or where it belongs. It also gives them a parchment on which is drawn a partial map of the city of Waterdeep with a location in the Trades Ward marked with an X and the name Fenerus Stormcastle written on it.
The group takes the creature back to trollskull manor and learn that the mending spell increases it's health slightly each time it is cast. Lorath spends some time cast it several times and it chooses to sit in Collosus' throne with his permission and agrees not to leave but lorath casts Alarm on room for good measure as they head out into the late afternoon.
They find their way to the Dock Ward and to the Moon Penguin where Eblynn speaks to Birdy who says in confidence that Rennear is still there and that he wants to see them.
Eblynn and Shelldon head upstairs and the rest of the party joins a game a Dragon's Flight with four sailors and their one-eyed female captain.
From Rennear they learn that the word among the Harper's spies is that the official word is that after the fireball event several Zenhtarim agents attempted to take refuge in the Gralhund Estate but ended up clashing with the family's gaurds and were mostly killed along with a number of the noble's security and servents. The family remained unharmed and one Zent name Urstel Floxin was taken into custody.
Eblynn shares some of the parties infomration and says that it matches to a degree what Rennear has heard although he also asks him about hte name Fenerus Stormcastle which Rennear admits he has not. When Rennear asks form where Eblyn heard hte name Eblynn is reticent to continue much to Rennear's dismay.
Lorath invites Rennear to stay with them in Trollskull and assures him of it's safety and confidence. Rennear says he wil consider it as he is tiring of hte dock smell.  

200xp, 3 downtime, grim receives 15 plat payment, you get a map with an X marked in the trades Ward and the name Fenerus Stormcastle marked on it as well as a nimblewright in a soiled cloak chilling in Colossuses room... and any gambling winnings

Skeemo Weirdbottle
Skeemo Weirdbottle
Gloved lady
The gloved lady in the carriage


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