7th of Marpenoth (Stoneshar), The Vault of Dragons, Underneath Waterdeep – The border woods of the Ardeep Forest

The gang collects themselves as they speak to the black staff and open lord who recuse themselves after a moment to treat with the dragon Aurinox inside the vault and leave asking the party to remain their to protect the entrance. They also tell them that the town gaurd are likely surrounding the structure at that very moment.
As they wait they take a moment to bind the unconciuous bugbear who awakens a few minutes later with litany of weak but foul curses in some goblinoid toungue.
When the blackstaff and open lord return they say they've mostly reached an agreement with the dragon and that the gold will be returned to the people of waterdeep and that the dragon will be allowed ot stay in the city and to keep the dragonstaff of aghairon as long as he is able to faithfully weild it in the defense of the city as it was intended.
The open lord makes good on her promise to allow the group to carry as much gold as they can from the vault by nonmagical means. This prompts the group to drop all their equipment worth less than it's weight in gold including much of their clothes. They walk away with 12 backpacks full of gold. The amounts of which individually are listed below but totaling 57,142!
Eblynn- 7150
Lorath- 5408
Grim- 6950
Turk- 6194
Shelldon- 8550
Colossus - 22850
The open lord and blackstaff are both astounded at the amount Collosus is able to carry but the deal has been struck. They say an armored coach is waiting outside to take them whereever they'd like.
The blackstaff approaches Lorath and implores him to turn over the stone to the blackstaff tower for safe keeping. It is an item too dangerous to be left out among the public. Recent research at the tower has revealed a potential way in which the aboleth inside may be relased by certain magical means and this event would undoubtably cause the death of thousands were it to occur within the city but equally destructive may be the information the creature is able to acquire while linked to lorath's mind. In fact, one of the reasons they needed the group to attune to it and find the vault was that it would have been much to dangerous to let it touch the minds or either the blackstaff or the open lord.
At this Lorath's mind is wracked by the protests of Golorr. It wants to remain in loraths possesion and continue to go on adventures with him. It is a difficult taks but Lorath is able to free himself from the aboleth's influence enough to drop it into the small leather pouch which the blackstaff holds open. Before he does though he uses the lore and legend feature of the stone to inquire of one last thing which golorr must answer truthfully. The nature of the question and answer are known to lorath alone.
The group exits the vault and hears the blackstaff exclaim “Azzam!” as they do which causes the doors to begins sliding back into place.
Up stairs they meet the town guard which usher them into the armored coach in the new eaely dawn light. Today is a holiday named Stoneshar which is a celebration of building and beginning new ventures. They bid the driver to take them back to their manor in Trollskull alley.
They arrive shortly after to find Thaco on the porch enjoying his long pipe. At first he looks quixotically at the strange coach but then in delight as the group exits. He has much and more information about the tavern on this the day of it's opening and is excited to tell the group.
They are weary though and mostly dressed in their undergarmets so they go upstairs first to drop off their coin and get dressed or rest. Inside his room Grim finds Istrid Horn again dressed in her male disguise waiting.
She asks if he has put in a good word for the Zhents yet but he admits it didnt come up but he will once the time is right. She says now that the gold has been found perhaps things will die down and they can get the others out of jail, especially Davil.
Eblynn and Lorath go down to speak to Thaco who tells them he has found a good source for likely all the things the bar will need and it will be very good quality and at a good price. The place it a little far outside the city though on the edge of the plain to the east where it meets the forest and unfortunately it is for sale so the deal may change depending on the buyer. The estate is called Bitter End and the business Fare Well Farms.
Eblynn and Lorath ask about the price of the farm and Thaco says it is 10,000g. The express interest and Thaco says he will take them soon but today he must prepare for the taverns grand opening tonight. He also says that Sea Maiden's Faire weighed anchor and left the harbor suddely last night stranding many employees in the city and that he hopes to find entertainment which he hasnt been able to as yet.
Thaco also tells them that he has had a lot of time alone with the spirit in the tavern and has learned that it is both happy and capable at tending bar.Additionally the nimblewright had been skulking around and he put him to work clearning which the automaton seemed to be very grateful and eager to have a purpose. Both of which He also thinks this could be quite a unique draw to attract customers and will cut overhead even further. Also, Grim's dwarf friend turned out to be an exceptional cook and has added some special flair to the menu.
Thaco then takes his leave to go to the dock ward and try to recruit some entertainment as the group retires for a well earned rest. Some of them get up in the early afternoon and visit some local shops to reqacwuire gear or place some special orders. Shelldon in particular commisions some nunchuk weapons from Steam & Steel and Grim and Colossus inquire about having a coach armored.
As evening approaches Thaco returns with a halfling in a fine purple clock with gold stars embroidered on it and a fine lute slung over his back. Thaco introduces him a the “Famous” bard Nobby who he say play a scorching medley some time ago in far off Amn. Thaco seems quite pleased to get this individual to play at the opening because he was only in town ot redevous with the Sea Maiden's faire but is left stranded after their unexpected departure. The halfing seems as confused by his lot and hungover.
A crowd begins to gather in the waning sun and drinks begin to be served. Soon the tavern has reached capacity and the revellry spills over ono the deck outside and into the alley.
Vincent Trech, the private investigator of the Tiger's Eye sits in a corner smoking his large bell-shaped pipe and watching the crowd as Rishal the dragonborn from the Book Wyrm and Fala from Correlon's Crown sip tea nearby. Avi and Embric from Steam & Steel arrive with some friends and quickly engage with Tally Fellbranch from the Bent Nail who is happy to show off his craftmanship in restoring the place.
Durnan from the Yawning Portal arrives with Birdy from the Moonpenguin inn and several others, one of which they recognize as the person whom they met in the Skewered Fish down by the docks. They are a contingency of tavern owners from across the city there to pay their respects although Durnan gently teases the party about poaching one of his best barmaids, Bonnie who is hard at work serving customers but not so busy that she doesnt take a moment to none-too-discreetly flirt with Turk.
Volo, Rennear and Floon arrive all together already drunk and very gregarious. Shelldon calls to the bartender that their table drinks for free as they cheer and congratulate the party on their generosity.
Victus and Ohpemar, acolytes of Celembor from the House of Headstones in the City of the dead approach Eblynn. They thank him again for his help freeing them from the undead curse and have some news they are very excited to tell him. In the time that has passed Ophemar has dedicated much time to researching the mysterious past of Trollskull manor that he had asked about and had found that in the distant past, when the estate had been owned by a series of people with names who were all apparent anagram of each other, the place had been referred in some documents as a private club focussed on perhaps gaming or gambling of some sort. All this was before the more recent history detailed in the book the group had received from Rishal. Victus had given into his curiosity and visited the graves to find six above group tombs in a semi circle around a stone table monument. He even went so far as to cast detect magic and found a strong area of enchantment. Ophemar then interrupts to say that he prevented victus from opening the tombs as his curiosity already lead to so trouble. Sitll, the two of them say they would be happy to take Eblynn there and could guarantee a time which it will not be patrolled if he wanted to look into it. They are both overtly and exceptionally curious about the mystery.
Nobby, their newly hired bard, dances deflty along the bar and plays local favorites like How Waterdeep is your Love, In Too Waterdeep, Rolling in the Waterdeep and ending with a racous finale of Waterdeep in the Heart of Faerun to the delight of the eclectirc crowd.
Later in the evening three people enter inconspicuously with hoods draw and sit a small table in a more private corner. It is the blackstaff, the open lord and a male dward with a long forked golden beard wearing fine, orange-gold robes and carrying what they recognize as the Dragonstaff of aghairon. Grim approaches them to epak on behalf of the Zhentarim and relay how they helped them in the finale battle for the vault. The open lord thanks him and lets him know his words will be taken into consideration when the legal ramifications of those jailed in the chaos of the previous month is sorted out.
Late into the night Colossus starts a high stakes gambling table with Shelldon and Turk both joining in. They are happy and generous with their bets and each lose a not insubstantial amount of gold but a tiny fraction of what they have recently acquired. Word seems to spread by the end of the night that this may be an excellent palce to make a wager.
As the night begins to turn to a cloudy autumn morning and the Stoneshar revellers stumble home happily we draw away from the tavern and the alley in the North Ward to see a city resting peacefully for the first time in many days.
Thus ends Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.
The next day the party awakes and speaks to Thaco who agrees to take them to the farm he mentioned as the best source of supplies for the tavern.
The gorup hires a coach who takes them across the city and out the bustling south gate where they are obliged to state the reason for their trip and the busniess they will be conducting as well as their potenial return.
As the road winds down the plateua on which the city rests the see a vast open plain strech out before them. Many large and well kept farms spread out as they make their way along the quaint dirt road. They also pass trainign groups and small villages and trading posts as they continue to head east towards more wilder country.
Eventually they turn from the main road and being to see some small stands of trees cropping up here and their. No other houses are along this path and after about some minutes of time they begin to see a couple large structures as well as the larger forest proper looming beyond.
A crudly fashoined but clearly legible sign reads “Bitter End” as their coach pulls closer and a small halfling boy who is shoveling what appear to be dung into a small cart begins to call out “Da! Da! A buncha folks is coming!”
An older but still small halfing male with cropped red sideburns comes out and speaks to the group. He introduces himself as Dosher and points out his son Duncer. They are the Deareigns and the operate the farm. Upon hearing that the group is interested in purchaing the property his mood turns sour and he says they will need to speak to his uncle Randolph and leads them into the large, ranch-style lodge adjacent the large L-shaped barn. As they go around to the entrance the party sees several well-maintained but rustic fields of barley, corn and wheat as well as a flock of sheep grazing in a field beyond and a heard of cattle and a seperate wallow of hogs.
Inside the main building they see high ceilings and opening only a second story ringed with rooms and an open floor plan reminiscent of hunting or summer lodges.
At a heavy oak table in the center of the room near a hearth whos natural stone chimney extends up through the ceiling like a column sits a much older halfing with long scraggly red and grey sideburns who greets them as Randolph. An exchange between him and Dosher gives the party the distinct idea that Dosher is not happy about the farm being sold and that his family has worked it for many years and may soon be out of a livelihood.
The party treats with Randolph who is relatively firm on the price as he wants to finally retire to a warmer clime and wants to be able to say he was a ten-thousandaire for once in his life.
Dosher continue chime in and some in the party eventually pull him aside as Thaco continues to speak to Randoph. They learn that this farm is primarily worked by relatives of the prominent Snobeedle clan of halflings which run the expansive and profitable Snobeedle orchard and Meadery nearby but while they grew up working there they are just slightly too distant of a relative to profit from the family business.
In their exchange an agreement is reached that would allow his family, which the group learns is composed of him (Dosher) his son (Duncer) as well as his brother (Princer) and his brother's wife (Voxen) his female twin cousins (Camet and Copid) and his other brother (Dander) and his other brother's wife (Bloxen).
They agree that the farm can supply the tavern will all the food and spirits they can use but any extra they grow they will be able to sell themselves.
The party then goes back to the discussion with Randolph and eventually talk him down slightly to the sum of 9,380 gold which they agree upon.
As night is falling they are ofered lodging in one of the many extra rooms on the second floor of the lodge. Dosher mentions offhand that every year in the autmn the farm is plagued by animated scarecrows which emerge from the forest and make off with some of their produce or livestock. Just last week in fact one of them took an entire hog. He adds that they dont come that frequenlty but they always come eventualy and he cant imagine what is sending them as scarecrows dont need to eat apprently. One time they managed to burn one but otherwise they are simply accepting of the losses.
Upon hearing this the party descides to set a watch. When nothing appears that night the next mornign they investigate the edge of the forest. Little is found by way of tracks but Shelldon, upon the direction of the halflings, is able to discern what he believes is the place from which they likely emerge from the forest and the party sets out into the woods in the general direction from which it seems likely they came. They travle all day and find themselves at a fork in the terrian and make camp not sure in which way to go. Lorath casts tiny hut and the party rests inside as Colossus and the familars keep watch.
Nothing unsual presents itself and the next day the party awakes to a misty day and decides to head back to the farm. Shelldon is able to pick up their path easily enough and about midday several aof them become aware of something moving in the forest behind them.
They all hide and the see a humnaoid shape made of mud, straw and sticks in dirty clothes and with a rotting pumpkin as a head shamble clumsily past. Turk readies his bow but is rebuked by Lorath.
They follow it at a long distance and near dusk it reaches the edge of the forest and waits some minutes unti lthe sky is dark and all the farmhands have gone inside.
The party observes as the scarecrow crosses the open land to the farm and approaches a chicken coop from which it removes several hens wringing their necks before tucking them under his mockery of arms. Turk again draws an arrow but it stopped by Lorath.
The party them hides again and as the screcrow enters the forest, Turk chooses to follow at a much closer distance than Lorath find prudent who then attempts to cast sleep on him. His spell is insufficient to put Turk to sleep and the Scarecrow seems to pause a moment before continuing on his way.
The party follows the scarecrow through the woods and long int othe night, passing the fork in the terrain and heading south along a ravine. They emerge into a much denser and older forest surrounded by large oaken trees. The partly cloudy sky and half-moon offers a little visibility but it is intermittent.
As the scarecrow rounds a particularly large tree and, Turk rounds it too and takes a moment to try to locate it unsucessfully. The rest of the party catches up with him and as they all wait a moment to gather themselves they hear a large groaning sound as the boughs of the tree wave to life and attack them.

you each gain 500xp, 9523.66 gold, inspiration, 50 downtime and the as yet unnotarized deed to Bitter End and Fare Well Farms

6th of Marpenoth, The Vault of Dragons, Underneath Waterdeep

6th of Marpenoth, The Vault of Dragons, Underneath Waterdeep

The gang emerges from the dwarven burial chamber back out into the long hall on the edge of the second floor of the large open room.
Three crumbling bridges span the room from their side to the other and they see what appears to be three foray entrances where they termnate on the other side.
The 80 ft long bridges are supported in the middle by the pillars which rise up from the floor below. The northern most bridge is damaged and partially fallen on the other side of the pillar support. The center bridge is entirly missing a 12 ft portion on their side of the pillar support and the southern most bridge appears to be damamged on the pillar support side nearest them.
Lorath, the lightest member, casts tensers floating disc and both Eblynn and Grim ride on it and tie a rope around his waist as he tries walking across the northern most bridge. As he passes the pillar it collapses under his weight as the disc follows 20 feet behind him. Eblynn and Grim brace themselves as he swings from the rope like a pendulum but is able to catch himself against the pillar and takes no damage. From the center they are able to see a statue of a dwarven smith in the small entry on the far side.
They go back and decide to try the southern most bridge next in the same manner. This time Lorath is able to make it to he other side but where they discover frescoes adorning the walls which they avert their eyes in fear since they were recently entthralled by the other fresco. They also find an ancient anvil covered in cobwebs. Removing them reveals runes which Eblynn recognizes as Dwarven which read “Let the hammer fall and the anvil ring.”
Grim strikes the anvil with one of his tools and it rings but nothing more happens. They Then decide to examine the frescoes and in one of them they discover a dwarvish smith weilding a hammer with runes carved in it which read “Let hearts be lifted and battles won.”
Grim examines it closer and discovers it is not just part of the fresco but an actual hammer which he is able ot remove and use to strike the anvil at which point a loud ring echoes through the chamber. Everyone in the chamber hears it clearly and they all gain 10 temporary hit points.
There is little more in the room so they head back. Lorath nearly loses his footing but it pulled back by Grim and Eblynn reflexively casts feather fall on him.
Once they are back they decide the that Colossus will attempt to make the 12 foot jump with a 100 ft rope tied around his waist and secured at one of the giant stone hammers which server as pillars on the platform they are on.
Colossus takes a running start and feels the bridge give way under his feet but it still able to easily land safely on the other side. He then walked across the rset of the bridge and finds what appears to be a large adminatine door with some runes on it and some old decaying dwarvish armor.
Colossus puls the rope taught and they group then crosses by crawling along under it. Once more of them arrive they help him. The only one to lose their grip is Eblynn who does so right over the gap in the brdige. He free falls for a moment before he is able to cast feather fall on himself and lands safelty on the floor of the room 60 ft below. He makes his way back up the stairs and past the problematic fresco and tries again but this time he ties himself to the rope and makes it without problem.
One the other side Eblynn reads the runes on the door as “A secret never before told will part Dumathoin’s lips.”
Lorath immediately blurts out that he once peed on his cat when he was a child and never told anyone. As he finishes the sentence the floor beneath them gives way and a spiral staircase is reveled. The group heads down.
They emerge some 120 feet below into a large chamber.
Although deep underground, this vault is lit by streams of sunlight that pour down from the ceiling, catching motes of dust in their luminous pools. Ornate columns support a thirty-foot-high vaulted ceiling, which is adorned with carvings of dwarves basking in the presence of their gods. Deep alcoves line the walls and from a large area they catch the glimpse of a mountain of shining gold.
A booming voice says “I wasn’t expecting anyone,” “As you can see, the place is a mess. Perhaps you should come back later, after I’ve tidied up a bit.”
They approach to see a huge adult gold dragon lounging on the hoard of gold and grasping an ornate, two-pronged staff in one claw.
At this point Golorr speaks to Lorath and expresses how pleased he is to finally be in the presence of a worthy intellect. He also notes that the dragon's name is Aurinox and the staff if the fables sragonstaff of Aghairon.
Upon hearing this Lorath probes further and learns that Aghairon of course was a powerful mage intrumental in the foudning of Waterdeep and the staff is a tremendously powerful artifact particularly concerning dragons.
The group treats with Aurinox truthfully and tell them their situation as well as information about the city and the curent open hand and blackstaff. Aurinox for his part expresses that he has been alone a long time with his thoughts and deep down he always knew the gold was ill-gotten and he let his own greed get the best of him. Not for the gold but for the staff of power. It possesses, he says, certain and significant advantages with respect to his kind. Golorr revelas these to Lorath to be advantages on the breath weapons of dragons as well as the ability to command them and even to allow them past the ward the city enjoys which prevents them otherwise.
Aurinox does not doubt their intentions but is prudent and will not allow them to take a single coin until he has been able to negotiate with the open hand herself.
He also says that he will make it a requirement of any deal he reaches with her that they are able to retreive the gold which was promised them.
The group senes he is being truthful and also that he is immensely powerful and that no one will be able to touch the gold without his permission.
They bid him farewell and head back up the spiral stair case to fetch the lord silverhand.
Once they climb down the rope and reach the bottom floor again their eyes again begin to adjust ot the darkenss and they notice an area of seemingly magical darkness across from them. At the same moment some figures emerge.
Zardoz Zord, the captain of the Sea Maiden's faire which they had dined with some nights previous approaches them and speaks.
He greets them warmly and says he is so happy and suprosed to find them there. He is flanked by the three Drow gunslingers they fought in the tower and along the roof tops and alley as well and as three other drow wearing hoods and masks which conceal their faces.
“Zardoz” offers them 5000 gold to turn over the stone to him and leave immediately. When they respond defiantly he says he only seeks to return the money to the people of waterdeep and that neveremeber is the real villain here. He only wants to see neverember and his new government is neverwinter forced out of the Lord's alliance as well as th city of luskan, given membership. Turk takes this opportunity to sneak away and flank the drow along a column to the norht. The party remains defiant and as tensions rise and the drow aproach to forms appear suddenly next to the gang.
The open lord silverhand stands brandishing as sword and the blackstaff safahr stands next to her and leans to the group and says “Leave Jaraxle to us, you handle the other drow”
Silverhand says “Jaraxle of house Baenre, master of the bregan D'earth, pirate warlord of the vile city of sails, Lusken, you are trespassing in this city and meddling in affairs beyond your station. I, the open lord, command you to come with me at once.”
At this the figure known the party as “Zardoz” bows deeply and says “Madame, you wound me. I only...” and before he finishes his sentence he wheels on his heels and twirls a cloak. Those who can see him see a breif moment where his disguise drops revealing a tall elegant drow with sharp features and long white hair. At this Silverhand takes flight and her sword bursts into bright flame. In a scant moment he disappears but the light of the sword revelas a trail of dust is kicked up along the floor of the ancient room. The trails blazes toward the door as the blackstaff disappears in a misty cloud.
As the dusty trail exits the door a large hole appears on the floor suddenly and a fraction of a moment later the blackstaff reappears in a puff of mist teetering on the edge of it but the silverhand is not flying over it and grasps he lifting her off the group and despositing her on the other side.
As those three leave the room one of the drow gunslingers speaks and says “The last time we fought we were only interested in the stone. But this time you're going to DIE!”
Grim advances and fires and errent arrow at the drow, Turk, who flanked them gets a hit in one one of them and lorath casts slow on the group causing two of the drow swordsmen to drop one of their swords and fire hand crossbows at them, one shot poisoning grim and making him fall unconscious. Shelldon and Colossus advance and begin to strike at them and Eblynn casts a fireball illuminating the room and burning many.
After a few moments the group begins to gain the upper hand but not without taking some significant damage themselves when everyone on the battlefireld is striken all at once by a sickly sinister voice coming from inside their heads which says simply “The Xanathar sends his regards” at which time four bugbear, four kenku, an already enlarged Duregar (who they let leave from the hideout in the sewers) as well as the mindflayer, holding an intellect devourer who they brefily encounterd while recuing Floon all appear seemingly our of thin air surrounding both the party and the drow.
At this point a large and confusing melee ensues which sees the Bregan De'arth Drow, Xanathar's thugs and the party all fighting each other in a brutal battle with shelldon knocking a drow gunslinger unconcious and colossus deflecting their crossbow bolts and lead balls as he charges forward and Turk facing down the Mindflayer who attempts to dominate his mind but he is able ot resist, all culminating in a warhorn sounding nearly deafeningly throughout the room and a gruff voice calling out “Dooooom RRRAiders!” and from the entrace those who are able see see the portable hole which had been thrown down has been collected and a group of four humanoids enter. Among them is Yagra Stonefist whom the party helped in the yawning portal some 17 days prior as well as Istrid Horn whom they recognize as the dwarf recently hired at their tavern and a small shady looking gnome known only to Grim as Skeemo Weirdbottle the alchemist and a very large male half-orc with a gigantic bow. The group of them quickly rush to help Grim and rouse him from his unconciousness. Istrid casts mass cure wounds on all the party which she could see. Hearing the horn, Turk, who is fighting a bugbear and a kenku as well as staring at the now flying mindflayer calls out that a mindflayer is present.
More fierce and fighting occurs with renewed desperation. Turk drops his bow and dispatches with a kenku and a bugbear in a single flurry or swordsmanship as shelldon knocks a bug bear unconcious and grim, now awakened with fury sinks his blade deep into the side of one of the drow's elite warriors and a massive arrow from the half-orc fells the huge dueregar who is attempting to skewer lorath with his war pike.
Eblynn sees what's left of the weary and tattered enemies of what is left of bot the drow and the thugs and casts a fireball which erupts from behind the weary combatants and devastates the small battlefield leaving only a single drow gunslinger standing who is quickly felled.
Lorath attempts to catch the Mindflayer in a web spell but he observes the carnage and casts what Lorath reconices as a planar gate of some sort and vanishes in s shower of sparks.
The Doom Raiders say to Grim that they must leave quickly as they do not want to be around when the authorities arrive but to remember them favorable when the time come.
As they retreat from the room the party searches the bodies and they recover three very curious pistols, clearly of lantanese manufactor. Eblynn finds a fine pair of boots as well on one of the burnt drow.
After some minutes both the blackstaff and lord silverhand return. They say that Jaraxle escaped but that his boats are likley leaving the harbor as they speak and that the message which they were trying to send was at least very sucessful. They ask the party about the vault and it's contents which the party answers truthfully. They react with some surprise and delight at the news that the dragonstaff still exists and head into the vault to speak to the dragon.

You each gain 1000 exp. 30 downtime, 10 reknown with either the greyhands or the zhentarim. three lantanese pistols, 12 packets of https://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/smokepowder and a pair of https://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/boots-of-elvenkind

jarlaxle baenre
Jarlaxle Baenre
drow gunsliger
Drow gunsliger
lareal silverhand
Lareal Silverhand (the open lord)
vahjra safahr
Vahjra Safahr (the blackstaff)
The Mindflayer
The Mindflayer
istrid horn
Istrid Horn (who healed you and works in your bar but wearing a beard disguise)
Yagra Stonefist
Yagra Stonefist (combat mode)
Skeemo Weirdbottle
Skeemo Weirdbottle
Ziraj the hunter
Ziraj the hunter
The duregar
The duregar
Intellect devourer
Intellect devourer


5th of Marpenoth, Old Tower, Dock Ward, Waterdeep -6th of Marpenoth, Converted Windmill, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

The gang gathers in the ruined mages laboratory on the second floor of the ruined tower in the late afternoon as a strong sea gale begins to blow the misty overcast sky away and fills the boarded up building with the scent of the harbour.
They search the room and Grim finds a spell-tube in a pile of garbage containing two blank paper birds. Lorath also searches and finds what later turns out to be a charred wand of magic missile between two floor boards with the added property (each time a charge is expended, there’s a 50 percent chance that nothing happens and the charge is wasted) They decide to attempt a long rest to recuperate and Lorath casts Tiny hut inside but nothing happens. He alos tries it again as a ritual but without effect. He casts a third spell that doesnt produce any afffect and seems to conclude the tower is under some sort of antimagic field.
The group then decides to leave and visit the not to far away Moonpenguin Inn but not before both Grim and Colossus pick up several of the unusal sword they saw when they entered.
Once outside the swords spring to life and leap from their hands slightly injuring Grim. A fight ensues in the street but the party dispatches them and leaves little left to examine.
The gang heads on further to the Inn and are greeted warmly by Birdy when they enter. Both Eblynn and Shelldon order some spicy seafood stew from the bar as Grim, Turk and Collossus pick up a game of Chimera's Chance with several members of the Town Gaurd who are having a few drink after their shift.
Lorath gets a room and heads up stairs to examine the stone. He casts Tiny Hut in his room and is joined by Eblynn. As he attunes he begins to feels the outside world drift away and sees flashes of alien landscapes and bizarre architecture. He finds his conciousness floating in a void, an abyss, but not a vacuum, for he feels enveloped in something viscous.
Among this abyssal space he is also aware of a presence though he can see nothing he feels sure he is being circled and regarded when he hears a deep booming voice whisper his name and say how disapointed he is in lorath's feeble knowledge.
He introduces himself as Golorr, an aboleth, of a race older than those Lorath may know as gods and for whom knowledge has passed hereditarily since the beginning of time itself. He laments that even sharing a modicum of his vast knowldege would fracture the fragile and feeble mind of a being such as Lorath and send his cackling and screaming into the night clawing at his eyes in exuberant despair.
At this event Lorath gains the ability to cast Legend/Lore once per day and a level three spell (to be detemined later) but also as loses the ability to smell as his nose begins to leak mucus profusely.
Their minds touch and Golorr seems accepting if not enthusiastic at the prospect of the opportunity to travel and share experiences with Lorath to add a speck of knowledge to what he already has hoarded.
Lorath asks about the nature of magic which golorr is reticent to reveal for the already mentioned reasons. Lorath also asks about the Blackstaff and Force Grey but golorr considers such things to be beneath him as they concern knowledge of the current world which could be experienced on his own.
Lorath then turns his attention to the Vault and Golorr shares.
Once countless mortal years ago a race of dwarfs began mining this land and found a rich source of rare and powerful materials underneath what is not the City of Waterdeep. But these dwarves, the Delzoun, were greedy and dug so deep they opened their mines into the udnerdark and encountered the myriad of horrible and impressive things that dwell therein. It is for that reason that they created certain places to store their bounty and warded then with powerful magics so that none but those they welcome could enter. This “vault” is one such place.
The door to which is a sort of combination lock featuring 216 different combinations of various rare and valuable items to be in close proximity to it before it will open. Golorr offers that he has probed Lorath's mind and the most simple combination for him to acquire is 1 an animated consruct, 2 a shapeshifter and 3 a drunken elf.
He offers other examples such as 1 a beholder eyestalk, 2 a bronze dragon scale and 3 a unicorn or 1 an invisible creature, 2 a severed Drow hand and 3 a gift from a queen.
He also says the entrance to this vault can be accessed from the cellar of a converted windmill on the other side of the dock ward.
As Lorath is in his trance, Grim, Turk and Colossus trade winnings with the three soldiers and eventually head upstairs.
Shelldon waits in the room as well when a knock comes at the door. It's Rennear who says that he just heard they were staying in the Inn and wondered if they had come to speak to him. He says he has heard little from his Harper contacts. Shelldon tells him they have learned little else as well and Rennear excuses himself to let his friends rest.
Lorath's mind returns to his physical surroundings and he attempts to relate what he has leanred and wehre they must go but all the while spreading mucus over his wildly flushed face. Shelldon admits he doesnt quite trust what is happening but agrees to go along if for nothing else to help Lorath if the need arrises.
They take a long rest in the hut unevntfully and wake early morning and go in search of an elf. They find a young dishwasher whom they simply start referring to as 'Ed' despite his persistance that is not his name and are able to coerce him with a few pieces of gold and a lot of persuasion to come with them. Birdy becomes aware of this and is reluctant at the sound of the prospects of their plan and the safety of her employee but aggrees on their reputation.
They also pruchase a skin of strong ale and head out into the predawn as the sky begins to redden and clear to moderatly warm day.
They cross the dock ward and arrive at the place Lorath say in his mind. It is a ruined windmill that was converted at some point in it's life into a residence of sorts but is now boarded up and fallen into disrepair. It faces the sea and is on a hill on the edge of the ward proper just as the land begins to elevate up to what becomes mout waterdeep in the ditance. Grim summons his owl who notices that hundreds of pigeons have taken up resisdence in the upper portion of the windmill.
They ascend the 20 stone steps up to a door and Grim deftly picks the lock. Inside Turk sees a few splashes of color on the carpets and walls in an otherwise dusty hallway. They enter as the first light begins to stream through some of the boarded up windows and Colossus follows the hallway and opens a door to reveal an old woman in a ruined ballgown surrounded by large canvasses. She appear to be paiting by candlelight and as she becomes aware of him she shreiks that they assassins will not get her yet and meaningfully touches a canvas on which is shown a pastoral scene in which a large minotaur becomes animated and runs toward the veiwers perspective.
As the creature quickly reaches the frame it leaps from the canvas and into the real world crossing the room in an instant and slamming it's horns into colosuss and knocking him prone.
Turk quickly fires several arrows into the beast and retreat as Grim goes to work on it with his dagger and sword. Colossus gets to his feet and finishes it off but at the same moment the old woman touches another canvans, this time of a darkened stone hallway and a slimy mass of tendrils and hungry mouths sloughs onto the floor.
It moves on the group and they feels the floor become doughy and difficult to move in and they hear the gibbering, incohernet whispers and cackles of the creature which causes several of them to lose themselves to madness and attack each other temporarily. Eblynn casts a shatter spells on the woman and the creature damaging them both and Turk lets loose an arrow which causes the tendril creature ot fall into a mound of goo.
The elf known to them as 'ed' drops his bag of gold and slowly retreats out the door.
Shelldon makes it into the room and destroys one canvas which depicts a manticore flying among the clouds.
The old woman touches another canvans and from this lumbers out a humanoid with an arachnid head who attempts to bite and claw at colossus but he is able to push past it and kill the old woman with several strikes from his longsword. At this point the spider thing disappears as well as the corpses of the other two beasts. One canvas remains in this room, a large painting of a jungle scene at night. On the large branch of a vine covered tree a black panther beast crouches with two long tendrils extending from it's back.

700xp, grim gains two paper birds, Lorath gains a charred wand of magic missle and attunment to the stone of golorr which give him 1 casting of legend/ore per day as well as aWhile attuned to the artifact, you can use an action to cast one 3rd-level spell (Revivify) from it. After you cast the spell, roll a d6. On a roll of 1–5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.and he loses his sense of smell and gets a perpetually running nose

gibbering mouther
Gibbering mouther
Manticore (the canvas shelldon destroyed)
Displacer beast
Displacer beast (the canvas Turk intends to keep)


6th of Marpenoth, Converted Windmill, Dock Ward, Waterdeep – The Vault of Dragons, Underneath Waterdeep

6th of Marpenoth, Converted Windmill, Dock Ward, Waterdeep – The Vault of Dragons, Underneath Waterdeep

As the blood drains from the old womans throat the Colossus' strike Lorath hears Golorr in his mind remark that this is a fitting end for such a spiteful woman. He makes several other vague remarks indicating she had some sort of relationship to Neverember and how curious it is that he allowed her to live particularly so close to his most vauluable asset. Lorath wonders about this leading Golorr to ponder about Loraths simple motives and how he thinks only of the potential gold and not of the item within that to beings of such intellect and scope of vision such as Golorr himself would be of tremendously more interest and value. Golorr also muses that he is very interested to see how Lorath and his small party intend on dealing with the gaurdian within which prompts Lorath to ask if there is anyhting more of critical which Golorr could tell him about the vault to whcih Golorr replies “undoubtably, yes” but nothing more.
Turk is very interested in the exquisite rendering of the savage displacer beast croching on the outstreched, vine covered jungle limb and decides right away to take it away to store for later. As he leaves he sees the elf barback walking briskly away from the windmill and he indicates as much to the group.
Eblynn and Lorath head outside and catch up to the elf, named Sha' Gi and through gold and persuasion convince him to come back inside.
Turk continues on to the Moonpenguin and heads upstairs to speak to Rennear. They exchange plesantries and despite Rennear's asking about their investigtion, Turk revelas nothing more but asks Rennear to return the painting to Trollskull tavern for him. Rennear says he still does not feel safe on the streets but offers to have a courier take it right away at no charge.
On his way back, Turk also stops by a carpentry shop i nthe dock ward and purchases a hand-crossbow for Grim.
As he is gone and as Eblynn and Lorath take the elf lad inside and search a room only to find garbage and the remnants of some old and worn although at one time finely crafted furniture.
Grim, Shelldon and Coloosus search the painting studio and find a small door to an unusally shaped room under the stairs of the windmill. Inside they find boxes of paintbrushes, many used and caked with paint but some new and untouched. Underneath them they locate a large trapdoor in the floor and move hte boxes away, Eblynn spills many on the floor.
Eblynn, Lorath, the elf all soon join them and they complete a short rest as they wait for Turk who arrives after about an hour. They examine the stone door and the chain attached. It seems uncharacteristic for the archetecture.
Colossus pulls it open to reveal a very dark stone stairway with shallow steps descending as far as they can see downward.
They all form up and head down with Grim casting light on Colossus' sheld.
At the bottom they find a 20x20 ft stone foyer and two large admantine doors extending high up to the ceiling. TURK heads back up to shut the trapdoor as the rest examin the doors. There appears to be no mechanism to open them but writ large across them are runes which Eblynn recognizes as Dwarven and pronoucing “THE THREE KEYS. BRING THEM FORTH.”
They take several minutes and convince the elf to drink all the ale they brought. Once he finishes it off he remarks that he doesnt feel well and he is not sure how they expect him to open those doors.
Colossus and Lorath with the elf in tow approach but Turk hangs 10-feet back. They all search for traps and find no indication of any.
Eventually Turk relents to the party's insistence and approaches. When he comes with 5 feet something happens and the massive doors send a loud clicking echoing through the stairwell as they grind effortlessly apart revealing a much larger room beyond.
Inside they investigate aroound and find a room 120ft long and 6 feet wide. Eight alcoves, each with two large iron doors depicting fully armored dwarfs line hte walls. Three large rectangular columns in the center of the room support the midways of three crumbling bridges 60 fet over their heads which cross the room from right to left.
They being to examine hte pairs of doors in counterclockwise order and they find most of them to seemingly be fake but on the fourth pair inthe northwest corner of the room they easily push them open despite thier large size and massive weight, seemingly a testement to dwawrven engineering.
Inside they find a small room with some stairs heading up the a landing which displays a prominent fresco and some more stairs beyond that lead back inward and upward. The group all ascends the stairs and exmaine hte magnificent painting on the wall which depicts a battle of dwarfs fighting an army of goblin. Prominently displayed in he center is a dwarven warrior graphically smashing the head of a goblin with a warhammer.
As they veiw it all in the party except Lorath and Shelldon are overtaken with the beauty and splendor of what they see. After a minute of gazing into it it becomes obvious to Shlledon and Lorath that they are charmed in some way. Lorath tests this theory by placeing his hand in front of Eblynn's eye's only to have him forcefully and even violently swat it away.
Lorath decides to attempt to use his hypnotic gaze on Eblynn. Momentarily obscuing his veiw of the fresco and charming him. It appears to work and Lorath, torch in hand, leads Eblynn up the othe flight of stairs onto a landing. As he releases his gaze, Eblynn begins to come back to himself and Lorath quickly tells him he was under a spell and to wait their. A cursory glance around the room from this vantage shows Lorath they are about 60 feet up the flor of the room below with a ceiling about 20 feet above their head. He sees the three crumbling bridges here that extend across to three doors on the other side. Three coloumns here extend to the ceiling along the endge of the ledge and they are made to look like warhammers resting on their heads. The west wall bears a cracked mosaic that depicts a dwarf smith at a forge, crafting dwarves out of black metal and diamonds.
Lorath's torch also catches the light of something black and shiney, maybe even moving aobut 60 feet away on the ledge.
Lorath leaves Eblynn as Shelldon comes up the stairs. Lorath Begins next does the same to Grim who, when he gains his senses casts light on his dagger which more clearly relveals an amourphous black tarlike things that seems to display some disolving bones out of the top very purposfully moving towards them.
When he recasts his liught spell this removes it's effect from Colossus' sheild and as lorath goes back down he finds him disoriented but not fully back to his wits.
Lorath brings Turk up now with his hypnotic gaze as the group begins to volley attacks at the black shape. Eblynn hits it with thunder damage sending shock waves though it and revealing no internal bone structure. Grim lands hits with his crossbow and Shelldon hits it with his wooden boomerang but as it returns he finds it to be permanently damaged.
Shelldon goes down to check on Colossus and warn him not to go up the stairs for fear of the creature damaging him as Lorath and Turk both join the atacks on the approaching black mass.
It gets close enough to lash out with an oily inky tendril but Grim is about to wheel out of it's way.
Turk hits it with an arrow which disintegrates as it passes through as lorath attempts to toll of dead and Eblynn reaches out with a chill touch.
It is Grim, however, with a deflty placed crossbow bolt with kills the creature the lifeforce draiing from it and the goo of which it was composed plashing onto the floor and cleaning the smooth stone of any organic dust and debris.
Shelldon and Colossus now join them and they all search the long ledge. Everyone comes up fruitless except for Turk who finds an exquisitly hidden door along the west wall all the way to the south.
They push it open to reveal an ancient cache, far longer lain untouched than any of the vault which they have yet seen.
This room holds five copper urns (worth 25 gp each). Urn 1 contains three tourmalines (worth 100 gp each) mixed in with 300 cp. Urn 2 contains an usual ring which Grim slips on and feels a warm sensation, later to be revealed as a ring of warmth mixed in with 2 other ordinary gold rings (worth 25 gp each) and 300 sp. Urn 3 is piled high with 300 gp and three diamonds (worth 300 gp each). Urn 4 holds 3 blue quartz gemstones (worth 10 gp each). Urn 5 holds a 9-inch-tall silver statuette of a dwarf priest with amethyst eyes (worth 250 gp and weighing 10 pounds).

you each gain 300xp, 5 dt, any of the loot i describe above, shelldon's boomerang takes a permanent -1

An Aboleth (aka, the things swimming around metaphrocally in Loraths mind)
Black pudding
Black pudding


5th of Marpenoth,  Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep -Old Tower, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

5th of Marpenoth, Trollskull Manor, North Ward, Waterdeep -Old Tower, Dock Ward, Waterdeep

The gang arrives at their manor just aftermidnight on the windy, clear nad unseasonably warm evening to find Thaco sitting on the landing of the tavern with his feet up casually smoking a pipe. He is excited to see them and let them know that the tavern will be ready to open in just a couple more days. He has made arrangments for the spirits to be delivored and hired some staff, namely Bonnie away from Durnan and a dwarf who said they knew Grim very well and seemed to know his way around the tavern trade. He let the dwarf into the manor and tells Grim he is waiting for him in his room. He tells them he took the opportunity to hang the troll skull over the hearth and still needs their input on a menu before he purchases any food. He also hopes to hire entertainment for the grand opening if they approve, which they do.
The party then heads upstairs and to their individual rooms. Grim find a surly dwarf in his room who identifies herself as Istrid Horn, the master of coin, loan shark, extorionist and money launderer for the Doom Raiders gang who up till now has been the controlling party of most of Zhentarium activity in the city but since the crack down and the folly of another competing faction's hunt for the stone has lost a lot of influence. In fact she tells grim even Davil himself has been taken in for questioning which is extremely unusual for someone as cautios as he. Before he was taken though he told her about their newest memeber, Grim, and how he may be the best option to lie low if the heat continues to increase so that is what she is here for – to take a job working at the tavenr in disguise as a male dwarf named Jorn. She offers him 10pp if he can hide her for the time being. Since the black network has all but been dismantled in the crackdown she has few assets left she can contact without exposing herself so she cant help much otherwise. She says she will also give any pay she receives from her labor in the tavern back to him but asks him for strict confidence in this considering no other member of his party is a Zhent currently. Grim aggrees.
Colossus finds an eager and curious nimblewright in his room and sucessfully attempts some rudimentary communication but not before taking the automaton to Grim's room and brefily meeting “Jorn”. The nimblewright seems content with a new chair on which to sit and a chance to try on Colossus' “hair”.
The group spends a restful and uneventful night and wakesin the morning to disscuss the next move. They decide to go to the courthouse in the castle ward and arrive at mid morning in a misty and overcast day.
As they enter they note t he bars on all the windows and the large prescence of not only town watch but city gaurd as well.
Inside they find a small sitting room adjacent to a large desk behind which sits a stern but direct and acoomadating female dressed in the traditioanl black suit of the magisters.
They ask to speak to a prisoner and she tells them it will require the permission of the magister assigned to his case. She asks for his name and their names which they give freely as well as a reason for the visit. Eblynn tells her they are members of the grey hands and are pursuing an investigation.
She takes down the information on a notepad, thanks them for their patience and asks them to wait on a nearby leather covered bench which they oblige.
They wait some 20 minutes and only observe some normal coming and going of gaurds.
When she reemerges she leads them down a long hall into an wing with what appear to be a number of offices and to the end of another hall with a single open door and shows them in. They enter to find a nicely appointed but windowless study with a large desk behind which is a wingle chair which swivels to reveal Lareal Silverhand. They are pleased to see her as she asks what their business is with Fenerus. Though some disjointed conversation it becomes clear that she has not met them before but has vetted them with the Blackstaff and thinks they may be of unique use to her and the city in the current situation.
The groups exchanges their information with her and it is revealed to them that some weeks ago she personally recevied information from Harper spies in Luskan that the influential dark elf Jaraxle Banrae and his drow organization Braegan D'Aerth may have business in her city. More recently with all the upheaval of the various factions competing for the fabled Stone of Golorr and some sightings of drow in the city she reached out to Jaraxle via a sending spell and received a reply in the form of a letter delevered to her by drow agents while she maintained invisibility. The letter It bears the wax seal of Luskan and is written in an elegant hand, in Elvish. It read:
To Her Ageless Majesty, Laeral Silverhand, the Witch-Queen of Stornanter, Lady of the North, She of the Seven Sisters, Chosen of Mystra, and Open Lord of Waterdeep:
Your spies are to be commended! Rest assured, my presence in your fair city is purely recreational — though if fortune smiles upon me, this visit could benefit us both.
Your predecessor left the City of Splendors in a sorry state, but you have done wonders to lift the spirit of the citizenry during your short time in office. I know how politics offends you, so forgive me for taking this opportunity to point out the obvious. We can make both our cities stronger and strike back at he who robbed Waterdavians of their wealth and dignity. I’m speaking, of course, of that dirty sack of rats, Dagult Neverember. That’s the phrase you used to describe him yesterday to the emissary from Mirabar, is it not? Evidently, my spies are also to be commended!
Why let Neverember get away with his crimes against Luskan and Waterdeep? Can we be allies, if not friends? These are the questions that haunt my dreams, as surely as I haunt yours.
Silverhand shares that Jaraxle has come into control of the City of Luskan which she referes to as a filthy harbor of pirates and corruption and has been seeking entry for it into the Lord's Alliance an important strategic alliance of the city's on the sword coast as well as the removal of Neverwinter, a city now controlled by Neverember, the former open lord of waterdeep.
She does not doubt that Jaraxle seeks the treasure of the vault to return it to the citizens of Waterdeep but in exchange for influence on the matter of Luskan's entrance into the Lord's Alliance. She is not ruling out the possability of Luskan's addition but is adament that this sort of deception, meddling and extortion on his part cannot be tolerated. For this reason and because of their unique persepctive on this situation she asks for their aid.
She also tells them she has kept this situation as queit as possible because the more that know about it the more the trouble is compounded. Other powerful factions are also working to acquire it whose purposes may be much more suddenly nefarious of the people of the city but not more wideranging than the political influence that could be afforded ot Jarlaxle if it becomes his.
She says only a few days ago she was made aware of a newly arrested bandit captain who was offering knowledge about the stone in exchange for his freedom. As soon as she was made aware she ordered the prisoner isolated and the gaurds for the keep doubled. She also gave word to a trusted Magister Branch that anyone inquiring about the prisoner be brought directly before her.
She asks them to question Fenerus Stormcastle, get the stone and open the vault if it exists all while keeping any word of this in the strictest confidence. For all this she offers them as much gold as they can carry by non-magical means from the cache.
They agree and they add the information they've discovered about the submersible under the ship and their beelif that drow are abourd the Heartbreaker. She says that their evidence confirms her suspiscions as well but does not want to take any action until the vault is found so as not to tip their hand too early.
The group also asks her for her blessing in using her influence if they encounter any guard or watch intereference. She warns them about using her name so as not to invite scrutiny but offers them Magister Branchs influence if they come into any difficulties of this manner. Branch is a trusted, influential and discreet.
She will agree to pardon him but is adamant that Fenerus is not to be released until after the vault is found but will give them a document with her seal to assure him of the truth of this.
The party is lead by Branch to a holding cell where a surly human male with a scarred face lounges chained to a chair.
He propositions them immediately, bargaining for information about the stone for his immediate freedom and offers to lead them to it. The party is able to persuade him to give them information in stead and convinces him with the letter.
He relveals that he intended to make a lot of money by delivering the stone from lady grallhund who delivered it to him by a mechanical man. He was to give it to a luskanite but was apprehended on some old charged inconvenielty right before. Still he had already made a fake to hide in his apartment in case any issues arose befor he could arange the meeting. For insurance he hid the stone in an old smuggling hideout of his, an old tower in the dock ward which the locals avoid as it once belonged to a mage of some sort. He tells them they will find it on the top floor in a cauldren.
They groups leaves and heads direclty to the dock ward and find the tower easily enough at the end of a long street and built up on a rocky outcrop near the bay.
They enter through the fron door to find the place in a state of disarray with mud and dust covering most things inside except for several fine sword strewn about.
Heading up the stairs they encounter three drow in widebrimmed hats in what was clearly once a laboratory of some sort but is now a weathered mess. Byond a table they see a cauldren near which one drow calls to the others “Take it! I'll hold them off...” before producing a curious metal and wood device in his hand which erupts with a loud crack and a puff of smoke as Grim feels the bite of something pierce his shoulder and then an equally painful poisonous burn.
A fight ensues in which two of the drow are able to escape out of an arrow slit onto a rocky outcrop outside and then onto the roof of a nearby building but not before grim is able to stab one with a dagger.
Eblynn, Lorath and Turk pursue these two out onto the roofs and Colossus, Grim and Shelldon close in on the remaining one each dealing a blow to him before he reaches into the cauldren himself and pulls something out and rushes past them and down the stone stairs.
The three of them follow with colosus catching up to him first at the front door of the building quickly followed by shelldon who kicks him through the door knocking him prone on the porch.
Back on the roofs Lorath, Turk and Eblynn pursue the other two. Lorath casts unsucessfully attempts to magicially put them to sleep as Turk lets fly his arrow of elf slaying but it flies wide and embeds on a cistern on a nearby building. They see the drow pull some potions from their vests and begin to drink them but Eblynn interupts this with a fiery chromatic orb.
Back on the porch the prone drow is able to drink a potion from his vest and immediately disappears. Shelldon observes the distubed moisture of the porch and deduces the direction the now invisible figure may have gone and hurls a bomerang in that direction. It does not hit anything on it's path from him but impacts on something on its return and both coloosus and shelldon puruse. Grim dons his goggles of night and observes a wavering pattern but is unable to hit it before it turn a corner into an ally.
Back on the roof, Eblynn, Loraht and Turk see one of the drow stumble after making a leap to another roof and the other pauses and comes back before taking a shot at lorath which he deflects with a sheild spell.
As the two drow appear to attempt to exchange something in the hands Eblynn catches them with a shatter spell causing them to drop it onto the roof. In the moment it takes them to recover and find it the group closes the distance. Lorath is able to disorient the one attempt to reach the stone with a tolld of the dead spell as eblynn is able to sweep it into his possesion with a mage hand. The two drow share a look between themselves before leaping into an ally nearby and out of sight.
Back on the ground Shelldon, Colossus and Grim pursue the invisible drow into the alley but they have lost the trail even as Shelldon makes a last ditch effort by throwing a blanket out ahead of them as it is cought and twisted in the rain.
Eblynn holds the stone briefly and is able to quickly feel a magic presence enamating from the curious grayish green stone with it's three slit-like markings.

you each gain 550xp, grey hand members receive 1 reknown, grim gets 2 reknown with zhentarim and Eblynn picked up a stone

Drow gunslinger
Drow gunslinger
The stone
The stone
The swords you saw on the floor
Istrid Horn
Istrid Horn (without disguise)



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